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It had been a rough night for Stephanie, tossing and turning, and constantly having nightmares. She didn't want to cry anymore, or scream in fear, she just wanted all the memories to go away. She thought that maybe if everyone stopped talking about it then maybe she could, or at least she would try. She promised herself that she would try.

It was Monday morning in the Tanner household. Stephanie woke early, thankful that daytime was present, night was beginning to scare her. She made her way downstairs and helped herself to breakfast. It wasn't long after that her Uncle, Michelle and Joey made their way downstairs. Stephanie was hoping that they wouldn't look at her differently, she wanted everything to just go back to normal.

Joey was the first to approach her. Tapping her back gently, he asked "How you holding up kiddo?" Steph just smiled, lying to both herself and Joey "I'm much better, thanks for your help last night" She thought that if she could at least pretend that she was okay that maybe, hopefully she would start to believe it too.

Michelle was next to speak to Stephanie. She didn't know what to say though, after all she was only nine years old, she barely understood multiplication, let alone what was happening. But despite all their fighting and teasing she still wanted to make sure her big sister was okay.

"Steph?" she asked her cautiously.

"What's up Michelle?" Stephanie glanced up from the food she was eating, although she was just picking at it.

"I just wanted to make sure that you're okay, I know that I can be really mean to you sometimes but I do care about you" she nervously admitted.

Stephanie smiled unconsciously, she was so lucky to have a sister like Michelle. "Yeah, don't worry about me Michelle, I'm fine now, but thank you for asking" she said while kissing her goodbye. Michelle was off to school, but Stephanie had a free period so she was allowed to go to school an hour late today. "Bye Michelle" Jesse said as he kissed his youngest niece goodbye. "Bye Steph, if you need anything just call me okay?" Joey reassured Stephanie before he took Michelle to school and headed off to work.

It was just Jesse and Stephanie now. The silence was so awkward and unbearable that Stephanie thought she'd try break the ice. "So what's the plans for today?" she asked her Uncle. "Well..." he began, "I was thinking we should head down to the police station, report what happened then give your dad a call" he offered.

"WHAT?" Stephanie was outraged, she didn't even want to tell her Uncle and Joey, let alone go down to a cop station and tell a whole bunch of randoms. "No, no, that is so not happening" she began, "I just... I want to forget this ever happened" she continued "and I seriously do not want to tell Dad... he can't know" She began shaking, she was so nervous.

"Steph, calm down, take a deep breath" he instructed and when she did he continued, "look I understand that this might be hard for you-" she cut him off, "no, no you don't know! you have no idea!" she objected. "you don't know what it feels like, to have all control gone, to feel weak and afraid, to feel scared! so do me a favour and don't pretend like you understand, because you don't" she yelled back at him. He didn't know why she suddenly turned so angry, he was just trying to help her. In all honesty, she didn't know either.

"You're right, I'm sorry. But don't you want justice, for everything he is making you feel right now?" he asked.

"No, I just want to forget about it please" she begged.

He sighed, conflicted with how to handle this. On one hand, he wanted to get justice for his niece and make that jerk pay for what he did, but on the other hand, he just wanted his niece to feel comfortable and safe, and he wasn't going to abuse her trust, not while she is so vulnerable at this moment in her life.

"No" she objected again, "I want to go to school, this isn't going to stop me living my life" she insisted.

"Stephanie" he grabbed her hand, "you don't have to be so strong about this! it's okay to take a day or two" he encouraged.

"Thanks Uncle Jesse, but no thanks, I'm going to school." she confirmed.

"Okay... I'll let you go to school" as soon as he said that she began to make her way out the front door.

"BUT" he yelled loud enough to stop her in her tracks. "On one condition" he said whilst holding up his pointer finger. "You promise to call if anything, and I mean anything goes wrong, okay?" he asked her.

"Yes, I promise. Goodbye!" she yelled while leaving her house.

When she arrived at school she realised she was a bit early for second period, so she made her way to the library. To her shock the library was completely deserted. Everyone was already in first period she realised. Oh well, she thought. She may as well get ahead on some maths. Just as she opened her algebra textbook she heard the swing of the library door open. She looked up. The hairs on the back of her neck instantly raised. She had goose bumps on her arms. She was in the library. She was alone. And she was with him.

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