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This chapter is the beginning of my first fanfic about Loki of Marvel's Avengers.

The whole story is something of a retrospective, which alternates between conversations with his children (10%) and his own memories in omni-narr style (90%) to sometimes give another perspective. Questions about decisions can be made better.
By chance, I only chose chapter titles as "D", there is no reason for that XD

Here's an overview (maybe more rated Ms, not sure yet, depends on the readers):

1: Deep Mourning (Prolog) (~1,100 words)

Only an intro from present time. Tissues should be readied.

2: Desire (~1,400 words)

Loki has this overwhelming desire to have BlackWidow since the first moment he met her.

3: Dreams (~1,000 words) (almost rated M)

Loki on Asgard, having dreams about how it would be to bed Natasha.

4: Demon set free (~6,400 words) (rated M)

Natasha frees Loki (a bit gore-ish) and Odin allows them to spend time together,

knowing exactly what Loki needs.

5: Destruction and Development (~4,500 words) (rated M)

The Frostgiants attack and Loki finally accepts his heritage to defeat them

but also brings Natasha in danger, unleashing his icy lust.

Fortunately she can withstand his cold somehow. *snickers*

6: Disease and Freeze (~6,400 words + fluff warning) (rated M)

Natasha is feeling cold and sick. Banner finds out that she is pregnant

and Loki promises to help her through everything, even asking Odin to help.

And oh the help is much easier for the Frostgiants being a very passionate race when their females are concerned.

7: Devotion

8: Daddy

9: Dearly Loved

10: Death (Epilog)

If you want a rated MA version, and not only M, encourage me a little bit and I might upload the story in full on AFF.

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Prolog: Deep Mourning

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One year had passed. A year of grieving and pain.

365 earthen days since he had left Midgard.

8760 hours he had lived without her.

Merely a blink for a god, but for Loki it was like an eternity.

One year ago he had passed her mortal body to the flames, just like she had wanted.

And he would have given everything to leave with her.

His fingers flipped through the pages of an old photo album.

The moments they shared were now nothing more than some pictures and his memory which slowly faded.

He could barely remember how the sweet scent of her hair had charmed him when he had buried his head in her neck.

Her velvet lips on his skin were no more than the shadow of a sensation.

Her voice whispering, moaning, shouting his name in ecstasy died down more and more.

The way she felt around him. Together, once one being.

But the loss had taken a part of him with it.

The part that was able to keep him sane.

Further and further he separated from life, trying to remember the past only to not be confronted with the cold truth of the presence.

He didn't do this for himself, but for her.

One year ago he had sworn her the oath to grieve and... live.

Not to drown in the darkness that had been a part of his existence for hundreds of years.

She was the one who chased away the shadows, giving him a chance to see the light beyond, but now...

The twilight ate up his soul once again.

Was there a reason not to yield under the darkness?

To seek for destruction and domination?

Was there something he could hold onto?

Yes, a distant voice told him.

This morning he went to see Heimdall, who had told him about the life of his family that he had left one year before on Midgard in good conscience.

Only the thought brought tears into his eyes. Oh, how happy she had been when he gave her the daughter she had given life to mere seconds before.

And all this although they had never even thought of being blessed with children.

Dear Valhalla, and this hadn't been their only child.

Even though all the suffering he had put on her by being a frost giant...

Loki would forever be grateful for this chance.

Both of them had proved that even after so many sins, blood and darkness there could arise something innocent and pure.

Their children were raised with love and honor and had grown up as marvelous demigods.

They were able to bear the loss of their mother, of course, they had family on their own to look after.

Again Loki swept over the album's pages, which would yellow over the next hundreds of years, maybe even crumble into dust.

A picture on which he kissed her swollen belly, his eyes filled with pride.

And her happy but exhausted smile.

Before he could indulge into his memories any further someone knocked at the door of his chambers.

The servant brought him a letter.

Loki was about to erupt in anger of the person who had disturbed him in his reminiscing but then he saw the addressor.

And the writing.

His first daughter. She had only inherited the best from her parents. Like the elegant chirograph.

Carefully he opened the envelope that was sealed with wax. Something she had learned from her father to inaccessibly send messages.

It showed the emblem of the house that he had... founded with Natasha.

Once again he felt the tears in his eyes, nevertheless he opened it and read.

"Dear Father,

We would gratefully delight in your company today. You may need it, as much as we do.



Loki didn't know how often he read the letter again and again. The elegant characters started to swam before his eyes, like the words, that came undone by the flowing tears, turning into dark spots on the paper.

He exhaled in a sigh and put the letter aside to touch his face and brush away the salty tears. Thereupon he stroked through his black hair that now went past his shoulders.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. Besides he had never been able to reject a wish of his beloved daughter.

With unsure steps he head off to the Bifrost.

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"How about telling us something about mum?" asked Natalia to break the silence.

When she saw that her father flinched she continued further trusting to awaken some nicer memories.

"I want to know how you found common ground. It is surely a wonderful love story. You never told us much about it and I always wondered why."

Loki looked up and found the blue eyes of his daughter.

She was so consimilar to her mother. The hair a flaming red and the face so feminine and delicate, almost aristocratic. Of course, she was descended from a line of rulers and kings.

"Your mother and I... we did not love each other from the beginning. Once there was a time when we... hated one another. But this hate became a burning as the time passed that inflamed out hearts."

"Sounds romantic," she joked.

"Oh, so 'twas." The memory was comforting and a faithful smile made his lips turn up.

"Your mother beat me in my own game. Me, the god of lies and mischief."

"Tell me," she commanded and showed the same expression he had once all those years ago during the interrogation.

Loki lowered his head and looked at her grimly.

This young woman really inherited only her parents' best genes.

He breathed in deeply and began.

"Once I wanted to be a king. Of Asgard, Midgard, all the nine realms. I was born as a king, the rightful heir of Laufey's throne in Jotunheim. But I wanted more. And then, when I reached the bottom... I bargained with Thanos and the Chitauri..."

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