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Prompt by me :) Rachel and Puck meet each other when Santana (Rachel's best friend) begins to dates Brittany whose brother is Sam and is best friends with Noah Puckerman.

Romantic Pairings: Puckleberry, Quam and Brittana.

Chapter 1

"So I met someone," Santana told her best friend Rachel as the two lounged around in the middle of their lounge room,

"Really?" Rachel smiled, "What's her name?"

"Brittany and she's perfect Rachel, she's funny, sexy, sweet and caring... everything that I'm not so she's perfect," Santana gushed,

"You're plently perfect," Rachel reassured her, meaning every word she said, Santana was her best friend and like a sister to Rachel, "If you weren't our friendship," Rachel began pointing to her and then Santana, "Wouldn't be,"

"Ha ha Berry," Santana laughed dryly, "But seriously, I like her and I want you to meet her this Saturday," Santana rushed out nervously.

"I'd love to Santana, she needs to best friend tick of approval!" Rachel exclaimed and Santana just threw a cushion at her head.


"Puckerman I'm coming in you better be fucking clothed!" Sam warned his best friend, slowly opening Puck's bedroom door with his eyes clothes only to hear Puck laugh,

"I'm dressed dude," Puck grinned, "How can I help you this fine morning?" Puck asked sarcastically, knowing Sam hated when he interrupted his sleep,

"I need you to come with me and Quinn to meet Brittany's new girlfriend this Saturday," Sam said, not sitting on Puck's bed because god only knows what bodily fluid was on it,

"And why the fuck would I do that?" Puck asked and Sam sighed,

"Because I'm your best friend?" Sam replied lamely and Puck shook his head,

"Buddy I can't, with you, Quinn, Britt and her girl... I'll be a 5th wheel!"

"Santana's bringing a friend," Sam told him, "I've seen pictures, she hot and Jewish,"

Laying back on his bed, Puck looked up at the ceiling for a moment,

"You pay for my dinner and my all drinks," Puck told him,

"Deal, I don't want to be the only guy around four chicks man!" Sam said relieved that he wasn't going to be the only man at the dinner,

"Whatever, now fuck off m'tired!" Puck pouted, burying his head into his pillow,

"I'll see you at work tonight," Sam reminded him before leaving his best friend's room and then leaving Puck's apartment... But not before helping himself to some food in the fridge.


"Sanny!" Brittany smiled at her girlfriend when she saw that Santana and Rachel were already seated at the table that Saturday night.

"Baby," Santana grinned and stood up, hugging and pecking her girlfriend on the lips before smiling at the three other people Brittany had brought along,

"San this is my older brother Sam and his wife Quinn," Brittany began and Sam and Quinn both hugged Santana and waved to Rachel who was still sitting at the table with a small smile on her face, "And this is Sam's best friend Noah Puckerman, but call him Puck or else he'll get cranky," Brittany told the girls matter of factly making Santana and Rachel chuckle to themselves quietly.

"Nice to meet you all," Santana smiled before turning to Rachel, "And this beautiful woman is Rachel Berry, my best friend,"

"I'm here to give Brittany the stamp of approval," Rachel laughed and everyone smiled before taking their seats, Brittany sitting opposite Santana, Sam opposite Quinn and Rachel opposite Puck.


Once they had ordered dinner, the six went around the table, telling a little bit about themselves,

"I'm a lawyer, a fucking good one at that and just turned 23," Santana told the group proudly, she had been through a lot over the years, growing up in a poor family but now Santana made enough money to make sure her parents never struggled again.

"I'm 23 and I work at Puck and Sam's club as a bartender," Brittany smiled and Rachel looked over to a cocky looking Puck,

"You two own a club? What one?" Rachel asked Puck,

"'Trouty Mouth' near Central Park," Sam answered for Puck and Rachel giggled,

"Why is it called that?" Santana asked and Quinn smiled at her husband,

"During high school we used to call Sam 'Trouty Mouth' because of how huge his mouth is," Quinn told the girls and they both studied his mouth before letting out an 'oh',

"Totally a trouty mouth," Santana whispered to Rachel making Rachel crack up laughing which sent everyone at the table into laughter, Rachel's laugh was if nothing else, infectious.

"How old are you and Sam?" Santana asked the guys,

"Both 25," Puck replied and Rachel and Santana shared a look before Quinn told them that she was 24 and a photographer for Vogue magazine,

"That's amazing!" Rachel gushed, "I love that magazine, and the fashion is simply stunning!"

"What do you do Rach?" Quinn asked after telling Rachel that she could take her into work sometime which made Rachel literally get up off her seat and hug her,

"I'm a music teacher at the state elementary school near Juilliard, but I really want to be on Broadway one day," Rachel told the group,

"How long have you worked there?" Brittany asked,

"Um, a year, the kids I teach are only between the ages of 5 and 10 but they have so much talent they could probably give the collage kids a run for their money… but because they are from the poorer side of the fence, they probably will never get a chance to even step foot into that school. That's why I want to teach them everything I know about music and help them with their craft as much as possible. Even when I do get onto Broadway, I'll never stop helping those kids," Rachel told the group, smiling as she thought of the beautiful faces of the children she taught every day. "Oh and I'm 21," Rachel added.

"The baby," Santana laughed and Rachel poked her tongue out at her playfully,

After dinner, the group didn't want to go home so Puck suggested they head to the club Sam and Puck owned and the others agreed.


Sitting at a table watching Sam, Quinn, Brittany and Santana all dance, Rachel smiled at Puck when he sat next to her after getting some drinks (free of course) for them.

"So, you have a boyfriend?" Puck asked with a smirk on his face,

"Cocky aren't you?" Rachel laughed; "No I'm currently single," Rachel informed him looking at Santana and Brittany before back to Puck, "She's nice right? She's not going to hurt my San," Rachel asked Puck and Puck took her hand,

"Brittany couldn't hurt a fly even if she tried, Santana better not hurt her or you know, Quinn will probably go all smack down on her Latina ass," Puck joked and Rachel giggled.

"I haven't seen San this smitten in a very long time," Rachel confessed and Puck raised an eyebrow,

"What about you Miss Berry?"

"It's been a while too I guess, my ex… Finn Hudson, he proposed to me in high school, senior year, I said no and he dumped me,"

"Fuck that's been like, 3 years!" Puck exclaimed and Rachel nodded,

"I know but I guess I haven't found the perfect guy for me yet," Rachel shrugged off before telling Noah she was going to dance with Santana.

Watching her sweet ass as she walked away, Puck pushed down the voice in the back of his head telling him to be that perfect guy for her.


"What did you think of Brittany?" Santana asked Rachel the day after she had finally met the beautiful blonde,

"She seems perfect for you, she funny and sweet… a little slow but in a loveable way. I say she's perfect," Rachel replied honestly and Santana stood up and quickly hugged her,

"I am so fucking glad you like her!" Santana exclaimed,

"So am I," Rachel laughed, she had said it before and she'd say it again, she hated the girl Santana was with before Brittany, so to not just like but love Brittany after one meeting, Rachel was on top of the world,

"But I gotta ask… what's going on with you and Puck?" Santana grinned and Rachel blushed,

"Nothing," Rachel told her honestly and Santana gave Rachel her best 'Bitch Please,' look,

"Yeah and I'm straight," Santana retorted and Rachel giggled,

"He may have flirted with me at the club but, besides that nothing further happened." Rachel informed Santana,

"But you want it too?" Santana asked and Rachel shrugged,

"I'm single and young and, San come on you have eyes! But he's a player, he screams player, and you and I both know I am definitely a relationship girl," Rachel said to her best friend who already knew this was the case,

"Yeah I know Berry, maybe it's best if you didn't let him fuck you. Could throw off the group dynamic," Santana stated and even though Rachel was slightly offended, she had to agree.

She didn't want to ruin things for Santana and Brittany and if she and Noah did get involved, that could happen.


"Fancy seeing you here," Puck smirked at Rachel,

"Puck? What are you doing here?" Rachel asked as she looked up from the table she was sitting at, at her favourite café a few blocks down from the school where she worked at,

"This place has the best fucking coffee's and cakes in New York," Puck replied matter of factly, placing his food and drink onto the table and sat opposite Rachel, "But you probably already knew that," Puck laughed and Rachel nodded,

"San and I discovered this place not long after I moved here," Rachel informed Noah and he smiled,

"You never told me how you and Lopez met at dinner last week," Puck stated and Rachel blushed when she looked into his eyes,

The things this man made her feel with just a simple look was foreign to her,

"Well as you already know since you can do maths… I assume," Rachel smirked and Puck laughed before letting her continue, "Santana is two years older than me, I met her on my first day of high school. She was the beautiful head cheerleader and I was the freak in a small town of Lima, Ohio, with two gay dads, nobody expected us to be friends, for a long time I thought it was a prank or a bet, but when I was first slushied and Santana cleaned me up for going all 'Lima Heights' on the girls she called her friends for what they did to me, I knew that she was legit. You don't give up your popularity for someone you don't like," Rachel smiled to herself at the memory,

"You wouldn't," Puck agreed and Rachel hummed softly, "It's cool that you have two dads or whatever," Puck added,

"Yeah they're amazing, great parents…" Rachel smiled thinking of her dads back in Lima, "Where are you and Sam from?" Rachel asked,

"New York born and raised baby," Puck grinned and Rachel blush at the nickname he seemed to love calling her, "Better than growing up in Lima, Ohio," Puck laughed playfully and Rachel slapped his gently on the arm,

"Lima is plenty fine, San and I had a lot of fun in those halls once everything settled down with being labelled a loser, especially when I started dating Finn," Rachel told him getting quieter when she brought up Finn,

"Sam and I met during pre-school," Puck told Rachel sensing she was growing uncomfortable,

"Really?" Rachel asked perking up, thankful to Puck for the subject change,

"Yeah, I had made him eat sand the first time we met, still don't know how we even became friends," Puck grinned at the memory,

"Sand; really Noah?" Rachel scrunched her nose up in distaste before freezing when she used his given name and not his nickname like Brittany had advised her, "I'm so sorry," Rachel whispered and Puck shrugged his shoulders,

"It's alright I guess… you can call me Noah if you want," Puck mumbled and Rachel bit her lip,

"Thank you… Noah," Rachel whispered with a small smile on her beautiful face,

Puck didn't know what the weird feeling that he was currently having in his chest meant, but he kind of liked it.

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