Smile, smile, smile, oh, Momo, I'm so glad to see you, I missed you so much while you were asleep, my Momo, my pussycat, my sweet peach.

Oh, but you're not looking at me, you're looking at Toji, Toji, your dear precious Toji, but that's okay, because your precious Toji makes you happy, and I love to see you happy, because you've got such a nice smile and only precious Toji can make you the happiest, so I like him a lot, even if he did steal you away from me before I even got to meet you, because he makes you so happy all the time, and when he hurts you, you cry so hard, so I know that you love him the very best of all but I don't really mind because I know that if I distract Sae for a few minutes you'll make up with him again and then you'll be happy again, and that's all I really want, really, even if it would be so great to give you a kiss or hug you and have you hug me back.

But oh, oh, oh, Sae's coming down the steps, and she's smirking in that one familiar way and you haven't seen her yet, Pussycat, and I don't want her to make you sad again, so I just trot off and you don't really notice because your dear Toji is holding your hand, but that's okay because it makes you happy, and I throw that nasty old Sae over my shoulder the way the firefighters do on TV and I carry her back upstairs to your classroom while she yells at me and everybody watching laughs and whistles. I think I might like to be a fireman, Momo; this is really fun, even if Sae is trying to kick me.

And suddenly she's calm, and she's talking with that seductive voice and whispering lies and half-truths and sugar-sweet poison into my ear, but I ignore her because I trust you, Momo, and I know you aren't as nasty as Sae says and that you're not trying to lead me on, because you've told me you like Toji best lots of times, haven't you?

And even though I wish you liked me back, the thing is, I think I love you, and that's a really strange thing to feel and it makes me want to make sure you're always going to be safe and be the happiest you can be, and Toji will make you that, but only if I'm very, very careful to keep Sae far away, because he's not used to liars like her and he doesn't know how to get away or ignore them, but I do because I'm used to it, so everything's still okay and you and Toji can live happily ever after!

And I will too someday, even if you're not really my Momo and even if I never get to see you again after high school, because I'll know that somewhere, you're with your dear Toji and you're smiling, so I'll be able to meet a girl who maybe reminds me a little bit of you, and maybe I'll kiss her someday, out of the blue, and maybe she'll kiss me back or maybe she'll just kick me and maybe I'll fall in love with her and maybe, just maybe, someday she'll love me back and we'll get married and be happy too, just like you will be if I keep Sae away, and maybe someday I'll see you and Toji again from far away with a little girl and a little boy holding your hands, and maybe they'll be really tan or maybe they'll be really pale, but I know that they'll be smiling, and I know that you will be too.

And yes, so will your Toji, because I know that if I were in his shoes, I'd never do anything but.