Prologue: Zelgadis's Lover?! Kissing in the Garden of Injustice!

I don't believe it.

They . . . were kissing! In the garden, where anyone could see them!

Zelgadis-san and- and . . . oh, I can't even say it! It's too unfair!

They can't be in love, they just can't be! It doesn't make any sense! They're always fighting and teasing each other, and they never get along at all, just like . . . just like . . .

Just like Lina-san and Gourry-san have been since the day I met them. And I'm sure that they're in love- Lina chose Gourry over the fate of the entire world, and he followed her into the Sea of Chaos itself to get her back. So why can't Zelgadis-san and- and that person be in love, if they are? They have more in common than Lina and Gourry ever will.

Except . . . it's nice knowing that Lina-san and Gourry-san are in love, even if they won't admit it. It makes me happy when I see them together, two noble champions of justice poised against the rising sun as a blazing icon of passion and victory, warding off all would-be evildoers and wicked creatures with their glorious aura of love and righteousness!

But when I saw Zelgadis-san and that person together, I didn't feel happy at all. I felt sick and small inside, and petty and jealous. I don't want them to be together. I wanted Zelgadis to love me.

I am a princess! A true champion of justice! And that- that person is just a- a-!

Oh, it isn't fair! Why doesn't he love me? What did I do wrong?

. . .

It's not fair at all.

* ~ * ~ * End Prologue* ~ * ~ *

Author's Notes: And here we go . . .