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Tsuna slammed his head on the desk and groaned loudly, wrinkling the black and gold striped blazer he was wearing.

"Hang in there, Jyuudaime! We're almost done."

Over a year ago, when Tsuna had been a second year of the Middle School Division of Namimori Gakuen, he had taken a week off school because of a cold.

That one week also happened to be the Academy-wide elections week for pairs of aspiring Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Student Council. Gokudera, the eager beaver he was, ran for Tsuna and himself to fill the respective positions.

Finding the notion of Dame-Tsuna being the President so amusing, many students innocently voted for him as a joke, not knowing that throughout the entire Academy hundreds of students had the same idea. Yes, because the entire campus, from the first-years in the Primary School Division to the third-years of the High School Division, was managed by one Council.

And winning by a landslide that year for the position of President of said powerful Council was one Sawada Tsunayoshi.

But that wasn't the end of it. With Gokudera by his side and Reborn pushing him, saying it was good practice for when he would inherit the Famiglia, Tsuna did such a good job of being President that he was re-elected the next year.

And the year after that.

Sawada Tsunayoshi had been the first middle-school student to ever become President, and now was well on his way to breaking the record for the longest term in office as well- a record of three years that had been left behind by someone named Yoshimune, who had been the President all three years of his high school life.

Tsuna sat back up and sighed, straightening his blazer morosely and getting back to the paperwork. He had a throbbing headache that was just made worse by the head-banging, and his coffee was still nowhere to be seen.

It was almost six PM on a windy Friday. The sky outside still held a tinge of pinkness from the recent sunset, the April clouds threatening rain as usual. The only ones still at school were a few of Namigaku's more hardcore clubs, the Student Council and it's committees, and those on an especially harsh detention for repeated offenders of school rules.

Needless to say, all of Tsuna's Guardians were in the Council, in high spots. Thanks to Reborn's persuasion, of course. Heck, every head position he could think of was filled by someone he knew closely save the Detention Committee, and that was only because the Detention Committee had been in the hands of the same family for twelve years, and had a famous legacy that the school didn't dare break even for Hibari Kyouya.

Gokudera Hayato was singlehandedly the Vice-President, Treasurer, and the Chairman of the Academic Committee. Almost everything that Tsuna didn't do as the President, Gokudera did. The brunet looked over to his hard-working Storm Guardian, and knew he was every bit as frazzled as he was, silver hair falling out of its ponytail, glasses slightly askew.

In Tsuna's office was one big desk with the bay window giving the main courtyard as a backdrop, usually with giant stacks of folders and papers all over it- Tsuna's desk. To his right was Gokudera's slightly smaller desk, also piled with papers, with a background of filing cabinets, and to his left was Chrome Dokuro's, the Secretary's, desk, surrounded by telephones and mobiles.

The main communications line of the Student Council was currently missing, however, having taken three phones away with her just in case, as she had been called off by a certain pineapple-haired Historian somewhere.

The Student Council suite was on the same floor as the faculty's offices. Upon entry to the suite, one would find a friendly waiting room, with a coffee table and couches. Straight across from the double-door entrance was the door to the Social Chairperson's office, which also held the desks of the Historian and the Events Coordinator.

To the left was a glass wall revealing a meeting room, and a floor-to ceiling window directly opposite the glass wall, allowing one to look over the sports fields from a couch in the waiting room.

To the right was the entrance to the President's office, often left open invitingly as it was that evening, as Chrome returned with a tray of hot mugs.

"Boss, I got us some coffee."

"Ah, Chrome, thank you," he said sincerely as he handled his mug with both hands, inhaling the heavenly scent. At some point during his time in the President's office Tsuna had grown to have a fond attachment to coffee. "I really needed this."

Gokudera grunted something of similar sentiments as Chrome set his mug carefully into the special indent in the corner of his table just for such a purpose, barely looking up from his papers.

"Ah, what was it that Mukuro wanted?" Tsuna asked as he sipped his coffee.

"Ah, he needed to get a photo of this year's Sports' Committee, so I pointed him in the right direction."

"Oh, right, the newspaper club did ask for something like that… It is a pain to have the committees scattered around the school like this, but then again, they wouldn't all fit on one floor anyways, na?"

"Mn," Chrome agreed quietly, returning to her desk and going over the notes from the most recent Arts Committee meeting.

Almost as soon as she sat down, one of the many cordless phones on her desk rang. She picked it up with practiced efficiency and answered.

After a while as the Student Council Secretary, Chrome had learnt the value of talking. Practically half her job was to talk and help other people get messages across to each other, and so she had come out of her shell a bit to fulfill the role as best as she could. Tsuna was glad for the change. While still generally quiet and gentle-voiced, at least he knew Chrome was able to talk to other people besides him and his friends now.

"Yes?... Ah, Yukimura-san, how can I help you?... Oh, dear." She scribbled a note. "Alright, I'll forward that to Hibari-san. Thank you. Bye." After she hung up she immediately pulled out one of the mobiles in her Student Council blazer's inside pocket and made a speed dial.

"Hibari-san? It's Chrome. Yukimura-san says that one of the students in detention escaped, and now she has to stay there to watch the rest, and she's asking if you could track him down?... Ah, student ID number eight-six-seven-seven-five-four… Thank you, Hibari-san. That student needs to be taken back to the gym. Goodbye."

"That's a first," Tsuna commented lightly. "I've never heard of a student actually desperate enough to try to escape detention before… you'd think with our discipline system…"

There were three committees involved with discipline in Namigaku. The first 'layer of defense', if you would, was the Environmental Committee. Charged with the job of making sure Namigaku looks good, they also had the obligation to warn students about any rules broken in their uniform or behavior.

Currently this committee was officially being run by Kozato Enma, though he was more in charge of the beautification half of the committee. The other half was run by Suzuki Adelheid, giving warnings to students and forwarding repeated offenders to the Discipline Committee.

The Discipline Committee was the second layer of rule enforcement. They actively punished students on the spot and followed up repeated offenders, and had for the last nine years been run by Hibari Kyouya. But of course, they were also given the power to hand out detentions, which were in turn handled by the Detention Committee.

The Detention Committee of Namigaku was infamous for having a sense of humor. Just the year before, after a verbal brawl gone ugly had been broken up by the Discipline Committee, all students that had been involved were then to serve the strange punishment of having to walk around for a week with their mouths duct-taped shut.

And in charge of the Detention Committee that year, after her brother graduated the year before, was a Yukimura Suzume. Rumor had it that she could read minds, with her uncanny ability to see through people's worst fears and embarrassments that her older brother, Yukimura Shou, and his older brother, Yukimura Shinichi, had both also had. Tsuna wondered how horrible a detention she could have possibly have come up with for a student to actually risk running away from a Namigaku detention.

Well, by the way Hibari was stalking after one terrified, pale male student; said student was about to learn that it's never worth trying to run away from a Namigaku detention.

Hibari kicked the door of the gym open and dumped the quivering mass called a student on the floor.

"Yukimura Suzume. Is this the package you requested?" he called out into the hall. He looked about the room, where students were sat at desks with their feet in plastic tubs, writing essays.

Wait, feet in tubs?

"Ah, yes, Hibari-san. Thank you. Come now, Tanaka-kun, you just wasted your own time," she tutted.

Yukimura Suzume met Hibari's height, with dark eyes and extremely long, black hair braided into a rope-like piece, currently thrown loosely around her hips. Near the end of the braid was braided in what appeared to be a metal hair ornament, heavy enough that Yukimura felt the need to hold onto the end of her braid, fingering the smooth ornament almost absentmindedly as she sat the escaped student back into his seat after telling him to take off his shoes and socks.

She strode back to Hibari. "Thank you for your help, Hibari-san. I would have gone after him myself, but then who knows what these hooligans would try."

"Where are your committee members?"

"The three meant to be on duty today called in sick- it appears they ate some bad meat."

Hibari looked down at the plastic tubs, the student nearest them sweating profusely as his hand shook, struggling to write.

"What is in the tubs?"

"Oh. This and that. Mainly tadpoles. Though someone might have an eel or two."

Hibari stared at her, and was almost tempted to look into the tub for proof, but that would have been unlike him. Instead he simply blinked, nodded, and walked off.

He sent a message to Chrome.

The Secretary frowned as a phone buzzed. She picked it up, and after a moment frowned and furrowed her eyebrows.



"Do we have an Ethics Committee?"