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'Bloody fucking hell...'

Well, maybe he would be able to hold off the Hulk long enough for Lily to escape and he would use every particle of his magic in his body to make that happen.

"Lily," Harry said as quietly as he possibly could, hoping that the Hulk wouldn't go on a rampage at the tiniest movement, "Lily, I want you to –!?"

Lily completely and utterly ignored him, skipping past him as if there were no massive green monster standing before them, "Hiya, Hulkie~!" The redhead greeted as only a little girl could, "Did you like the flowers I gave you?"

"L-Lily?!" Harry stammered with disbelief and he barely was able to stop the uncontrollable shaking of his wand arm enough to aim it at the Hulk, "Lily, get back here!" He demanded and Lily paused at the authoritative tone.

"But why, Daddy?" Lily asked innocently, grinning at him like sunshine, "Hulkie is my friend!" She patted the massive creature's green skin as Harry watched in horror, a readied spell on his lips in case the Hulk made any sort of move towards his daughter.

And finally the Hulk moved, his intense green eyes which had been staring at Harry the entire time lowered slowly until they rested on the beaming girl, "Hulk don't like flower," He snorted loudly, "Flower no use to Hulk."

"But I gave you lilies!" Lily pouted and her brown eyes grew wide, "My name is Lily! Does that mean you don't like me?" She sniffled at thought of losing her new friend.

"Human-girl is okay," The Hulk admitted after shifting in a manner which Harry could only identify as discomfort, "Human-girl does not scream when she sees Hulk."

"Lily," Harry said between grit teeth, unsure of what to do. He didn't want his daughter anywhere near the creature who could cause mass destruction with a sweep of an arm, but the Hulk wasn't doing anything to indicate that he was going to harm Lily, "Come here."

He seriously doubted he could do anything to cause even a mere a scratch on the Hulk should he choose violence, so his Auror instincts were screaming at him to get out of the area as fast he could with Lily in tow.

"But I don't want to," Lily sulked, sticking out her lower lip, "I want to stay and play with Hulkie!" She flinched back when her father's eyes hardened noticeably that even she realized it, "Okay, Daddy," She began towards him, but then looked back at the green monster, "Bye bye, Hulkie! I'll play with you tomorrow!"

Harry immediately picked up Lily, his wand still readied just in case, "I'm not sure why you're here," He said carefully in a low tone and he was almost overcome by how intense the Hulk's gaze was, "But thank you for being... friendly with Lily." But the threat was very well heard though it was unsaid.

Harm my daughter and I'll find a way to kill you

"Hulk not here for Human-girl," The Hulk grunted, "Hulk is here for..." He paused for a moment, eyeing Harry before abruptly taking a massive leap and was out of sight before either Harry or Lily could react.

"Bye bye, Hulkie!" Lily shouted loudly, waving to the sky while Harry let out a shaky exhale, his body sagging lightly with relief and one question remained.

What was the Hulk there for?