Hello people! Wow, third chapter? I honestly didn't expect this to be well-received as this was very non-Romantica. Well it breaks the mold pretty much. As you can tell, Akihiko is not rich and famous as he lives in a rundown Tashio era apartment complex. He is a seemingly serial killer/peculiar man who has problems within his mind. It's pretty much re-vamped/re-made/ parodied. Well, it is so NOT the Romantica you thought you knew haha. I'll tell you something. He's just misunderstood. There's reasons why he does the things he does.

That leaves you all wondering, what's his past then? Keep on reading folks. This story is sort of like a web. There's things here and there but in the end, it all comes together and hopefully, you'll all be going, " That makes sense. " . But you may have to re-read it a few times in order to get it. Some people have told me this one is difficult to read. Most likely because it's not what they expected. To be honest, I got tired of seeing the same ideas repeating in various stories. I searched high and low to see if anyone wrote something out of the box. A few here and there yes but not really much. So this one came to life. Hey well, someone had to do it and eventually it sunk in that the only one who could satisfy me was myself via story-wise. So here it is, I present to you all Forsaken Love ( subjected to name change/chapter re-writes ) . I do hope you all will continue to enjoy and read this story. Now the same info FF always wants.

Rating: This is rated Mature ( MA) for you've guessed it, violence/gore. And other things which won't be revealed til later on.

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Warning: This is Yaoi. BoyXBoy. Don't like, then don't read.

With all that being said and done, the story starts now.

Forsaken Love - Chapter Three - " I can't tell you that yet "

Misaki awoke to find himself alone in the bed and with the sheets around him. He couldn't tell if it was daytime or still at night but had a faint idea it must be daytime. He checked his watch, 10 AM. Well maybe after all that falling and running, it broke and now shows the wrong time, he thought. He got up from the bed and walked to the black curtain covered window. He pulled back the curtains to see the view and was met with a bright yet warm sun ray's. Much better, he thought. Until he heard a loud cry and turned around to see Akihiko sitting on the floor trying to shield his face from the light. Akihiko would not stop the loud cry and only grew louder like a hybrid siren's call as if to shatter the windows.

" I'm sorry Akihiko! Forgive me! " , Misaki apologized over and over and he fixed the curtains back the way they were.

As soon as the light was blocked out, the loud cry stopped in an instant. As a spell was broken. Akihiko stood up and ran to the living room.

" Akihiko wait! " , Misaki called out after him.

Akihiko leaped to the sofa and huddled in the far corner, holding a pillow closely with his head down. He shivered as to be cold, which he was.

Misaki walked towards him and sat on the sofa then slowly moved closer to him. This man was truly unpredictable, one wrong move and he loses it, Misaki told himself. He'd have to be very careful around him so to not set him off accidently, he did not want to have a repeat of almost getting killed.

" Akihiko? I'm sorry for scaring you like that, I didn't know you were behind me. " , Misaki said as he cautiously moved closer until he was right next to him.

Akihiko made no move to push him away nor pull him closer. He did not say anything.

Misaki felt his huge hands which were cold and bony. He placed his own over them to warm them up.

" You're always cold, aren't you? "

Akihiko nodded his head once.

" It's alright. I'll warm them up for you. " ,Misaki reassured him.

He then sniffed Akihiko and furrowed his brow to the smell.

"Akihiko. When was the last time you bathed? " , Misaki asked calmly.

No answer or nod. Misaki could feel his veins growing. He felt Akihiko's hair which was a tangled mess that felt rough and riddled with hundreds of knots. That did it.

" Have you ever taken care of your hair? ", Misaki asked.

No answer. At that moment Misaki pulled Akihiko's hand to make him stand up.

" Then, come on. Let's get you bathed for once. ", Misaki told him as he led him to the filthy bathroom that looked like it wasn't used in months. Does this creepy bastard even know how to clean anything? , Misaki yelled in his mind.

Misaki took out the flashlight and placed it down on the window still of the sink, making it stand to point the ceiling. Then he turned on the flashlight which only dimly lit the bathroom.

" Don't be afraid, it's not so much light. This is so I can see you. ", he told the agitated man.

He then noticed that the mirror was shattered completely and had dried crusty blood stains on the pieces. As if someone punched the mirror repeatedly until their hands were cut and bloody. That was disturbing enough to see a few old scars on Akihiko's fingers and knuckles. He shook away the haunting thoughts on how it must have played out.

" Ugh, how long have you even bathed for?! ARGH! These damn faucets are stuck! " , Misaki yelled as he struggled to turn the stuck knobs. Akihiko only watched his seemingly futile attempts at to turn the faucet. Then he tapped Misaki's hand and the faucets turned all the way, making a loud screeching sound.

Misaki cried out as waves of dark brownish colored water crashed in the tub and for a split second, he could've sworn that blood was gushing out instead.

" WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! " , he yelled as the murky water flooded out of the tub and onto the floor. Dead and barely living insects washed out on the floor which made Misaki nearly throw up. He looked at Akihiko who only kept staring, clearly unfazed. The water was beginning to come up to their ankles and rapidly rising.

The broken light-bulb that hung over their heads swung back and forth softly, spiderwebs hanging from it.

"Damn it! " , Misaki swore as he tried to turn the faucets off. They were stuck too?! What the hell is with this bathroom!? Is this Go-manji or whatever the hell the name was?!Just when the morning couldn't have gotten any worse.

Then Akihiko turned the faucets off and the water ceased to flow. Misaki felt like slapping him for just standing there until now. Asshole.

" This won't work at all until this all clean. " , Misaki sighed. Bummer. He might have to bring this man to his home and get him cleaned up from there. He turned around to get a good look at Akihiko finally and to see what needed to be done about his appearance. He might as well called it quits then and run home to the rising sun.

Akihiko's hair was sure enough, a tangled frizzy straight mess that went down to his thighs. It was black, as black as ink. He had bangs that completely covered his eyes and swept in a downward style, the longest end going past his chin. Misaki could only guess what the colors of his eyes could be. His skin was a sickly pale color, due to not being exposed to the sun for years-wroth of it. He wore a black long sleeved sweater of some sort with rips and moth-ridden holes in it. He also wore black pants that were shredded and dirty at the hem. He wore no shoes or socks, his feet bare and unwashed. To top it all off, he wore a black hooded cloak that went down to his ankles. It also had holes and rips. If he were to walk out in the streets, he'd be gawked at enough to be in the news. In short, there was no way in hell he could take this man home. Besides that, he was tall as Mount Fuji being well over 6 foot. He would be a walking giant next to Misaki as well as looking homeless.

There was only silence between the two until Misaki spoke up.

" Why don't you wait here until I come back with everything to clean this up and to bathe you? ", Misaki told him with a twinge of frustration.

Akihiko looked at him up and down then nodded his head in agreement.

" Good. I'll be back, please don't scare me when I come back, alright? "

Another nod. Misaki patted Akihiko on the shoulder then walked to the door.

" Don't worry, I'll come back soon, so please. Wait for me. " , Misaki said as he closed the door, leaving Akihiko alone again.

Akihiko stood there in silence for what seemed to be eternity then walked around. He looked at the bathroom which was dirty then at his hands and felt his hair. He refused to have a mirror or even look at his reflection. He was afraid to of what he would see again. Then he remembered the boy's words of him coming back with things to clean himself up with. Clean up? He did not understand the need to clean oneself but he felt dirty all the sudden when the boy told him about bathing.

Maybe once in a while wasn't so bad.

He looked at the closed door. He was afraid to look from outside of it. Yet, he wanted the boy to never leave from his place. He wanted to tell him,

Don't ever leave me.

He felt his heart tugging and wanted to stab it so it laid deathly still once more. He did not understand the boy nor why he visited him.

But what he secretly hoped was that the door would open and it would be him coming back. Just as he said.

People lie. They always lie. They never keep their word, the familiar voice whispered from the shattered mirror.

Be quiet.

Remember what happened last time.

Shut it.

The voice silenced for now.

But Akihiko was left to battle out the awful memory from when he broke the mirror.


Akihiko stared in the mirror, his hair growing long and his clothes beginning to rip.

" You make me sick. "

" Disgusting thing. "

" Get out of the way, it. "

" Why don't you die? "

" It'd do the world a huge favor with your death. "

Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.

The same word repeating over and over in his mind, a never ending tape. As well as the familiar voices.

" Why don't you die? "

" Evil thing. "

" That was so tragic... "

" Poor child. "

" Hah! He deserved it! "

He covered his ears with his hands, to try to block out the voices.

" To what happened to his father and him..."

" - his father and brother..."

" I know he did it! "

" Everyone knows it was his fault! "

Your fault. Your fault. Your fault. Your fault.

It wasn't my fault!

Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar.

" Shut up! " , Akihiko screamed as he punched the mirror, glass shards breaking and blood running.

" Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! " , he screamed louder as he punched again and again in the mirror, the glass shards embedding in his flesh and his bleeding knuckles.

He did not feel or care about the pain, he only wanted them to stop tormenting him.

It was only after he stopped punching the shattered mirror did he look at what he had done.

Then at his hands. They were bloody with pieces of glass stuck into them.

He fell to the floor and laid there then closed his eyes as he passed out to darkness.

A sinister smile formed as someone else took over.

Akihiko snapped back to present reality and hugged himself tightly, trying to catch his breath in the process. He didn't want to remember that time or the day of what happened. He never spoke of it, it was too much to say. Too much to admit or face. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming, an old trick he found useful. On his arms were tiny scars of nails dug in from past dream checks. Well he was alright, no dreams or anything.

He looked at the tub again and decided to take the plunge. It couldn't be so bad, could it?

He removed his cloak and shirt to let it fall to the floor. He felt cold and naked without them. He looked at the tub with it's murky waters which didn't look appealing. Then he turned the faucets on but slowly and sat down to wait for the clean water to flow through.

It took 15 minutes before the first signs of clear water became apparent and the tub was cleared up. He shut off the faucets. Problem solved.

Until the boy comes back that is.

Then the real trouble starts.

Misaki quickly ran back home where his brother bombed him with millions of questions he didn't feel like answering to.

" Misaki! What happened to you?! Where have you been? " , Takahiro demanded to know.

Misaki only ignored him and ran to get some things together. That damn apartment was going to need a lot of serious cleaning.

" Misaki! "

" What?! " , Misaki yelled.

His brother's face looked surprised and confused as he never heard his brother yell back at him.

" Uh..nevermind...how is... ", he stumbled on his words.

" Akihiko-san? He's fine. I need to bathe him. Hasn't bathed in months...wouldn't be surprised if it was years instead. He's a creepy fucked up man anyhow, what kind of guy lives in a dump that way like a bum!? It's like a freakshow in there! , " Misaki answered with a tone of irritation.

" Misaki. Don't think ill of him. Akihiko has had it hard for awhile. "

" Have you even seen him? " , Misaki asked.

" Well...not for awhile. " , Takahiro admitted.

Wonder what awhile means, Misaki thought in his mind.

" Just do the best you can to transform him, alright, Misaki? "

"Fine "

With that, Misaki left to run to the nearest store along with his packed items. But he was beginning to have a different outlook on Akihiko.

He returned to Akihiko's apartment place with his bags, calling out Akihiko's name.

" Akihiko! I'm back! , " he called out as he closed the door behind him.

No answer. He wasn't surprised as the man didn't talk.

He walked back to the bathroom to find Akihiko crouched underneath the sink without his cloak or shirt on.

" What are you doing there? Come out. " , Misaki said and pulled him out to his feet. He sensed Akihiko was troubled.

" What's wrong? Are you alright? Did something happen? " , Misaki asked him as he held onto him.

Akihiko said nothing but he seemed to be relived now that Misaki came back.

" Alright now, time to get you and the tub cleaned up, I brought my good cleaning supplies from- "

He was stopped mid-sentence as he saw the tub had clear water.

" How did you? Well that doesn't matter now. Time to get you cleaned. Now. " , he said as he turned to Akihiko.

He ran out the bathroom.

Misaki twitched his eyebrow a few times.

The rest was history as Misaki had to chase him through the place to strip his pants off and throw him in the tub. He wouldn't have been surprised if Benny Hill was right there playing the song, " The Chase " , right then and there, laughing as he did it.
That damn Akihiko was fast like a rabbit and made it difficult to even have him sit still.

"Sit still, godammit. " , he swore as he scrubbed the muck from Akihiko's skin and had to frequently rinse him. Akihiko acted more of a rabbit trying to escape from his owner's clutches or the hutch.

" Now then your hair is going to be- "

Then he noticed a lock of his hair was a different color. It was a light silver. He blinked a few times then looked at Akihiko closely.

" Really Akihiko?"

Akihiko neither nodded or shook his head.

" Temporary hair-dye?! "

It goes without saying that Misaki scrubbed and washed off all the black dye from Akihiko's hair like mad. He threw out all the black dyes in the house to prevent him from re-dying it on his own.

" There. You look less scary now. " , Misaki told the slumping Akihiko who was secretly cursing him for washing him.

" Akihiko. You have nice hair, the stupid black dye hid away the nice color. It's soft too. " , Misaki said as he finished brushing his hair.

Ah finally...I'm done..., Misaki said to himself.

Reality came cruelly back at him as he turned around to see the mess still there. It was going to be a long time before he could even get half of this shit cleared. He checked his watch. It was really late as it was dark outside. He should get going now, he had missed a couple days from school and he couldn't afford to be behind in his studies. Even so, there was one thought in his mind in which he did not understand,

Would Akihiko be alright by himself?

He glanced over at Akihiko who was putting back some VHS tapes and DVD's back in a box. This giant lug watches movies? He wondered which ones did he watch but he was almost afraid to find out.

" Akihiko. Do you mind if I go home now? I have to go back to school. It's been a couple of days already. " , Misaki said.

Akihiko stopped what he was doing and froze.

Misaki sighed and felt his hands.

" How about this, I come over every day from school to visit you? Would that alright? "

He nodded his head which made Misaki smile. They agreed on the time and Misaki put Akihiko to bed. This man was almost like a child but with a bizarre macabre twist.

" I'll be back tomorrow with more things. We need to clean this place, there's no reason why you should be living like this. Good night, Akihiko " , Misaki said and left.

Akihiko was left on his own once more, cold as ever. He still did not know the boy's name even though he was familiar.

He hadn't slept for one month and has not slept not even a full 5 hours for a number of years. His insomnia was that severe but he didn't care.

Now, he felt more at ease and closed his eyes to sleep.

But when he slept, someone else awakened and sat up. The same sinister smile of a madman.

" She's not all she meant to be...she's not all she's meant to be... " , the voice sung softly as he began to decide what tools would be good to sharpen the knife.

People may forget what you say or do. But.

They will never forget how you make them feel.

As Misaki rushed out the apartment to hurry home, he was stopped when a voice called out to him.

" Did you come out of Apartment 1408? " , a older man's voice asked.

Misaki turned around to see a scruffy looking man with janitor supplies who was about to mop the floors. He had a cap pulled low but looked friendly enough.

" Yes, was there something else I should know? " , Misaki questioned him. God, why is everyone so fucking paranoid about Akihiko's apartment place?

" No. Only that he's a good person at heart. " , the man replied as he dipped his mop into the bucket of water.

Eh? A good person?

" That man is yes, peculiar as the other tenants say but he's still a good man despite his frightening demeanor, " he explained and slapped the mop on the floor.

" Akihiko-san, is a good man? How so? " , Misaki pondered aloud.

" Oh? His name is Akihiko? " , the older man said with a surprised tone.

" Yes. You didn't know? "

" No. No one knows his name really. I doubt they even have the records of him living here still. They're just that afraid of him for no reason. It's silly really, why be afraid of someone when they haven't done anything to you? " , the man said as he continued mopping the floor.

Misaki stopped in his tracks and thought about how he was afraid of Akihiko for no reason either. How he referred Akihiko to his brother as a psycho killer freak. Would he be considered a judgmental person too? All the sudden, he felt guilty for judging Akihiko. But now that the man explained it, maybe Akihiko wasn't a bad person so far. He would just need to see how he is after awhile. Then he can decide.

" Thank you for explaining that. I think I have a better image of him now. " , Misaki told the man and rushed home.

The man only smiled and continued on mopping the floor as if he was dancing.

To the blood red moon.

Forsaken Love - Chapter Three - END

That's it for Chapter Three. Well, what do you guys think so far? Sorry for the late update. School got in the way of it . This took awhile to type up as I kept getting interrupted with various things. It wasn't fun getting home hours late because of the bus breaking down DX. I hope this chapter wasn't too gory...but trust me. It will get " better" as the story goes along. I'm looking at 10 chapters or more for this story. I don't think it will go up to 20 but I'll have to flesh out the plot first throughly to see if it needs to go up that high. This may be one of the few stories where I will keep coming back to it to revise it/re-write it and such. Akihiko is really something is he? I try not too to reveal too much in the first few chapters otherwise I'd give away too much. I know, there's even more questions. But it will come together. Think of it as a spider web. I feel I should've made Chapter Two longer but I was pressed for time. Maybe after this whole story is finished then the re-writes will start. In the mean time, enjoy these ones folks. This story will raise questions on morality and on judgment. Besides the main question, there is another one.

" What would you do in that situation ? ".

The explanation of it and the thing behind it will be near the end most probably. Oh ho ho, I feel motivated to make this story a good one. I hope at the end, I can make everyone go , " WHAT!? " . But let's not think that far ahead though. I find myself listening to classical music, symphonies to be exact. I don't know why but they just sound so thrilling, as if they build up suspense to the ultimate twist climax. Another factor that influenced the story-telling of this one. Ah, that probably sounded wrong.

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This concludes Chapter Three of Forsaken Love.

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