Sasuke Potter

Summary: At the moment as Harry spend the last breath of live on a ironic laugh, took in a other world a different Sasuke his first breath of live. Fate was changed and destiny rewritten.

Warnings: OOC!Sasuke/Harry, maybe a bit of AU! Grammar errors! No regular update!

Pairings: None planned but free for suggestions

Chapter One: fast-forward to the first meeting

/ Old ruins in the mountains of Japan /

Harry laughed a hollow, breathless laugh. How stupid, how utterly stupid. This was the way he died? His laugher died abruptly and wet, bloody coughs left his mouth. He grimaced at the bitter, metallic taste. After all he was through, after all the things he survived... this was the way he dies?

How will the others react? Will Teddy be mad that he broke his promise, to be always be there for him? Will Malfoy laugh that haughty laugh of his? It wasn't as if it really matter, he did his job, his duty, his written fate.

He relaxed his body and the air around him became heavy, slowly his eyes closed. Sirius was right, dying was like falling asleep. How peaceful, after all this time, after all the stress, the fights and utter madness.

It was finally calm, peaceful. Numb.

Harry Potter died with an ironic smile on his lips.

/ Konohagakure, Uchiha compound, private clinic /

Mikoto breathed hard, why, oh why, did she decided to have another kid?

"Mikoto-sama, just a little bit, just breathe!" A overly enthusiastic young nurse encouraged.

The black haired woman suppressed a scream, and the young nurse could count herself lucky that that they took away her hidden weapons, or she would have been no more.

She knows, she knows all this, it was not her first birth and the boy outside the door, waiting together with his father, can attest to it. Her Husband, Fukagu, declined rather vehemently to be in the room, not after the pure terror he saw as she birthed Itachi. So he opted to wait outside in safety and took Itachi with him, would not have the boy being mentally scared for life. The young mother ignored the encouraging and screechy voice of the same young nurse as she felt, that it indeed was just a little bit. So she took one last deep breath and pushed.

Exhausted let she herself fall back on the bed. It was over, but her eyes snapped open, before she noticed that she closed them.

No scream. There was no scream!

When she birthed Itachi, he let out a rather high shrilly scream, it was a scream that only new born babys could produce. She opened her mouth, to be proven wrong, that he just missed the scream in her exhaustion and narrowed her eyes at the whispering nurses.

"What. Is. Wrong ?"

Her razor sharp voice cut into the clatter and the nurses nearly jumped at the low and dangerous voice. An older nurse, not the annoying young one, came to her with a still bundle. Dread and sorrow filled her. It couldn't be, her child couldn't be a stil-

To her surprise, smiled the old women softly and placed the small bundle into her arms. "It's a healthy baby boy, congratulations" She spoke softly and reassuringly to the young mother.

Mikoto eyes shifted at once to the small baby. It was quite, but clear -alive- dark eyes looked up to her. A relieved smile fell over her face. Her son was alive, he was alive, and that was the only thing that now counted.

"Mikoto?" a voice cut into her thoughts and she looked up to the worried face of her husband.

"I'm fine and the child is fine too" She reassured Fugaku and the Uchiha head let out a rare smile as he looked at his newborn son.

Mikoto blinked as she noticed Itachi, half hiding behind Fugaku's leg, in a rare display of shyness. She smiled and beckoned him closer, the small five year old tip topped and peered at his new baby brother.

"He's tiny" He stated with a frown.

"Well, you were this tiny once too." Mikoto answered with a smile, but shared a secretive smile with Fukagu, as Itachi didn't really paid mind to her and lifted his hand to poke the baby on the soft cheek. He couldn't believe that he was once small like that.

His black eyes widened as a small, tiny hand came to his finger and shoved it aside. He blinked, was he just now dismissed?

/ The months after the birth /

Sasuke, as the child was named, -in honor to Sarutobi Sasuke, who died protecting Konoha- was a quiet child. In fact, so quiet that the parents became concerned that there was something wrong with their child.

But he was healthy, the medics never found a reason for worry. His vocal chords weren't damaged, he did produce small sounds, not often and when he did then they were easy to miss. All in all was he a healthy baby boy.

After a year, came little Sasuke to blabber like every other child and the Uchiha household just chose to forget about it.

/ 6 years after the Kyuubi attack /

Sasuke let himself fall back on the porch and looked up to the twinkling stars at the night sky, he suppressed a scowl. They were mocking him, just like death was mocking him. He should have been death and have tea time with his parents in heaven or have a glaring contest with Riddle in hell. Not here, living a life in a strange country that was all wrong. He closed his eyes and grimaced. Shinobi, Ninja, he was in a world full of war, hate and killing. Now, he had his fair share of killings and violence, but that doesn't mean that he finds it okay.

He first thought, it was some kind of dream he hallucinated as he was dying, but he never woke up. Then he came to the idea that this was all a test, to see if he should go to hell or heaven. The old soul in the young body suppressed a mirthless laugh that would have surely even scared the block of ice what called itself his father.

Fukagu was a cold man, cynic with eyes always directed to a goal. He reminded him of Snape, the bitter man who lost his life because of one stupid decision, to become a death eater. Well, he couldn't really fault him, not after all the poor man was trough. His new mother on the other hand was like an angel. Always kind, always with a smile on her face, never stumped at how particular her youngest son behaved. Would have been his mother, his other one, Lily, be the same? He shook his head, to get rid of the bitterness, it does no good to dwell to much on the past.

But still, even if Fukagu had an stick up his ass, Harry could see that he loved his family. He was just the kind of person who was socially inept. Not that Harry had a say in it, hell, he was called crazy more than once.

Then there was Itachi, great and wonderful Itachi. What wouldn't have Harry given to have such a brother in his past life. It was nice, to be unconditionally loved, to be loved for just being born. He can see in Itachi a soul after his own, a pacifist, who had enough of war, but couldn't stop to fight because he saw it as his responsibility to fight for his family, for his honor, for all but himself. Yes, he was in that aspect just like Harry once was, but smarter, a genius even more so than Hermione and Dumbledore together.

A tired sigh escaped him. What should he do?

"Sasuke?" a familiar voice called to him and light, silent footsteps came to a halt besides him. Dark eyes opened and Harry -Sasuke- saw the concerned face of his brother peering down to him.

"Yes, nii-san?" He asked, the japanese leaving his mouth flawlessly and without an accent.

"Alright?" The older boy said and sat besides his younger brother on the porch.

Harry grinned at him. What a nice boy, yes, what wouldn't he given to have such a brother in his previous life.

"Yeah" He murmured softly and sat up, his eyes turning from his brother to the swimming petals in the pond.

"Bad day at the academy" The other boy stated after a while. Harry shook his head in denial.

"No, it was like always" That means fascinating, boring and horrifying that children at such young age are mentored in the art of killing. Not to mention the shrilly girls, how can people produce such sounds?

"So just thinking?"

"Just thinking" Harry agreed and the two fell down to a comfortably silence. Harry's eyes focused again on the stars, no, it didn't change, they were still mocking him. Laughing at him. His dark eyes closed. He let his head fall back and leaned back with his arms supporting him.

"Ne, Itachi ? " Harry spoke in the silence. Itachi didn't answered but he knew he had the attention of the other.

"Don't you think there is something wrong with this world?"

Itachi didn't answered for a moment, but Harry knew that he was surprised.

"What do you mean?"

Sasuke opened his eyes against and looked up to his brother.

" It's just..." He couldn't find words, why did he ask Itachi that in the first place? It's not like he himself is one to judge.

He smiled "I'm sorry, it's nothing. You're tired aren't you? Coming back from a mission and all" Sasuke changed the subject. He stoop up and stretched himself. Itachi just observed him with a neutral face.

"Good night" Harry said cheerily and ruffled the sitting teens hair and ran away before the after mentioned teen could do anything.

Said teen just observed with the tiniest bit of perplexity.

"Wrong, huh?" Itachi muttered into the night.

/ Some days after Uchiha Shisui's death /

Harry frowned as he walked slowly to his favorite place of the house, the porch before the pond, the one besides the Sakura tree. It's fishy, the whole situation was fishy. Shisui's dead, Itachi's apparent involvement. Heck, the whole Uchiha clan behaved suspicious. The worried and strained face of Mikoto, Fukagu was growing stiffer and stiffer, his face becoming more stoic as the day grows. Itachi's hidden sadness. Even the married couple from the bakery seem to be tense, like the rest of the clan.

He came to a halt besides the pond. Shisui, how did he die? The young Uchiha shook his head. No, the question is, why did he die? For what? Shisui didn't seem to be depressive on the contrary he had a strong will. Harry couldn't believe that the boy who taught him the first katas of the sword, would commit suicide, but he too could not believe that Itachi would just kill his friend. No, Itachi wasn't that kind of person. Maybe it was a decoy? A trap set for Itachi?

A sigh escaped him an he leaned back against the tree. Why is this family so complicated? His body slide down the three and he leaned his head back, bemoaning the fact that he never can have the thing called normal or peace. He didn't even blink when the pink petals fell down on his face as he looked up to the sky, not that he saw much of it, with his sight being hindered by the branches of the tree.

There were some small holes, were the blue sky shined trough and maybe if Harry just stretched his arms out, could he escape to the blue endlessness. A smile sad smile grew on his face, his arms will never be long enough to reach it.

The petals on his face, became annoying and he shook his head to get rid of them and looked down again. As Dumbledore once said, It doesn't do good to dwell on dreams. Maybe he should take this advice to heart, but on the other side, what is a person without dreams?

A snort escaped him, he deviated from the topic again.

Should he just try to take the straight and honest route and question his parents? He suppressed a chuckle, as if they would tell him, a seven nearly eight year old, something. No, they wouldn't trust him with sensitive information, he is just a child in their eyes, even if a particularly one, but the particularly bit is something that Harry brought to himself alone.

So why do they act like that?

His dark eyes closed. A familiar feeling of despair growing in him. Somehow, he doesn't think that this will end good.

/ The day of Itachi's last mission /

Harry speed up his pace. Miko - his mother- chastised he himself. He really should stop calling the Uchiha women with her name in his mind, he mind do it once out loud and he isn't ready for the awkwardness or discipline lessons that would follow that. Still, it somehow fells like betrayal to Lily Potter, the women who sacrificed herself for him. He shook his head again, his thoughts strayed again. Maybe he should take up meditation? It certainly helped him after the war, to help him with his jumpy attitude, where he nearly fried his friends, more than once. If he-

"Merlin's bloody beard!" A frustration sound escaped his lips. They strayed again? What was his original though anyway? Ah, right! His mother would be upset if he came late to dinner. He narrowed his eyes as he came to the quiet, to quiet, Uchiha compound. Is there some gathering he wasn't told of? Usually, while he can't participate in it, he was told of it, so that he doesn't go running off, or do something stupid. He furrowed his brows, there were no lights.

He grimaced as the familiar, stench of blood reached his nose. Dread settled in him. He again picked up his pace, trying to ignore the lifeless body's on the street and ran to the main house. Whatever happened, first he needed to see his parents.

/ Weeks after the Uchiha massacre /

Harry blinked and suppressed a yawn. He thought he was the childish one, but now seeing the adults fight over him, made his believe waver. The Hyuuga apparently wanted him as a branch-member, an other clan as a heir, and another as a trophy and so on. Really, it was all really annoying, his respect for the village organization was dropping and dropping. It was nearly as bad as the ministry with Fugde in the lead, he can count himself lucky that the Hokage -in contrary to the former minister- had a good head on his shoulder.

But back to the main problem. This is a land were you can become a trained killer when you're twelve or even younger. So why can't he just live alone?

His eyes strayed to the Hokage. Did the Sandaime think that he can't look after himself? Well, that's understandable, he was a kid that just lost his whole family to his own brother. A fact which still doesn't add up. It's true that his -Itachi's relationship with his parents, especially Fukagu was strained, but he would never kill them off and the reason is too laughable. To test his strength? Really, someone other, someone who didn't knew Itachi as good as him, might have believed him. Harry wasn't someone, he had philosophic debates with Itachi, and that on a regularly basis. He knew Itachi, better than anyone else and he was nearer to Itachi than to anyone else.

He clenched his hand to a fist. This farce went on to long.

"Ahem, excuse me?" He said to the colorful gathering. His voice wasn't particular loud, but it took the attention of all, if the rapid snapping of head was any indication. Apparently they hadn't expected him to speak up.


"Yes, Sasuke-kun?" The Hokage spoke, in that somewhat annoying grandfatherly voice that reminded him to much of Dumbledore.

"I understand that you're all concerned for me and all" yeah right " but why can't I just live alone?" He asked in to the round. The old man blinked surprised but remained quiet. The others weren't as quiet.

"You're just a kid!" A voice shouted.

"Your situation is very delicated, you need someone who looks after you." Another spoke.

Harry sighed, of course, why can't he grow up faster?

"I understand that you wouldn't want to replace your family, Sasuke-kun" The Hokage spoke again, trying to be reasonable, bless him, Harry might actually begin to like the man "but we can't just let you live alone"

"Why not?" Harry shot back, annoyed, really you can kill when you're not even in your teens, but living alone is forbidden? And here he thought, witches and wizards were the illogical ones.

"You're young and-"

"One of my classmates lives alone, doesn't he?" Well, Harry thinks he does, -the blonde with the pranks, Haruto or something- he isn't sure but based on the sour expressions, on the face of some of the assembled, was he right.

"His situation is special" The village head explained and glared at a man who opened his mouth to shout something undoubtedly rude.

"Maybe it is" Harry agreed with a nod, trying to be polite "but isn't mine too? Or are you going to tell me you have more murdering geniuses who killed their own family sans their younger brother?" Harry asked curiously.

The clan heads reared back in surprise, even Sarutobi took a double-take on the young boy who spoke so casually about the murder of his family and the young boy would have laughed at the whole incredulity of the situation if it wouldn't have been such a bitter and serious affair.

"...No" Sarutobi answered after a while. Thinking that maybe the rumors of the boy being a bit eccentric are true and not just exaggerations of the strict Uchihas.

"So what's the problem? In some years I will either way graduate from the Academy and become a genin which means emancipation for me as I'm now a orphan." Harry spoke into the still meeting room.

/ The new apartment /

Harrry chose not to remain in the Uchiha complex, a part of him -the sane one- couldn't live in the house were his family was murdered, not to mention the spooky-ness of the now deserted streets of the Uchiha compound. He never realized it, or really thought about it, but the Uchiha clan was rather isolated from the rest of the village.

Still Harry didn't decide to just move to a apartment in the middle of Konoha, no, he chose a building that was just outside of the Uchiha ground, but was still under the ownership of the Uchiha, which now fell solely on Harry. Harry was the only one living in it, the other apartments were empty and he liked it like that. He didn't want overly attached neighbors who meddle into his affairs.

It was now a month after massacre, most of the time was spend in the hospital recovering from the Tsukiyomi of Itachi and it was only now that Harry allowed himself to mourn. Tears sprang from his eyes as he looked down on his dinner, simple noddles.

He missed them, it was too quiet, sure their meals were usually silent but there way still the rustle of clothes and chopsticks, the small irritated mumbles of Fukagu about incompetent Shinobis, the secret, amused smiles of Mikoto or his silent communication with Itachis through their eyes.

It wasn't fair, it really wasn't fair, just when he got a family, an actual, real family, when he began to open up to them, to love them...

Tears began to fall on the cup of noddles, but Harry paid no mind to it. His whole body shook as choked sobs left him, his trembling hands formed to fists on the table. Why? Why? It hurt, why was it that people around him always die? Just as he thought that he got a second chance...

How mean, how pitiful, he was just pitiful.

/ Days later /

Harry walked with his head held high, because that was how a Uchiha apparently walked. Like an arrogant Malfoy, a shudder went trough his body. For all that he stopped hating the blond man and had some kind of peace pact after the war, didn't mean that he liked him or his family. Never, never will he end up like a Malfoy, arrogant with blind eyes and deaf ears. Harry had pride but never arrogance, he long ago gave up on arrogance.

The academy just ended and Harry took the long way to his apartment, thoughts plagued his mind. Which path should he walk? With him being a Uchiha, the only Uchiha left in Konoha, he really hadn't a chance to not involve himself with the Shinobi world.

He bit his lip, but could he really kill people? After a moment of thinking, came he to the decision that he could. He did it in his past life as Harry Potter. He dreamed about killing, to torture his enemies, to have revenge and to avenge.

Then there was still the possibility of him chosing to be a medic. Harry just isn't sure if he had the mental capacity to be a medic. Sure with his adult mind, he had a much better understanding than a child, but that will be in some years useless. But if he thinks about it, things seem to come easy to him, even with his adult mind. Could it be that he is smarter than he was? He frowned. No, not smarter, but maybe his personality changed?

Harry is pretty sure that he somehow reincarnated himself as Uchiha Sasuke, but why does he still have his memories? Is he Sasuke with the memories of Harry Potter or is he Harry in the body of Uchiha Sasuke?

A huff of breath left his mouth. How irritating, never can his life be normal. No, he can't life in a normal family, he can't be a normal kid. Special, different, freakish. He hated it. He can't even die normal.

A cry of pain and laughter filled his ears and Harry snapped out of his musings. He narrowed his eyes at the cluster of children. It's a familiar scene, a scene Harry often was confronted with or more like directly involved.

"Hokage, you?!" A voice mocked shrilly "You couldn't even find your way out of a kunai pouch!"

"..I...I prove you wrong! You will see I will become Hokage!" A familiar voice shouted from the ground.

Harry blinked, familiar? Why familiar? He looked around and frowned as none of the adults paid mind to it. No they purposely ignored them. Strange. His eyes became determined as the blonde on the ground was again kicked in the rips.

"Oy," He spoke as he came to a halt besides them "don't you thing that's enough." it came more out as a statement than a question and the kids turned their eyes on him.

One of the bigger kids snorted at him "It's none of your business, so clear off" Now, Harry wasn't someone who you could just easily dismiss, especially if your just a little kid.

"Ho, really? I don't think the Hokage will appreciate people ganging up on one" Harry spoke easily "He might call the ANBU"

Some of them looked worried, but the first kid who spoke to him wasn't deterred.

"As if he would believe you or the freak here one the ground" He sniveled childishly and Harry suppressed the rolling of his eyes.

"So you say that, I, a Uchiha, would lie?" He asked with fake seriousness, not that the brats noticed it, and they paled as they really looked at him. His clan may be dead, but their reputation still lived.

"Tch, we're going" The leader called and ran away, the others following him without a back glance.

Harry sighed and closed his eyes. Was he this childish once to? asked he himself and pinched his nose. He turned his attention to the boy at the ground.

"Hey, alright?" He asked and searched mentally for the name of the boy. It was Haruto, no Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto the prankster of the Village. Harry did applaud his work more than once, it reminded him of the Weasley Twins, just as fancy but never really hurtful, he never had the chance or time to speak with the blonde prankster.

The blonde boy looked at him with pure shook and just stared at him.

"Oy, dobe (1), cat got your tongue?" The insult left his mouth before he realized it and he could have cursed himself, he was never like that before. But it worked, the blonde snapped his mouth shut and glared at him.

"I'm no dobe, bastard" He bit back.

Sasuke blinked surprised weren't bully victims usually timid? He smiled apologetic and rubbed his head with a hand, feeling sheepish.

"Sorry, it just came out of me, didn't really mean it"

The boy on the ground was taken back and opened his mouth and closed it, as if he didn't know what to say, as if he couldn't believe that someone was apologizing to him, let alone helping him. Harry was painfully reminded of his time with the Dursleys, before the whole business with the magical world. Yes, if someone had helped him at that time, he too would have resembled a gaping fish.

He stretched out his arm.

"Uchiha Sasuke"

Naruto blinked at the hand, but a second later, formed his mouth to a radiant and blinding smile

"Uzumaki Naruto" He spoke and took the outstretched hand "The next Hokage, dattebayo!"

(1) dobe: 'dead last' or 'Idiot'

used it here as idiot, because I thought that just part of the trading insults between those two and I had no other idea how I should include it,(at the moment I have no intention to let Naruto become a dead last) call me lazy...-.- (and I'm sorry that I wrote it before as 'dope'...didn't notice it)

Author Note:

The next chapter will not be written as fast paced as this one. I just didn't want to write every little step of Sarry's or Harsuke's (Harry+Sasuke) life as a little kid, because it often bores the reader, so I did it in small snippets, but the next chapter will definitely be slower paced.

I may or may not have some flashbacks in some future chapter which shows the inner dynamics of Harsuke and his clan. I would be very happy over constructive critic and some tips, as it is one of my first storys and again apologize for the grammatical error, like many of you can guess, English is not my first language, so I suppose the smashed up sentence that I find okay, can be pretty horrendous for the native speaker.

If you have some wishes or ideas in which direction this story should go, then you're free to say, I'm up for suggestions. Like if Harsuke should have the Eternal Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan, Kusanagi or maybe a different sword, ideas for interaction between the characters ... etc.