There he was. A man whose dreams had been shattered into pieces. A man once known as 'Tycoon Alex', now merely a beggar living on other's sympathy. Hanging a rope, ready for suicide. His only way out. The only one way to end his suffering.

Then, the chair was kicked and he grasped for air, knocking on the gates of hell, for the first and probably the last time, to take his life away. Counting in his mind and having flashbacks of what happened in his life. The small details, which he missed, slowly but surely emerging right in front of his eyes. After a period of silent struggling, his eyes opened to a new place.

He was in a room where bright light shone on his eyes. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. "Is this hell?" the first thing that came to his mind.

The surrounding was full of metal clinging noises. He soon realised where he was. A hospital. Words began to form out from his mouth. He grabbed the hand of a nurse and asked, "Is this how hell looks like? So many pretty girls?"

The nurse snickered and replied, "Welcome back to Earth. You were lucky to be still alive after being out of breath for an hour."

In came the doctor in charge. "Hello mate. My name is Doctor Wally. Ain't you lucky that that pretty nurse whose hands you are holding so tightly saved you? If it ain't for her, you would not be seeing sunset later."

Alex blushed and released her hand. "I am sorry if I had hurt you. Thanks a million but I do not have any money for the medical fees."

The nurse replied, "You have that covered. Your medical fees and your stay for the next two days would be covered by me and in case you are still figuring out my name, my name is Joey and Doctor Wally is a close friend of mine."

Alex sighed and asked her how he could ever repay her. Joey smiled, "My house is in need of the care of a butler. If you want, you can..."

Before finishing her sentence, Alex shouted in delight. "When do I start?"

"As soon as you are outta here," was the last reply Joey gave and she left the room with Doctor Wally.

That was when Alex's life changed for the better. Two days later, on a Friday morning, Alex was up early and marching towards Joey's house. As soon as he arrived, Joey was already waiting for him. "Yours truly. Alex, at your service, madam."

"Well, in front of guests, that would be what you call me. However, when no guests are around, you may call me by my name."

"It is just a sign of respect, madam."

"Suit yourself. First, you need to have a bath and change into the clothes I prepared for you in that room. From now on, that room will be where you stay instead of sleeping by the roadside."

Alex sniffed and said, "Thanks madam. I would not forget what you did for me."

"Run along and get yourself suited up. I will guide you around my house and the chores you would have to do once you are done."

"Do you mind if I asked where your husband is?"

Joey replied with a sigh, "He left me two years ago, leaving behind a house for me."

Alex paused for a moment and said, "I am sorry to hear that. I think I will go and have a bath now. My first day of work."

Joey replied with a smile, "Do not disappoint me."

Alex jogged to the room. His new place to stay.