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Song: Want U Back by: Cher Lloyd

This will only be a one-shot story!

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Emily's POV

Italics= Song

Bold= Emily

Underline= Jayden

Hey, Boy you never had much game

Though, I needed to upgrade

So, I went and walk away way way

Now, I've seen you hanging out,

With the new girl in town

Looking like a pair of clowns clowns clowns

Remember all the things that you and I did first?

And, now your doing them with her

Remember all the things you and I did first?

You got me got me like this

Boy, you can say anything you wanna,

I don't give a shh,

No one else can have ya,

I want U Back

I want you back,

Wa -want you,

Want you back.

End song) A/N: I don't know the rest of the song but, you can watch the US version and the original version on Youtube!

Just type : Cher Lloyd Want U Back.

I was crying on my bed because, my 2 year bofriend who is soon to be my husband cheated on me.

( Flash Back)

" Jayden I just saw you with that STUPID Tara Ganz!"

" Because she's not clumsy like you, huh, got more to say?"

" I'm only saying were done!"

( End of Flash Back)

See what I mean?

I gave him what every boy wants. LOVE!

But, he ruined it for us. Actually, both of us.

I Want Him Back!

After, a month or two. Jayden And I are finally back together!

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