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Nick walked down to the crime scene with Hank at his side. Wu approached them and caught them up on the little he had on the current situation, "We got a call this morning from an anonymous caller and this is what we found."

The scene before them was quite gruesome. A man laid there with his insides spewed over the ground but what was truly disturbing about the scene was that a child sat next to him, shaking, dressed in a white (if you could call it that through all the dirt and grime) dress. You couldn't even call it a dress, it looked like a hugely oversized white T-shirt. She had blood all over her hands, arms and dress.

"Why didn't you move her?" Hank asked.

"Because she looks so fragile." Wu replied, "Look at her."

Nick rolled his eyes an knelt down next to the girl, "Hello, I'm Nick." He smiled at her, "It's okay, you're safe."

She continued to stare at the dead body, reaching out to grab something out of his pocket, she handed it to Nick and he read it.

"Looks like this man isn't her father." Nick said back at the other police officers.

"Who is he then?" Hank asked.

Nick shrugged, "I don't know but I know we have to get this girl to a medic."

Nick stared at the girl for a second before looking over the body, he suddenly saw the flash of a Vessen Creature, a Blutbad. He looked up at the girl who seemed frightened now and he wondered if she had seen what he had.

The girls eyes suddenly fluttered and her head drooped, Nick frowned and caught her as she fell, unconscious.

Nick stood with the little girl in his arms, something about her was different he could sense it, she was special.

"Get a medic!" He shouted back and people started moving.

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