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Chapter 5 Seven little men and another princess part 1: THE ROAR OF JUSTICE!

Candace was in her Keyblade armor riding on her hoverbike in the lanes between trying to find another world to visit. Still thinking about what Maleficent had told her.

'Why would Master Xehanort tell that evil woman about the seven hearts of light and now there's an eighth?' thought Candace to herself.

Then she saw another world in the distance. The top of the world had a cottage that was surrounded by a field of flowers, to the right of the world was a cave that was surrounded by shiny jewels and leading down was a forest full of dead trees and darkness. Candace scanned the world and it read "Dwarf Woodlands."

'Weird name,' thought Candace. She then dove down into the world below.

-Dwarf Woodlands

Candace found herself on a rocky hilltop. To her left was a cave, which looked like it was crafted into a mine. To her right there was a forest full of green lush trees. She thought it best to go to check out the mine first, when she heard

High ho

"What the?" Candace asked as she looked around and saw no one was there. She was about to continue to the mine when she heard it again, but with more people this time.

High ho

"Where is that coming from?" asked Candace.

Then she heard the sound of marching and ran back up the hill and hid behind a rock and out of the forest came seven little men. The one in the lead was bit overweight and sported a thick, but short, white beard. His hat was yellow and that stood on end. He had a large, round, pink nose and wore glasses. He also wore a red jacket with two gold buttons going down the front, brown pants, and a black belt with a gold buckle around his waist.

The second one was rather thin in comparison to some of the others and had the largest, most bulbous pink nose out of all the little men. He had a thick, white beard reached to past his waist. His toque was brown and the tip flopped down. His jacket was carmine colored and secured by a black belt with a gold buckle. The patches on his shirt were brown, as were his pants.

The third one was the fattest out of all of them. He had thick, white eyebrows as well as a white beard. His toque was orange and it stood on the end. He also had a round, pink nose. His pants were steel-blue, and he wore a red vest overtop a yellow, long-sleeved shirt with tan patches. He also had a black belt with a silver buckle.

The fourth one wore a light steel-blue toque that flopped down. He had a round, pink nose, a long white beard. He wore brown pants and a tan jacket with brown patches. His belt is black, but the buckle was obscured by his beard. His eyes were also half-closed.

The fifth one wore a steel-blue toque that stood on end and had a thick, white beard. He also had the second largest nose out of all the little men. He wore a yellow-orange jacket with tan patches. He had a black belt, but the buckle was also covered by his beard. His pants were an orange-brown color.

The sixth one had thick, white beard and he wore an orange toque. He had a round, bulbous nose that was slightly smaller than the others. His jacket was dark brown with brown patches and sported at least one gold button. His belt was black and the buckle is gold, while his pants were brown.

The seventh and last one wore a purple hat along with a light green jacket with two gold buttons down the front. His hat and jacket seemed a bit too large for him, and his jacket partly covered his black, gold-buckled belt. The patches on his elbows were brown. His pants were steel-blue and his nose was the smallest out of all of them. His eyes were blue and he had large ears; in fact, he was the only one of them whose ears were the only ones visible.

'Well, now I know why this world's name is "Dwarf Woodlands," thought Candace to herself.

Then the dwarfs began to sing.

High Ho

High Ho

It's off to work we go


They repeated the same lyrics over and over as they continued to march into the mine. Candace was about to follow them when a scream came from inside the mine. The dwarf with the big ears came running out and ran right into Candace.

"Hi," said Candace.

The dwarf looked up at Candace and then more yells came from the mine. The dwarf hid behind Candace's leg. Candace ran into the mine leaving the dwarf to follow behind. When she got into the mine, she saw the other six dwarfs surrounded by Unversed. She saw some floods and scrapers among them, but there were also three sets of new Unversed.

The first set was small creatures resembling a red pot. Their lids were black with a small, conical, red spike on it. The base of the pot was also black, with two short spikes on it. They had a short, red, lightning-bolt shaped "wing" on either side of their bodies. Their large, red eyes took up most of the front of their bodies and were set in a happy expression. The Unversed emblem appeared on their backs. Candace's scan ability said they were called Red Hot Chilies.

The second set's lower bodies resembled an orange flower-pot. Their heads were spherical and black and sported a pink flower blooming on the top. Their arms, which sprout from either side of its body, were long, green, thorny vines that end in dark green leaves. Their red eyes were set in a sorrowful expression. The Unversed symbol was on the back of their heads. Scan said they were called Thornbites.

The final set was small creatures. Their skin was predominantly black. They had a wide lower body with a comparatively thin neck. Their bodies had two short spikes for legs and lacks arms. Their heads were large, round, and had two long, floppy "ears", both of which end in a wide fleur-de-lis. The tip of their outer ears was dark red, while the tip of its inner ears was pink. Their red eyes were set in a sorrowful expression and the Unversed logo was on their chests. These were called Hareraisers.

Candace saw a flood about to attack a dwarf and she jumped between the dwarf and the flood and slashed flood which disappeared with one strike.

"RUN!" shouted Candace to the dwarfs.

The dwarfs took off running deeper into the mine. Candace stayed behind to fight the Unversed.

A Hareraiser began to spin around at really fast speeds then launched itself at Candace. She dodged and did a slash and the Hareraiser disappeared. A Scrapper began to jump in the air and tried to dive bomb her with its claws. Candace quickly dodged and cast a spell.

"Great Breakthrough!"

A huge gust of wind shot out of her Keyblade and right at the Scrapper and it was blown backwards right into a flood and they were both destroyed on impact. A Red Hot Chile shot fire right at her. She jumped right out of the way, only to get in the path of another Red Hot Chile. It had set itself on fire and it charged right at Candace who got hit. She was launched back and rolled on the ground. She got back up and charged right at the Red Hot Chile and tried to hit it, only it dodged at the last second and got Candace with a fire shot. Candace began to feel weak. She quickly cast a spell.


A green flower appeared over her head. It opened up and pink petals flowed out of it and around Candace. She felt refreshed and ready to fight.

'I wasted a lot of magic with that Great Breakthrough spell and Cure spell, I'll have to stick with close combat till my magic recovers,' Candace thought to herself.

She charged at the Red Hot Chilies and after to strikes they both went down. Then a Thronbite and a flood started their attack. The Flood sank into the ground and shot to the end of the cave and popped back up to try and strike at Candace from behind, but Candace was ready. She swung her Keyblade behind her and took out the Flood. Only three Thornbites, two Scrappers and a Flood remained behind. She felt that her magic had recharged and just in time to because the Thornbites were getting ready to attack. They began to spin and charge right at her.

Candace pointed her Keyblade at them and shouted, "Firaga Burst!"

She pointed her Keyblade in the air and a huge sphere of fire appeared above her connected to the Keyblade. It began to shoot fireballs left and right, it not only attacked the Thornbites. It also took out a Scrapper and the remaining Flood. A Scrapper was all that was left and Candace charged at it, took a swipe and it went down.

"Well that was hard work," said Candace.

She turned around to see the cave where the dwarfs used to go deeper into the mine. She found them in an area filled with mine carts and she saw all around her was jewels and diamonds. She was about to approach one of the dwarfs when one of the dwarfs (the big eared one) approached a red treasure chest that had appeared in the cave. As he approached to open it Candace noticed something, that chest had the Unversed symbol on it!

"Don't go near it!" shouted Candace.

The big eared dwarf turned around. Then the chest grew three white zigzagging bladed legs. When the chest opened it reveled yellow "teeth" lining on the lid of the chest. Inside was a spherical, black head that had red eyes set in a happy expression. Just then four more appeared around the dwarfs. Candace scanned them and discovered they were called Spiderchests.

'Ok, not very imaginative' thought Candace. 'But better than nothing.'

Candace ran towards one of the Spiderchests and brought her sword down only for it to close its lid and block the attack. Just then another spiderchest jumped at her and bit her right arm, she instantly threw it off. Then something drilled underneath her. She looked down to the ground and out popped a spiderchest. It rammed her and sent her flying right into the wall of the cave. Candace got up when she suddenly felt dizzy and she started seeing purple bubbles cloud her vision.

"What is happening?" asked Candace to herself as she felt her power drain.

The dwarfs saw Candace fall to her knees and ran over to help her up.

"You ok diss- I mean MS?" asked the dwarf with the glasses.

"My energy it feels like it's draining," said Candace.

"Miss?" asked the dwarf with droopy eyes before yawning. "Why are surrounded by some sort of purple aura?"

"I'm have what?" asked Candace.

Just then a spiderchest was about to strike one of the dwarfs from behind. Candace shot up and took a swing at it and the spiderchest was destroyed. Candace fell to her legs again as she felt her energy draining even more when she moved.

"What's going on?" asked Candace on her knees and her breathing even became a struggle.

Candace decided to use her scan ability on the spiderchest's one more time.

"Ok let's see Spiderchests, species: Unversed, Defense: High when chest is shut, HP: Medium, Warning: highly VENOMUS!" said Candace as she read the stats.

"So that's what happened these things are poisonous!" said Candace. "But when did they? Wait!"

Candace remembered when a spiderchest spring out at her a bit her. She looked at her arm and saw a huge bite mark.

'It must have been when its teeth bit my arm,' thought Candace to herself.

Candace raised her keyblade into the air and shouted, "Esuna!"

The purple aura around Candace faded and she did not fell her energy drain anymore.

"Heal!" she shouted.

A just like that her energy was restored. But Candace knew she needed to end the battle soon, so she raised her Keyblade into the air and with the last of her magic said, "Time Magic: Stop!" Then pointed her Keyblade and the SpiderChests and they all froze.

"I have to hurry," said Candace to herself.

She charged at the frozen SpiderChests and began to take them out one by one. After the last one was destroyed she collapsed on her knees to take a rest.

"Well that was a rush, but now I am tired," said Candace.

"Thank you," said a voice.

Candace turned around and saw the seven dwarfs from before looking at her with happy smiles on their faces except for one (ok seriously, if you can't guess which one that is stop reading right now).

"You're welcome," said Candace.

"What's your name MS?" asked the dwarf as he blushed bright red.

"My name is Candace," she answered. "What are yours?"

In the order they came into the cave the dwarfs said their names.

"lock- I mean Doc," said the first dwarf.

"Grumpy," said the second dwarf with a mean look on his face.

"Happy," said the third dwarf with a smile.

"I'm *yawns* Sleepy," said the fourth dwarf.

"I'm, hehehe, Bashful," said the fifth now as red as a tomato.

"I'm, ah-ah-ah choo, Sneezy," said the sixth now rubbing his nose.

The seventh dwarf said nothing and just waved.

"Do you have a name too?" asked Candace.

The seventh dwarf nodded his head, but said nothing.

"His name is Dopey," said Doc. "He doesn't talk.

"He can't talk?" asked Candace.

"He doesn't know, he never tried," said Doc.

"Ok," said Candace.

She was about to say something else when they heard a stampede heading their way. Candace and the dwarfs ran out of the cave. They saw a ton of animals running towards them; they immediately grabbed the dwarfs and tried to pull them down the path they came from. Candace was a little weirded out by the scene. Then a deer from behind started to push her down and the birds started pulling on her hair in the same direction.

'What do these animals want?' thought Candace to herself.

Just then Sleepy yawned and said, "Maybe the queen has got Snow white."

"Whose Snow white?" asked Candace.

"She's the princess of this land," said Doc starting to panic, "If the queen is after her she could kill her! We have to save her!"

"Come on!" shouted Grumpy as he got on one of the deer's and started to ride off.

The other dwarfs soon followed getting one the deer's and started to go back the way they came Candace followed in hot pursuit.

"I hope we are not too late!" said Candace as she took off running after the animals and the dwarfs.

-The dwarf's cottage

"Now take a bite," said an old hag.

She wore a black, hooded robe that retained the hanging sleeves of her dress and grey slippers. She also had long, tangled white hair. She had thick, black eyebrows, green eyes, and dark rings around her eyes. Her nose was long and crooked and had a large wart and she only had one visible tooth on her bottom jaw. Her hands were gnarled and had pointed, dirty fingernails. This was the queen in disguise.

Standing in front of her was a beautiful girl. She had rather short, wavy, black hair, brown eyes, and somewhat pale skin. She also had long eye lashes and wore red lipstick and a red ribbon in her hair tied in a bow. She also wore a yellow skirt and blue bodice. The sleeves of her dress were short and puffy, azure in color, and sport several red teardrop-shaped symbols on them. There was a high, white collar on the back of her dress. This was Snow White, the princes.

"Take a bite from this apple, my dear and all your dreams will come true" said the queen.

"Really?" asked Snow White.

"Really, now take bite!" she said.

Snow White took the apple from the queen's hand and looked at it. She moved it toward her mouth and took a bite. As soon as she did something happened.

"I feel funny, tired..." and Snow White fell to the floor, as the apple rolled out of her hand.

The queen cackled and shouted to the heavens, "Now I'll be the fairest in the land!"

She cackled as she walked out of the cottage. Then she looked to her right and saw the dwarfs riding on deer's with a bunch of birds as well following them. At the end of the line she saw a girl and she was carrying another one of those key swords that she saw earlier from the two boys. She was even more scared of that one though. She took off running in the other direction back into the woods.

"There she goes!" shouted Grumpy.

The dwarfs, the animals and Candace chased after the witch. Out of the corner of her eye Candace saw two vultures take off from the tree branch and flew after them. For Candace that was not a good sign. They continued to chase the queen and the wins started to pick up. Then the queen suddenly turned around and held her hand in the air.

"This is a little gift for you Candace Flynn-Fletcher from the one who warned me about you!" shouted the queen.

She snapped her hands and suddenly something appeared before the dwarfs and the animals. Its body was black with a glowing dark purple and a little white. It had spikes on its back that were red which were the same as the four on its long tail also on its back were light blue lines. It ran on all fours and on each of its legs were five bright red claws. Its face had the unversed symbol on it, which it wore as a mask. Its eyes were set in a sorrowful expression which was also next to light blue lines on either side of its face. Then they looked at its right front foot was a wristband and on it was a chain link. Candace scan ability said it was called The Tarnshus.

The queen took off running back into the forest. The dwarfs and the animals tried to pursue her. But the Tarnshus got in the way. It raised its chain link and prepared to strike at the dwarfs, when it suddenly heard, "Fire!"

A fireball shot right at the Tarnshus. It got hit in the face and stumbled backwards. The dwarfs looked where the blast came from and there was Candace pointing her keyblade at the monster.

"GO!" shouted Candace. "I'll handle this monster!"

The dwarfs and the animals took off running after the queen while Candace stayed behind to fight The Tarnshus. The Tarnshus bit the tip of its tail and began to curl up into a ball and started rolling in place. Candace got prepared for it to roll at here but it stayed in place. Then suddenly the spikes on its back began shooting towards Candace. She quickly dodged out of the way but the Tarnshus turned in that direction to and was still firing spikes at her. Candace quickly continued to dodge. Then it stopped firing and began to roll towards Candace when Candace tried to dodge it stopped rolling and swung the Chain link attached to his right arm. It hit Candace and she rolled on the ground.

"That's it!" shouted Candace.

She raised her Keyblade and shouted, "Firewheel!"

Candace did a cart-wheel and hit The Tarnshus dead on. Then after the attack the Tarnshus got up and suddenly its entire body was surrounded by flames and it gave out a cry of pain. Candace smiled at that because that meant she gave the creature a burn status. She had learned back when learning magic that some spells and attacks could leave a temporary status on an opponent. Now this meant every time the creature attacked it would get burned. Then something weird happened.

The Tarnshus opened its mouth and roared. Candace was launched backwards and into a tree. After it roared the Tarnshus it became surrounded by flames and it roared in pain. Candace then got up and with her keyblade slashed the Tarnshus on its leg and it roared in pain. Candace was happy with herself until she felt a burning pain surround her and screamed in pain.

"What was that?" said Candace to herself.

The Tarnshus charged at Candace getting ready to swing its chain link. Candace quickly dodged and the chain link missed. Then the Tarnshus became surrounded by flames again and roared in pain. Candace charged and slashed at its left side leaving a scar. Candace soon felt burning pain again as flames surrounded her. Still wondering how she got the burn effect. Then suddenly she turned to face the creature only to get hit by its roar again. She was again launched backwards and then as usual it became surrounded by flames. When Candace stood up she felt pain on the left side of her body felt pain and when she looked down she saw a scar along left side of her body as long as the Tarnshus and just as deep.

"What is with this Unversed's roar?" asked Candace to herself.

It was like everytime that creature roared any damage Candace gave it would also become her pain as well. Just the she was snapped out of her thoughts when the creature hit her with its tail and Candace was sent flying towards the mountains. As she was flying Candace noticed that the creature did not burn which meant that the burn status wore off.

"What is going on with this Unversed?!" shouted Candace as she was soaring through the sky.


The queen was still on the run from the dwarfs and the animals. She and the other dwarfs did not even notice the vultures that were following them.

"I hope that creature is holding off that girl or I am dead," thought the queen to herself.

Flashback: Yesterday

The queen in disguise stood in front of her mirror. She was getting ready to leave in order to take care of snow white and become, in her words, the fairest in the land. When the mirror summoned her to the room to tell her something when asked what it was she was shocked by what she had heard. The mirror had a glimpse of the future and saw her death. She was going to be killed by someone.

"Mirror, Mirror, who has seen my death this day! Tell me now, who is this naive?" shouted the queen

"A girl whose dress is as red as blood and white as snow with a spirit so bold, that she carries a key-shaped sword of silver and gold," said the mirror.

An image appeared on the mirror as it spoke. It showed Candace in her fight with Maleficent, in both witch and dragon form. The queen had heard of Maleficent, the sorceress who had power over sleep, and she knew her dark magic paled in comparison to hers. So if this could take on Maleficent and live what chance did she have?

"What am I going to do and who is that girl?" said the Queen to herself.

"Her name is Candace Flynn-Fletcher," said a voice.

The Queen turned around and saw a woman with a coat that was dark violet and had the some weird insignia on it. She wore black leggings and high-heeled spiked boots. Her face was covered by the shadows in the room, but The Queen could make out dangling red hair.

"Who are you?" asked The Queen.

"My name does not matter at the moment," said the woman.

"What are you doing here?" asked The Queen.

"I am here to offer my assistance!" said the woman.

"Why should I accept your help?" asked The Queen.

'Man this old hag is asking a lot of questions,' thought the woman getting really annoyed. "If you don't think you need my help then turn around."

The Queen did and inside the mirror she saw Candace beat Maleficent and force her into a humiliating retreat. The girl could make Maleficent retreat! There was no doubt now in The Queen's mind, if she faced this girl in battle there was no way she would win. She would defiantly die facing her.

"I'm listening," said The Queen.

The girl snapped her fingers and a creature appeared in the room. The Queen saw this creature had the same symbol as the woman.

"This is the Tarnshus," said the woman.

"What makes you think this monster can help me?" asked The Queen.

"Because this creature has a special power, The Roar of Justice! Anytime an opponent attacks it, the Tarnshus realizes a roar that causes the same amount of damage and other side effects the attack gives them," said the woman.

The Queen could not believe what she was hearing a creature with this power could be of great help and even if it died facing Candace she could eventually just join the fight and finish her off. But then The Queen realized something. This woman was just going to give her this creature for free? There had to be a price.

"What do you want out of this?" asked The Queen.

"All I ask is one thing that hopefully the Tarnshus will be able to do and if not you might be able to do the same." said the woman.

"What is it?" asked The Queen.

"I want you to..."

Flashback end-

'Hopefully the Tarnshus will either be able to do what she asked or hopefully weaken her enough for me to do it, as soon as I can escape these dwarfs' thought the Queen to herself.

The Queen continued to run until she got to the mountain's path and started to climb to the top. The Dwarfs followed in hot pursuit. None of them noticed the vultures or a red and white dot flying over them directly towards the mountain.


Candace had a not so nice landing on the top of the rocky mountain. She got up feeling more hurt then the time she was sent shooting out of a cannon at Phineas and Ferb's big top circus. She tried to stand up but felt very weak. She raised her keyblade and cast a spell.

"Heal!" shouted Candace.

A green aura appeared around her and she felt full of energy. She stood up and turned around to see that the Tarnshus launched her up to the top of a mountain. Then she heard a loud noise like something was climbing at a fast pace. She looked down to see not only The Queen and the dwarfs climbing up the side next to her but also the Tarnshus on her side climbing up at full speed up the mountain.

Candace was getting very angry. She hadn't felt this mad in a long time and she began to get a very weird feeling in her stomach, it was light though. How was she supposed to beat something that could cause the same amount of damage as her when they attack?

'Well at least the burn affect wore off, but what is this things weakness everything has one,' thought Candace.

The Tarnshus made it to the top just as it began to rain. Candace raised her Keyblade ready to fight when she noticed something weird. The scar was still on the Tarnshus.

'Wait a minute!' thought Candace as rain began to hit her face.

Candace aimed her keyblade at the Tarnshus and shouted, "Great Vacuum Canon!"

A powerful wind shot out of her keyblade and struck the Tarnshus and sent it flying. It hit some rocks and then got up feeling a little dazed. It then let out another powerful roar and sent Candace flying into rocks as well. Candace then stood up and cast a small cure spell on herself. After she was finished she saw the Tarnshus get ready to attack with its chain link. Candace just dodged.

'That's it!' thought Candace to herself.

'It can only copy attacks and it also can't heal itself after my attacks at all! All I have to do is avoided that roar and save my magic reserves' she thought.

Candace raised her keyblade and got ready to strike. Meanwhile on the cliff below them, The Queen made it to the top but was now trapped and the dwarfs were just about to catch up. The Vultures landed on a dead tree just above The Queen. Then The Queen saw a large boulder and a long stick and got an idea.

Candace charged at the Tarnshus and slashed at its eye. The Tarnshus cried in pain. Then it opened its mouth and roared but Candace was ready this time and quickly dodge it. The Tarnshus roared with rage and swung its chain link at Candace. Candace rolled out of the way and pointed her keyblade at the Tarnshus.

"Fire!" Candace shouted.

A ball of fire shot out of her keyblade and it hit the Tarnshus right in the face. Then the Tarnshus launched its roar of justice again and this time it hit Candace launching her back. She simply raised her keyblade and cast a heal spell on herself. She soon noticed the Tarnshus was painting it was on its last legs. She charged at the Tarnshus as it stood up on two legs and Candace slashed at its chest and the beast tumbled backwards towards the edge of the cliff.

Suddenly Candace heard someone say "lookout!"

She looked over the edge and saw The Queen about to move a boulder and try to crush the dwarfs. Then she heard another cry. This one was a monstrous roar. She looked and saw the Tarnshus fall off the cliff and as it fell, it slipped past the cliff The Queen was on and its chain link snagged the edge of it causing it to crack.

Suddenly, the cliff began to crack and it shattered not leaving enough room for The Queen and she soon fell down into the canyon below after the Tarnshus with the boulder falling after her. The Queen looked up and saw Candace as she was Falling and gave her an evil glare before the boulder crushed her and the Tarnshus. It soon rolled off leaving a sight to ghastly for the dwarfs and Candace to see. The Vultures just looked down with interest. Soon Candace turned around and walked away down to the path leading to the dwarf's cottage and the dwarfs followed her and the vultures circled down into the canyon ready for their dinner.

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1/21/13: I could have Candace go to lady and the tramp 2's world so Candace can learn about family, but I can't because I am already doing the Mulan world idea you gave me and for those who said I would only do two worlds I am lifting this rule to give Candace some decent KH clothing and also for KH2 to explain how Mulan became who she is in the future, so maybe instead I could do it 358/2 days and do Shrek as well. But if that happens I can only take one world Idea from you to be fair to everyone else so it is this or twilight princess in 358/2 days your call.

3/5/13 - 3/7/13: I will go with Higurashi Kagome outfit, but all the hairstyle's you keep on giving me for Candace I just can't see Candace in that hairstyle I now you want Candace to have short hair but I just can't see one that fits. Sorry

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