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The Hulk x Harry Potter x Bruce Banner


Harry Potter quickly glanced up, relieved to see the small redheaded girl skipping happily towards him, "Lily!" He anxiously eyed her form looking for any signs of injury and relaxed slightly when she appeared completely unharmed, "Thank Merlin," He sighed, but then looked at her firmly, "Where have you been?"

"Just at the edge of the forest," Lily pointed, "I was playing with Hedy!" Harry glanced up, spotting the fledgling Snowy Owl he had bought her for her last birthday.

"What have I told you?" Harry said with exasperation, rubbing his temple while shaking his head, "Don't go to the forest alone. If you must play around there, then take your brothers with you."

He was being overly paranoid, there was nothing actually dangerous that lived in the forest, but he couldn't be too careful with his children, especially with the few Death Eaters that had yet to be caught after Voldemort's fall.

But with the many intricate protection spells weaved over his property, which extended to the forest just outside of Godric's Hollow, he could be slightly lax with letting them roam around.

"James and Al didn't want to come!" Lily pouted, her arms crossed her small chest and Harry was vaguely reminded of Lily's maternal grandmother with that frown of hers, "They're too busy playing Quidditch!"

"Still? They have been playing since this morning." He sighed, knowing it was James' dream to grow up to be a professional Quidditch player like his mother had. Poor Al had probably been forced to play with his eldest son...

"Daddy, there's something I really, really want to show you," Lily suddenly grabbed his hand, tugging insistingly until he gave into her indulges and followed her patiently while she chattered about whatever came to her mind, "It's a surprise!"

Harry smiled, not bothering to ask what she wanted to show him because it was supposed to be a 'surprise', "It's not another litter of Kneazles, is it?" He asked teasingly, remembering when Lily had brought him the cat-like creatures, only for them all to learn a rather painful lesson when their mother had finally prowled back.

"Nope!" Lily giggled, tugging harder on his hand to try and coax him to walk faster. She didn't even pause at the edge of the forest and entered comfortably with her father right behind her, "Hurry up, Daddy!" She said impatiently.

Harry didn't respond, his unoccupied hand immediately going to his pocket where his wand was located. His attention to details, due to his Auror training, was so intent that he instantly noticed that there were no birds chirping in the area as they usually would be.

"Lily–" He tensed, cursing under his breath and bringing his wand out fully when Lily released his hand and ran ahead, leading him to whatever she wanted to show him, "Lily!" He caught up with ease and the five-year-old excitedly pointed to a clearing in the forest and he felt as if he were suddenly punched in the stomach.

There, sitting unmoving like a massive rock, was the unmistakable gigantic green figure of the one that the world had dubbed as 'The Incredible Hulk' and there was only three words he could think of when the figure's eyes snapped open and both were caught in the stare of the amazingly similar shade of green.

'Bloody fucking hell...'