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It was a normal Friday afternoon in the Tanner household. Jesse and Joey were in charge of the kid's because Danny was away for the weekend, and despite his concerns his friends Jesse and Joey had assured him that they would have everything under control, after all they had been living there for almost ten years now. DJ was away at college so it was just Steph, Michelle, Joey and Danny.

"Uncle Jesse, I'm 14 years old, I don't need a babysitter, you and Joey can go it's fine" Stephanie complained as she followed her uncle through to the kitchen.

Jesse knew he had to think strategically about this so his niece didn't feel like a baby.

"But Steph, we know that you're old enough, its young Michelle that needs a babysitter, heck she's only 9 years old." He said trying to calm his niece down.

Michelle must have overheard because she stormed into the kitchen "Hey, I'm not a baby, I'm a big girl now!"

Jesse got down to his youngest niece's eye level "Aw, I know that munchkin, your dad just wants us to make sure everything is okay, and besides if it weren't for Joey who would cook for you all of us?"

Michelle started laughing agreeing with her Uncle.

Although Stephanie wasn't too pleased with the situation, she had planned to sneak out with Gia to go to a high school party because she knew that there was no way in hell her Uncle and Joey would let her.

She got an idea though, she would pretend to be sick and go to bed early, that way it would be easier to sneak out down the side of the house.

Stephanie POV

I sat down at the kitchen bench contemplating how I would do this. Then again, Uncle Jesse and Joey were pretty easy to fool. I remember when DJ pretended to be sick to get out of school, oh wait that didn't turn out so well. Oh well, I'm older than she was at the time, I'll be smart about it.

"Mmm" I groaned loudly while clutching my stomach.

"Aw Steph what's up, are you okay?" Uncle Jesse asks me.

"No, I don't think so Uncle Jesse, I'm not feeling too great" I reply, letting out another groan to make my story more believable.

"Aw princess, do you need anything? Maybe I should ring your dad and he-" I quickly cut him off.

"Nah, I'm fine I think I just need to rest in bed, I might head up now, and don't worry about checking up on me you'll just disturb me while I'm trying to rest. But I'll see you in the morning. Night Joey, night Uncle Joey" I said while kissing them each and heading up to my room.

Yes! I can't believe this worked! I'm so good. Looking at my reflection in my mirror I noticed I needed more make-up, after all there were going to be guys at the party. Gia is going to be here really soon so I have to hurry up and get ready. I quickly stuffed my bed with my old animals and threw the sheet cover over.

"Good enough" I mumble to myself.

I met Gia downstairs and we caught a cab to the party. I can't believe this is working, I normally wouldn't do something like this but I never get any freedom. Uncle Jesse is always talking about his rebellious years when he was my age. I think it's my turn. I need to live more on the edge.

Jesse POV:

It's been almost two hours since Stephanie told us she was sick. She didn't eat dinner, the poor thing, I should go and check on her.

Making my way to her room I saw her lights were out. Well, she did tell us not to disturb her… she's probably sleeping, I should let her get her rest. I'll check on her in the morning.

Another half hour passed and I was watching TV with Joey, he was really pissing me off with his constant imitations of the cartoons on TV, ah well… that's Joey for ya.

"Uncle Jesse, Uncle Jesse, Uncle Jesse!" Michelle came running in to me.

Scooping her up in my lap I looked at her "What's up munchkin?"

"Well…" She began, "I went into Stephanie's room-"

"Michelle, she's sick why did you go in there?" Joey asked her.

Agreeing with him I added "Steph specifically asked us to let her get her rest."

"No, she isn't in there! There's nothing but stuffed toys in her bed!" Michelle explained to us.

"WHAT?!" Joey and I immediately ran upstairs into her room. Turning on the light we realised Michelle was right, god, how could I have been so stupid. Danny is going to kill us. Where the hell is she?

Before I had time to even think, the phone rang. Oh no, what if it's Danny!

"Hello" I answered.

"Hello, Jesse?" I heard a young girls voice on the other line, "It's Gia"

That little sneak, she is probably with Steph right now.

"Gia, do you know where-" she cut me off…

"Jesse you have to get down here right now, something is wrong with Stephanie, she told me not to call you but I didn't know what else to do" She frantically started rambling on.

"Gia, Gia, slow down. What's wrong with Stephanie?" I asked, oh god, how could I let this happen to my sweet niece.

"I don't know she won't tell me, but I think someone spiked her drink. She's hurt, someone hurt her Jesse!"

Oh no, my poor little angel! If anyone laid a finger on her I am going to kill that son of a bitch. This is all my fault. I have to go find her!