Chapter 3! Hopefully those of you who have read this are enjoying it. This takes place around the same time frame as the first chapter, right after the movie.

Also, because I forgot to when I posted my first two chapters, I do not own Push, or any of the characters.

It was easier than she had expected, getting him to blow his head off. She had been waiting for much more of a challenge. She was up against one of the most infamous Pushers in the world after all. She would have thought he'd have put up more of a fight, tried to break the Push, Pushed back maybe.

But, in the end, Carver was only a human after all. Kira had looked him in the eye, and with one sentence, reduced him to nothing more than a man who had spent much too long trying to be a god. She had to smile to herself, just a little, when she thought about what that made her. But she didn't have much time for that.

Now came the hard part. Kira was on a private jet headed straight for a landing strip right smack dab in the middle of the Division complex, where there would be ten to twenty agents waiting, fully expecting to greet Kira and a still very alive Carver upon their departure from the plane.

That didn't mean that Kira didn't have options. She already had the back story. Carver had handed it to her on a silver platter, complete with all the falsified paper work. She was an agent. Dazed and confused under the effects of an experimental drug, in her panicked state, she had escaped the complex. She woke up later, with limited and unclear memories, and doing the best she could to get away from what she thought was a potentially deadly group of people. She was so confused that she began to believe her own Push about Coney Island and ex-lovers, the same Push that she had foisted upon the one and only Nick Gant in order to get his help. She readily agreed to return when Carver finally caught up with her and helped her remember the truth.

It was going to be a bit of a stretch, but Kira was confident. After everything she'd done, she was sure an agent or twenty would be no problem, especially with the "psychic steroid" on her side. The Push wouldn't have to last long, just long enough.

She'd figure it out from there.