The letter looked official, a manila envelope, curved writing. It could only be from Amelie, I swallowed as I carefully picked mine up. There were three on the table, one for me, Shane and Eve. I hoped it wasn't something to horrific.

Carefully opening the envelope I pulled a thick sheet of paper out, it had a watermark that was Amelie's seal. I shivered as I opened and read it.

Dear Claire,

As you know there are to be certain changes within our town.

One of these changes affects all humans within the resident population.

Every human must have a protector vampire, who has chosen to protect said person.

This is not up for any negotiation, should you have an extreme problem then

You may contact me through the appropriate channels.


I carefully laid the sheet of paper on the table, and looked at the small envelope nestled inside the first. Taking a deep breath I pulled it open, hoping against hope it would be at least agreeable. Somehow.

Dear Claire,

This is your bracelet of which will bind you to your protector. Please put it on immediately,

Worry not over the sensation, for your is a most special contract, worry not.

Name of protector: Myrnin Conwy

Location: -

Age: -

I let out a slightly shocked breath, Myrnin was my new protector? I pulled out the bracelet and was surprised at it. It was gold, with his name emblazoned on it. Looking for a clasp, I couldn't find one. I wondered slightly about how the hell I was a) going to put it on and b) how I was going to tell Shane?

I was sure he'd go ballistic, but did I truthfully think that would classify as an extreme problem? No, besides it could be worse. Looking down at the cool bracelet in my hand I pulled it slightly, and it stretched, of course. Pulling it, like an elastic band, round my wrist, it settled and glowed red hot before cooling, I could feel it shrinking to fit my wrist before something pierced my skin.

I winced, looking at my wrist as a small bead of blood dropped from it onto the gold, which absorbed it before again burning white hot. I winced and looked at my wrist, before feeling something strange, like… almost like when I'd had those crystals, like I was being on cloud nine, in Myrnins mind when he'd brought me back. Too much, too much. Far too much…

It stopped, so suddenly. I blinked and it was done, it was fast, sure, but still, it hurt, like a dull ache inside of me. I could feel my heart beating, my mind racing without words. Falling backwards onto the wall I took deep breaths, trying to stop the spinning of my mind, and head. Nothing was blurry, I wasn't blind, but I couldn't see. My eyes were hurting, my head was aching…

I dimly felt my body hit the floor…


"Shush, you'll wake her."

"So what? Mike! I can't believe you didn't fight for her too!"

"Eve, shut up. Of course I tried to fight for her, but Amelie was adamant that an older vampire wanted her, and frankly I quite agree."

"Michael! How could you? What if it's Oliver? Or Worse…"

"It's not, can't you see her wrist? Myrnin is, and good for him, he can protect her."

"Michael, he was willing to leave her as bait for Magnus…"

"I know, but look, Eve, shush, he can protect her, people don't like Claire, for siding with us, and the other vamps won't dare bite her with his mark. I mean look at her, she'll be fine. She put the bracelet on."

"How do you know?"

"Because, that's the only way these bracelets work, by putting them on yourself, with no other help, you are accepting your protector."

"So, does that mean that you're mine, always?"

"Yes, Eve, and Shane too, just not in that way…"

Eve laughed and I felt her move from the perch on my bed to the door. I don't know why, I just did, and it was scary, really scary.


The canopy above my head was different, somehow. Were these sheets always this itchy? I wasn't sure, somehow.

"It's different for you, isn't it Claire?" my head whipped to the side and there he was. Not Shane, no, I knew that he hadn't been in my room in weeks, but Myrnin, casually sat on my bed, smiling, his maniac smile brighter, somehow.

"What do you mean?" I said, sitting up.

"I mean, everything feels slightly different, more intense…"

"No," I said almost automatically, what did he mean?

"Yes, Claire, yes."

"I don't understand." I said, and I saw him smile, his eyes glowing.

"This room is pitch black Claire, if Eve stepped in here, or Collins then they would be unable to see anything. You however are just looking at me,"

"What?" I said, my mind beginning to un-fog, slightly, He sighed,

"Claire, that bracelet is a connection to me, and I am a vampire. Because I am essentially brilliant, some of my brilliance has transmitted through the bracelet to mark you. Meaning you can now have some slight tendencies you didn't have already. Like better feeling, these sheets, cotton are they? They feel scratchy, everything brighter."

"So, I'm like some sort of vamp?" I said, blinking at him, he smiled, slightly.

"I suppose, except you do need both food and sleep, and no you needn't drink blood, unless you suddenly have a sudden burning desire to know what it tastes like." He smiled at the end, and took my hands in his own, they were freezing. "And, this also means your brain has been able to open itself more, meaning you are now, more intelligent, I suppose you could say."

"Really?" I said, not caring that his hands were inclosing mine, or that his chocolate eyes seemed alight in the dimness of the room.

"Yes, Claire. Now, sleep and when you wake again, say nothing of my visit, or your new found abilities." He smiled and suddenly he was by my window.


"We wouldn't want to aggravate young Mr. Collins any further, would we?" He said, chuckling darkly before disappearing out the window. I leaned back and felt myself begin to itch, making a mental note to think about new sheets I fell asleep, my mind filled with overly bright dreams, and the sound of his laugh.

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