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Leo glared at his bicycle. How could it possibly be jammed?

He had worked out all the calculations himself, and plus, it had been working earlier.

The pedal had completely fallen off and the bracket was swinging uselessly by it's side. (A/N: Sorry. I really know nothing about bikes so I just made that shit up)

Leo groaned and headed back into the workshop.

He was muttering to himself about having to re-do evrything, when he felt someones eyes on him.

Turning, he saw the girl – what was her name?...Jem! That was it!- staring at him.

"Don't you have anything better to do?" he snapped, realising the Miestro was out.

Jem shrugged, "Don't you have a bicycle to fix."

"Oh, haha." he said sarcastically, and Jem held her hands up in defence.

Lisa suddenly walked through and Jem smiled at her friend. Leo instinctavley felt a pang of worry.

Lisa hardly knew this girl and here she was, parading round the workshop like she owned the place.

Leo decided he wasn't going to stand for it.

Jem watched as Grant's face lit up when he saw she was here with Lisa, but he quickly tried to hide it in an attempt to mask his excitement.

"Hey Lisa," he said awkwardly, then addressing his younger sibling, "hey clotpole."

Jem flipped him off and smirked as Lisa and Grant wore identical blushes.

"So how was...uh...painting illegally?" He tried to continue.


Grant cleared his throat, ran a hand through his sandy coloured hair and hurried out the door.

"What's up with him?" Lisa wondered out loud, as the door swung shut.

"Eh." Jem shrugged again, smiling to herself, "He's probably just on his man-period."

Lisa spluttered slightly as Jem began to pull down pieces of cloth that had been hung up to dry.

Grant walked to market square for the second time that day.

There, he ran into someone he had hoped to never meet.

"Oh! Uh hey Valentina!"

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