Hello, Mizuki-Ichihara here. It's been awhile. What? Years? Probably. Well I'm back with a new story. This is for Junjou Romantica and yep, you guessed it, a AkihikoXMisaki love story. Except, not like any love story. This one is different. Hell, this one might as well be a major parody. I was reading the Wallflower manga and that was the concept or idea of this. For some strange reason, I found Sunako to be similar to Akihiko in a way. They are like polar opposites but yet, underneath all that, in reality, they are more of the same. Then I stumbled across a old worn old VHS tape shelved away at the very top and corner of the movie cabinet. I didn't know what the movie was but it had that feeling that it was a very much loved movie judging from the condition it was in. I dug out the old VCR ( Yes we still have one, my family doesn't believe in fancy DVD players, we do have computers however. Very sad how today's young children either don't know how to work a VCR yet even know what the hell it is when seeing one. ) , and then put the movie in to play. Well, that was one hell of an interesting opening. Wait. What's this? Huh? Then the movie started going. After it was done, I felt myself really bawling in tears. The movie was Edward Scissorhands. The best romantic/comedy film I've ever watched. Now I'm not one for heterosexual romance but this was the one deserved exception. Everything was so well done and beautiful. It made a great impression on me. Oh man, the Ice Dance really had me tearing up. And that got me thinking. No, not the gay version of Edward. Edward was so much like Akihiko in a way. He captured his loneliness perfectly as well as how instead of being outcasted in a town/village, he was outcasted in his family. It just was fitting. Why not make Akihiko the polar opposite of how Romantica portrays him as yet has that same inner self? That was the challenge. You'll see/read how it is as you read on in the story. Now a few other things.

This is rated Mature. Why? Well for one, BoyXBoy and you'll see/read later on for the means 18+ age. Read at your own risk.

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Forsaken Love - Prologue

He lived in loneliness and in darkness. There was no light in his world.

He had no friends to talk to but his human anatomy dolls as well as skeletons.

He was closed in from the outside world, never letting anyone come inside.

Even so, he felt something was missing.

He looked up to the tiny crack of light coming from the window that had black curtains.

Is there. Someone out there who would understand?

Forsaken Love

Misaki Takahashi came home from school as usual with terrible grades which concerned him to no end. He was in his final and senior year of high-school, who aimed for M University. A normal and happy boy content with his life as well as living with his older brother. Where was his mother and father? They were long gone. He refused to speak about it. You can't change the past, you can only change the future. Home, at last. He took out the key and opened the door to the apartment where his brother, Takahiro was waiting for him.

"Misaki. I need to talk you. ", he said and led Misaki to the living room.

Well, what could be wrong this time? He wasn't sure of the tone of his brother's voice but he hoped it wasn't something bad.

" What's wrong, Ni-chan? " , Misaki answered.

" Well you see, Misaki. I have a really big favor to ask of you. I'm sorry for springing this out of the blue but please do listen to me. " , he said in a nervous tone.

" Ask away, Ni-chan! Anything. "

Takahiro smiled a slight smile of relief. He seemed to have eased up after Misaki said that.

" Misaki. I found a good way to pay the college funds and everything. For free. "

Misaki couldn't believe it. He couldn't help but have a big smile on his face. That made everything so much better. He thought wildly about how easier his life would be, how hard work really does pay off. It would help out Ni-chan a whole lot. Then reality and common sense sunk in. His smile faded slowly. This was too good to be true. Who in this day and age would be willing to cough up the big bucks to pay his whole college education? He was aiming for M University for crying out loud!

" Ni-chan, I know it's April Fools and all but this isn't a funny joke. "

"It's not a joke, Misaki. "

He knew that tone of voice. Takahiro was telling the truth. He decided to hear him out, that was all he asked for.

" i know there's a catch to it, Ni-chan. ", he replied.

" Well done. I'll tell you. "

Misaki didn't know what to expect. He had no idea if the catch would be good or bad. Well, couldn't be bad, could it?

" Well, I need you to go to a very good friend of mine's home and change him. "

" Change him? What do you mean? "

Takahiro shifted uncomfortably slightly on the couch and cleared his throat.

" To transform him into a man. A perfect man capable of living through society. "

There was silence for a long time. Misaki felt a sigh of relief.

" Oh that's it? I thought you were going to tell me to do something disturbing. Well if that's all, then I'll do it! "

Takahiro's face brightened up and jumped from the couch.

" Misaki! Thank you! ", Takahiro exclaimed. He patted Misaki on the shoulder.

" Anything for you, Ni-chan. A way of saying thanks for all you've done for me. " , Misaki said. He felt obliged to do this favor for him, after all, he did raise Misaki all by himself. He couldn't say no, could he? Even with a bright smile and confidence, he had yet to realize that this was not an easy task nor would it be simple. Little did he know that he was about to meet the one person who would change his life forever.

The next day, Misaki set out to find the home Takahiro sent him to. Whoever this man was, he didn't exactly live far nor close. His name seemed to be normal enough.

"Akihiko Usami. Hm, interesting. " , he said aloud as he read the address on the paper and looked at the map.

The address was not hard to locate as he knew his way around from walking all these years. He brought some lunch, it was rude to visit someone and not bring even a decent meal or gift. Ah, found it.

He looked up and found it to be a rundown apartment complex.

He felt his eye twitching slightly. This?! THIS?! THIS WAS THE PLACE?

He could feel himself laughing nervously. He didn't know whether this would be difficult or easy. He was already getting an uneasy feeling from it all. Misaki walked inside which was strangely unlocked and looked around. It all seemed old and drab. Rundown indeed, it looked cheap and trashy enough as to pass for a 25 dollar night hotel.

There was the lobby area. A supposed receptionist or whoever the man was sleeping on the desk. Misaki knocked on the window loud enough for the man to wake and jump up immediately. The man quickly opened the window door and apologized profusely. Apprently he was tired after having a busy day.

" What do you need help with? Filling out the paperwork for renting a place here? Well there's plenty of rooms which I'm sure you would like... "

" Thank you for the offer but I'm here to visit um, ", Misaki trailed off as he looked at the paper again to check.

" I'm here to visit Apt. 1408. Do you know where that is? " , Misaki asked with a smile.

The man froze and looked as if he saw a ghost. He began sweating profusely. Misaki found that odd for a reaction to a simple question.

" Why do you ask that? I'd beg of you to leave that one alone. "

" Why? Is there something I should be wary of it? " , Misaki asked with wonder.

The man leaned closer and looked at him gravely.

" Yes there is. There's a man who lives there but hasn't stepped a foot out of his place for years. He's very peculiar indeed. No one has seen his face and everyone is afraid to get near his apartment. They tell me they hear frightening sounds such as the sound of knives being sharpened, banging on the floor, sometimes yelling which sounds demonic at times, horrible playing of what seems to be a piano, loud chopping and hacking of something no one can figure out what, and other things which set them off in fear. Several times, they tell me they could of sworn they saw black bats hanging on the ceiling near the apartment as well as black rats and chasing them through the halls. It is bad luck to carry a mirror there as it always cracks then shatters. It's just that the man there is a very peculiar person who scares the other tenants out of their wits. Now you would think this man would have attacked or murdered someone but the reason he isn't kicked out is because the owners themselves are afraid of him also. "

" If he was this bad, then why hasn't the police came by then?

The man froze. He shoved the keys of Apt. 1408 into his hands and proceeded to close the window doors.

" Good bye and good luck, hope you find what you're looking for, bye. "

" But wait! " , Misaki called out. Too late, the man shut the door and used blinds to cover it. No use in yelling for him to open it, he knew he wasn't going to for a long time. No point in waiting either, best get going to get this over with. But after hearing what he said, Misaki felt slightly anxious and afraid himself. He stepped on a few condoms, mysterious pools of white substance which he didn't want to think nor know about, and walked up the stairs to the third floor.

The stairs creaked and felt as if they would give out any time now. Strangely, they didn't.

How old was this building anyhow? It has that feeling and design of a Tashio era building, he thought to himself. Finally he found and walked to the apartment number place of 1408. He took a breath and gulped. The door alone made it all seem more intimidating and well, peculiar as the man said. He looked sideways for bats or whatever the hell the man claimed the tenants saw. None of that was around. He gave a sigh of relief and focused on what he came to do.

Come on, be brave Misaki!You can do this! This is for Ni-chan! A way of thanking him, don't chicken out now after you've come far. Finish what you started.

He felt nervous but didn't understand why. He slowly placed the key in the keyhole and held his breath.

" Here goes nothing. ", he said.

He turned the key and heard a click. A sign that it was now open. He put the key back in his pocket.

Misaki turned the knob of the door and pushed it open. Then he stepped inside to the bizarre hellish world of the man he was assigned to.

" What the hell? It's dark in here! " , Misaki said and switched the lights on. Except, the lights didn't switch on. The apartment only continued to be dark. That made things creepier than before. Then he noticed the broken pieces of glass on the floor. Well that explains things. He took out his flashlight and held it in his hand as he closed the door behind him. He walked further down to see what else was there. This must be a joke, a cruel joke, he'd be sure to yell at Ni-chan for it. What kind of man lives like this? He felt something roll and hit his foot. He looked down and saw it was a head. Misaki let out a slight scream.

"what the hell is this!? "

He gasped loudly as he could of sworn he felt something briefly grab his ankle. A head? Oh my god, this man did not kill someone. This must be a fake one. He took a number of minutes to recover from the brief scare. Then he continued on. This was getting creepier and creepier with each passing step. What kind of place is this for a man to live in really?

Then he heard it. The sharpening of knives and a voice. A faint yet audible voice that seemed to be singing something.

" If you say you'll burn your car...if you'll burn that motor car...and I know it's faux pas..and I know it's faux pas... "

The way it was sung made Misaki break a drop of sweat. But he had to get through it. He couldn't help but notice the one singing seemed sad. He sounded lonely. Just like how he was.

"Hello? Is anyone there? I'm Misaki. Misaki Takahashi. I was sent here to help you. Hello? Are you there? ", Misaki asked aloud.

A stirring of cloth and perhaps a person.

" If she means that much to you...if there's nothing you won't do..." , the voice sung.

Whoever was singing, that person. Must be really something. He walked into the living room and looked around. He saw the shape of a figure in the far corner of the living room, sitting down and curled up in a ball.

" Hello? You must be Akihiko. Akihiko. That's your name, right? "

The figure stopped singing and stood still. Then the person stood up slowly with something in his hand.

" I won't hurt you. Why don't you come out from there? " , Misaki told the person and tried to be calm while reassuring. He remembered the food.

" Oh, if you don't mind. I brought some food. I don't know if you would like it but here. "

He placed the bag down slowly and pushed it to the person for him to see what it was. The person glanced at it once and slowly walked closer to him

Then Misaki made the fatal mistake so far.

He accidently turned on his flashlight that he had in his hand.

A blood curdling scream was heard which sent Misaki running frantically around.

His mind was a daze, he couldn't think straight. All he knew was that he was afraid of this place. He bumped into something and looked up and saw it was a corpse hanging upside down, the eyes bulging out in shock. He screamed in fright and fell on the floor, glass and all. He looked to his right and saw a severed arm and foot that was sewn together on the opposite ends. He wished he could wake up from this nightmare that was worse than Ed Gein's house of horrors. He felt him getting on top of him and the cold blade held against his throat, ready to slice through. He felt his pulse and heart racing like mad, and he couldn't take it anymore, he was afraid to die by this man's blade.

Then he cried out one line that saved him.

" Akihiko stop! "

At that moment, it felt as if something had broken inside. Not of him, but of the man. Misaki felt the man pass out and fall on top of him, as if what he said stopped him completely. Misaki was already frightened enough and tried to push the man off but he was too heavy. He could feel the world going into darkness as the apartment already was, his head feeling light, then.

Misaki passed out alongside with the man.

Well that's Chapter One for now. It's 5 AM so I should sleep now. How did you all like it so far? Continue or no? This could be considered a Halloween Special haha, now that I think of it. Im guessing so far it's freaky but there's a reason for it all. You just have to read on for it. Please note that the title of the story may change and the chapters will most probably be rewritten a few times here and there, depending on other's reactions. This story won't drag on like the Wallflower in case you wonder. I listened to a number of songs to get a feel of Akihiko's misunderstood character. Misaki's reactions would be what any average or " normal " person would react. He's been normal all his life and never had that experience before. Now a haunted house is one thing and for fun, but when he was faced with an actual morbidly disturbing place that was far worse than a haunted house, that was a whole different story. Things just got going and I don't want to give away too much but Akihiko has his own past which will be explored and so will Misaki's. Of the things that happened and why Akihiko became the person he is/was. No you dolts, it's not because someone called him ugly or bullshit like are other things. Will this be a tragedy? Who knows? But i've meaning to write this story for a long time. It just felt like it was a story meant to be written. Hey, somebody had to do it. Could'nt just wait around waiting for one to pop up. Best to write it yourself. How amny chapters will there be? I'm guessing 10 at least. Too early to be deciding that one yet. And so this concludes chapter one of the Forsaken Love story.