A while ago, I got challenged by RogueNya (over at Reading the HP Books) to write an RtB fic with the Hogwarts Founders in it.

Since I enjoyed reading Isilarma's Founders Fic I decided to try my hand at one, too. This will be my very first Harry Potter Fanfic, so consider yourselfs warned.


Prologue (involving the headmaster of Hogwarts and some meddling...)


It had been an exhausting day, Albus Dumbledore reflected as he set down the empty cup of his nightcap. Although he would never admit it to anyone, occasionally keeping up his good cheer got tiresome. He stood up, the fingertips of his right hand still resting lightly on the wooden surface of his desk. He closed his eyes and wondered for the dozenth time in as many months if he was finally growing old. The tired silence spreading through his office was finally broken by the rustling of Fawkes' wings as the phoenix changed into a more comfortable sleeping position. The portraits of former headmasters had already fallen silent half an hour before. They knew that Dumbledore preferred a few minutes of quietness before going to bed.

Albus Dumbledore turned his head to his familiar. "Good night, Fawkes"

The bright red phoenix merely huffed in answer.

The headmaster took off his glasses with one hand and rubbed the bridge of his nose with the other one. He felt rather tired. Then he began the arduous climb up the hidden staircase that led into his personal quarters. Behind him, the candles illuminating the Headmaster's Office died down with a sizzle.

While he changed out of his robes into his nightshirt he amused himself thinking about what the next day might bring. Contrary to what the had announced to the student body at dinner, he had taken a few more precautions than just a simple age line to protect the Goblet of Fire. And a part of him looked forward to the students trying to cross his ward. He knew that at least the Weasley twins would not be able to resist the temptation offered, and most likely other would try their luck, too. It was certain to become quite an hilarious breakfast tomorrow.

He pulled a thick pair of red woollen socks onto his feet and climbed into bed. Fluffing up his pillow for the night, his eyes fell on the pile of old tomes stacked up in the corner of his room. The small part of his mind, the one that usually sounded a lot like his brother Aberforth, whispered that he might have gone overboard, adding the old boosting ritual to his own age line around the Goblet of Fire. But, he told the voice, the Triwizard Tournament was a serious matter and exceedingly dangerous to the younger students. He couldn't take the chance of one of them outfoxing the age line – no matter how accidental their triumph might be. So, when he had found a ritual to strengthen other wards mentioned in one of the books he had removed from the library's restricted section, he couldn't stop himself from at least trying it out.

It hadn't been complicated. As far as he could see, all it had done was to link his own age line to the castle's wards, so that the line around the Goblet of Fire would be powered by the magic of Hogwarts itself instead of his own, thereby greatly reducing the chance of someone overpowering the ward by sheer force. He had wondered absently why he had never thought about trying to do something like that before. The theory was sound. The ingredients needed for the rite were easy to obtain. The hardest part of the ritual had been to write the correlation spell. Magic this old often worked by comparing the desired end result with another, already existing, state of affairs, and more than once in his life Albus Dumbledore had been brought down to his knees by it. He was no great poet. And designing a useful comparison spell for this special case had brought that fact home once again, when he had brooded over the words and for one highly disconcerting moment wished for Gilderoy Lockhart's assistance. The memory alone made Albus Dumbledore shudder, and he forced himself to ponder a different topic. He mentally recapitulated his tasks for the coming day. He would have to have another talk with Madame Maxime and Headmaster Karkaroff regarding the arrangements for the visiting students from their schools during the tournament, and check in with Charles Weasley on the containment possibilities of the dragons. Severus had complained about Alastor searching his private quarters again, so Albus figured he should probably have a talk with his old friend about the boy's privacy. Then, there was Ludo Bagman who needed to be kept entertained, and, of course, he would need to keep a close eye on the age line. He wouldn't want to miss any of the fun that would ensue.

Smiling contently, Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, proclaimed to be the greatest wizard of his time, blew out the candle on his bed stand, closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.


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