Disclaimer: I don't write much fanfic, since I never feel able to get characterization down. I wrote this many moons ago when I thought I wanted to be a screenwriter. So...this is in screenplay format, or what that equates to with FFdotnet formatting, complete with Acts that correspond with commercial breaks in the real episodes. If you time it out, it roughly matches the normal ep timing and flow. This is my first screenplay. Maybe someday I'll convert it to prose format... No beta, either, so sorry for any errors.

Just to be safe: I DO NOT own Sanctuary or any of its characters. This is a fanfic intended to hone my screenwriting skills, NOT infringe on copyrights. I DO own the OCs and Zitomira. And the dragons, heh.

So, R&R and enjoy!

This "episode" comes between "Sleepers," when Tesla was devamped, and "Awakening," when he was revamped.


A cottage dominates the scene. It's of simple construction. We pull back to see a few trees around the cottage. The land around the dwelling is arable, cleared. A gray barn about three times the size of the cottage, a few outbuildings, and a chicken coup stand across from the house.

Two young CHILDREN burst out of the house. The BROTHER is a few years older than his SISTER. They're both smiling. The brother raises his arms like wings and makes ROARING sounds. His sister dodges behind a tree, laughing.

Their FATHER steps from the barn. He's carrying a pail. He pauses to frown and shake his head at the children.


Costin! Bianca! Scuzati-ma!

He's speaking Romanian. Subtitles say Costin! Bianca! Excuse me, please!

He raises the pail and points to it. The children stop their game and look downcast.




Da. Acum.

Subtitles: Yes. Now.

They trail up to him, and the brother takes the pail. Both children walk to the chicken coup. A few chickens strut about in front of the coup, CLUCKING. There's no fence.

The kids toss some handfuls of corn from the pale. The chickens run over and start eating. The boy lifts the latch to the small coup door and tosses some food inside. The chickens run after. When the last birds is inside, he shuts the door. Then he and his sister run off to continue their game.

Pull in to see the latch still unhooked, swinging.



The little farm looks rather foreboding in the darkness. Wind whips the tree branches.


Two beds occupy the room. A few simple toys are scattered about the floor. The siblings are asleep. The girl is holding a stuffed animal. The boy awakes suddenly. He sits up, eyes wide.



Subtitles: No!

Now the sister's awake. She sits up, eyes on her brother.


Ce conteaza?

Subtitles: What's the matter?

He turns to look at her, eyes still wide.



Subtitles: The lock!

He gets out of bed, wrapping the blanket around himself, over his pyjamas. He hurries to the door and slips through.



Still clutching her stuffed animal, she jumps out of bed and dashes after him.



The kids creep outside, trying not to wake their parents. The start toward the chicken coup, only to stop short. A dragon, straight from the D&D Monster Manual, rears up from behind the coup. Horns jut from its heavy, toothy head, and spines run down its back. Its tail is wrapped about the coup. The dragon spreads its wings to half their width as it studies the kids with red eyes.

The children's jaws drop as they stare at the beast in terror. Close up of the girl's stuffed animal hitting the ground.

The dragon RUMBLES at the interruption, causing the chickens in the coup to start panicking. They FLAP and SQUAWK. The confusion causes the coup door to swing open. The birds come flapping and flopping out. They evacuate the area.


One bed takes up most of this small room. Two people are sleeping in the bed. Close in on the father. His eyes fly open at the FLAPPING from the coup. He sits up.

Through the window we see the kids still staring at the dragon, which has forgotten the chickens in favor of the new arrivals. It moves forward, its neck arched.

The father is too shocked to say anything. He snaps out of it, though, and leaps from bed. He grabs a shotgun from the wall and dashes from the room.



The father bursts from the house, shotgun raised.

The dragon's head snaps up as its gaze focuses on the man. Its wings flick out to their full, impressive span, which is about as wide as the barn is long. It ROARS, then lifts into the air with a great flap of its wings. The downwash forces the humans to shield their faces.

The father jerks his head toward the house.


(to the kids)


Subtitles: Go!

They stand paralyzed for a moment before the boy grabs his sister's arm and drags her inside. The stuffed animal is forgotten on the ground.

The dragon lands a ways off, close to the edge of the forest. It's facing the father. The man shoots at the creature, the GUNSHOT piercing the night. But that only causes the dragon to HISS and back up a few steps.

The father starts toward the dragon. Anger twists the man's face into a snarl.

The dragon turns and disappears into the forest. The father follows.



The father stalks through the woods. He has a flashlight now, which he pans across the trees before him. It's quite a dark night, so we can see only what the beam illuminates.

CRASHING of branches ahead makes the man stop. He points his shotgun and flashlight in the direction of the noise. He looks determined but a bit afraid. He has to protect his family and farm, but this is a friggin' dragon!

The father moves forward, breaking into a small clearing 10 yards by about 10 yards. The dragon is waiting for him. It spreads its wings as much as possible in the close quarters. It GROWLS and rears back.

A GUNSHOT rings. The shotgun's muzzle flare lights up the area for a split second. The dragon ROARS.

The man's beginning to lose heart. He must have hit the creature, but the thing is unaffected. He takes a step backward, fear on his face.

Suddenly his gun flies from his hands, landing at the dragon's feet. The dragon gives another ROAR. That's more than the man can take. With a look of abject terror, he turns and flees into the darkness. The flashlight falls to the ground.

A figure steps into the beam, but the angle is so that we can only see the lower half of its legs in silhouette. We're not even sure they belong to a human.