A/N: This is my first fic. I absolutely love this movie. This will be a series of related one shots about mostly Cassie and Nick, and sometimes Kira, with occasional appearances from other characters as well. This first chapter takes place directly after the movie.

It's late. Like late late. Cassie is absolutely exhausted. Watching for any and every possible outcome will do that to you. Nick can barely move. Having psychic gun fights will do that to you. After somehow managing to half-drag Nick through Hong Kong for nearly half an hour, they manage to find a cab, and then after half-dragging Nick up a flight of stairs, they make it into his apartment, where it should be safe. For the moment at least.

Cassie drops Nick on the couch because she's not really sure he can make it to the bed. She chugs the last coke in his fridge and collapses on the floor in front of the couch.

Through the thin walls of the apartment, Cassie can hear Hong Kong breathe. During the day there are too many people, too much congestion, too much noise to be able to take in anything, but at night, it's like she can hear for miles. There are two drunken men shouting down the street. The television is on low in the next apartment and the occasional car passes on the busy street nearby. She can always feel the city best when it's asleep.

Cassie would love nothing more at this point than to join it, but she's not that lucky. Cassie can't sleep. She has other things to think about.

She'll stay with Nick, for a few days. Make sure the cuts and bruises have started to heal, and he can work his way around his apartment at least without limping excessively. She owes him that much. It's what comes after that Cassie's not so sure about.

The next step, naturally, should be to move on. After all what more was left? Kira kills Carver – she hasn't yet, but she will – Nick gets his girl, Cassie gets her syringe, and if all comes together like it should her mother back, and they beat the bad guy, so by all means, Cassie's free. For the first time in at least three years, maybe longer, she's not waiting – or looking - for something big, some defining moment to change her future, some mystery man who's lost a toothbrush and a father. For the first time in at least three years, maybe longer, she's not waiting – or looking, she's never really been sure which – for Nick. Something she can't quite put her finger on makes that sting. Something was different somehow now that he was real, something tangible.

Back when Nick was just an idea, a figment Cassie and her mother dreamed up, she never really imagined anything beyond the whole, save the psychics, free her mother thing. Why would she after all? It had always been Cassie and her mom, or just Cassie. And Cassie had done just fine. And now Nick's real, but the adventure is over and done. And that's just fine, but Cassie's a little stuck on where to go from here.

She is taken by surprise when suddenly; a gentle hand musses her hair from behind. She turns back to see Nick looking at her groggily.

"Get some sleep. We'll figure it out in the morning. I promise." With that sentiment, Nick rolls over and promptly falls back asleep.

Cassie takes his suggestion, slips off her boots, and her jacket, lies down in Nick's bed, and falls asleep with the tiniest of smiles on her face. Nick's right. They'll figure it out in the morning.