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Chapter One

The Orihara siblings had never been close. Kururi and Mairu had always found great amusement in harassing their older brother, and he had taken no real interest in their lives outside of the very limited contact he had with them. The twin girls had always insisted that if anything happened to their brother they would be alittloe sad, but would soon get over it and laugh about it later on. That, however, was not the case.
Izaya Orihara had been missing for months, his office had been found trashed and blood had been splattered everywhere. The girls had discovered the mess one afternoon after school. They had been intending to annoy their older brother for a while and possibly get a free meal from him before heading home. Both had broken down at the state of his apartment. Everyday since then, they visited his home before and after school, ensuring everything was exactly the way he liked it, waiting for him to come home. As Izaya owned the apartment, nobody could touch it, it could not be sold or rented out. The twins had been glad about that. If the twins ran away from home, their parents knew exactly where to find them. They had warned the girls to stay away, that it was unhealthy to continually upset themselves by keeping their strong hope alive. As sad as it was, Izaya Orihara's own parents had long since given up on their son ever returning. Truth be told, they had cut him out of their lives as much as possible since he graduated highschool and moved out of home. He had been fine with that, he had always found them to be tiresome and dull. The arrangement suited both parties perfectly. The odd phonecall was exchanged here and there, but that was mostly out of obligation, not love.

The police had also long since given up on the investigation, most of them somewhat relieved to be rid of Orihara. He had caused them a lot of drama in his earlier days. His activities reguarding the underbelly of the city had caused endless headaches and a heap of extra work for them, even after he moved out of Ikebukuro. No one, it seemed, wanted Izaya Orihara found. No one, except his little sisters.

Golden light filtered through the slightly dusted curtains of the empty apartment as the sun slowly rose over the jagged horizon of the city. Neglected in the corner sat a computer on an expensive wooden desk. A stack of files sat neatly by the computer, awaiting an owner that would not come home. In the kitchen stood an empty fridge, all of it's contents cleared out long ago. It was no longer plugged in, as was the case with all the electronics in the spacious apartment. A thing layer of dust had settled over everything with the lack of cleaning the place had experienced lately. In the bedroom everything was as he had left it that morning. A neatly folded stack of clothing sat on the foot of a neatly made bed, ready to be put away. The floor was clutter free and the carpet still wonderfully soft. The only picture hanging on the wall was covered in dust, the same as everything else, but it still managed to give off a warm vibe. It had, afterall, been the happiest time of his life.
Giving a tired creak, the door to the apartment slowly opened. Light from the corridor ignited the space, softly mixing with the soft glow of sunlight slowly invading the dorment place. Black boots were removed from her feet as she slolwy entered, making no sound as she pressed forward towards the desk in the corner. Plugging the computer into the wall, she was surprised to find the apartment still had a power supply. Perhaps the rumors were true. Perhaps Izaya had been getting free power for a favour he had done for the power company. Shrugging, the woman began typing, the password easily figured out. If she could have, she would have scoffed. Typical Izaya. Taking her helmet off, the dullahan began searching through the files, one at a time, trying to find even the smallest clue of what had happened to the informant.
Although she would never admit it, Celty missed her former employer. Sure he was a manipulative bastard with a god complex, but life just wasn't the same without him. She had already spent countless hours out in the city, searching for him and looking for clues, but nothing ever came up. Shinra, her partner, had been depressed since Izaya had vanished. He had worried himself sick and now all the light that once sparkled in his mischiefous eyes had all but faded. He was one of very few who had considered Orihara a friend.
Leaning back in the expensive chair, Celty scanned over the information displayed on the screen. Even without a head, she could see and that was all that mattered to her. Her body shook as she silently chuckled. Izaya had made an amusing entry about Shinra. It detailed a visit he had made to their place several weeks before he vanished. He had asked Shinra a lot of rather personal questions, leaving the doctor in a state of panic and embarassment. From that visit, Izaya had concluded that Shinra was bisexual with feelings for both Shizuo Heiwajima and himself, even if he claimed the only partner for him was Celty. Of course she had already figured all of this out, but it had been amusing to watch him break under Izaya's ruthless tactics, and she had realised that it didn't bother her in the slightest. She trusted the underground doctor and that was all that counted.
Looking over to the bookshelf, studying an empty space between the tomes. She had long since forgiven the information broker for keeping her head hidden from her, but it still left her with a nasty tingling in her body. She was greatful though. He had kept it safe, he had protected it. He could have done horrible things such as blackmail her but he hadn't. This had slightly redeemed him in her view...slightly. If she ever found him again, she'd be sure to let him know that, after slapping him for the mess he caused in his attempts to start a war.
She broke free from her thoughts as as she opened a folder on his former secretary, Namie. Pictures flooded the screen of the pretty young woman meeting with various other people, most of them seemed to be business men. Celty inwardly groaned as she looked at each image carefully. Had Izaya been suspicious of his secretary? It was no secret that they loathed each other but was she perhaps part of this mess? She would have to look further into this, but for now, she was tired of staring at the computer screen.
The creaking of the door caught her attention as it opened. Spinning around to face the newcomer, she was met with the sight of two rather sleeping looking school girls. Both resembled their brother quite a lot, sporting the same dusted coal locks and deep brown eyes that seemed to gleam red in the sunlight. The excitement on their faces faded when they realised it wasn't their brother sitting in his chair, but rather the transporter he had relied on rather heavily.
"Morning Celty," Mairu yawned, stretching her arms up above her and standing on the tips of her toes in an all mighty stretch. Her glasses slid down her nose a little bit as she sleepily took in her surroundings, looking for any trace of her brother. She would not give up on him.
"Morning," Kururi repeated, giving a shy wave to the dullahan before making her way over to the couch and curling up. It still had a faint Izaya scent to it and she found it comforting, even if Mairu thought she was crazy.
celty reguarded the two newcomers before walking over to them and typing something up on her PDA.
[Morning you two. You're up rather early.]
Mairu squinted at the screen, as if it in another language. She finally looked up and gave the headless woman a weak smile.
"We always get up early."
[Why are you here though? I thought you went to school in Ikebukuro?]
"We do. We come here every morning...just incase he's back."
There was a heartbreaking tone of desperation in her voice as she struggled to hold in her tears. Sitting on the couch, she leaned over to hug her twin, who's face was already stained with the salty trails of emotion she could no longer fight back. Celty felt a pang of pity jolt through her being as she watched the younger Orihara siblings comfort each other. They had been so strong, standing alone all this time, standing against the wishes of their parents. She couldn't stand to see them suffer like this. They needed their brother, even if it was just the knowledge that he was there. She would find him and bring him home, even if it killed her.
Sitiing beside them, she used her shadows to pull the two girls close to her as she wrapped her arms around them. She had never been the 'motherly' type so she found this rather awkward, but it was the only thing she could think of right now. When the time came, she would take them to school, but for now this was were they would stay.

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