Sasuke Potter

Summary: At the moment as Harry spend the last breath of live on a ironic laugh, took in a other world a different Sasuke his first breath of live. Fate was changed and destiny rewritten.

Warnings: OOC!Sasuke/Harry! maybe a bit of AU! Grammar errors! I mean really absurd grammar errors! No regular update!
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Chapter six : Shared joy is doubled joy

Harry didn't knew how long he lied on the ground, but when he composed himself and glanced outside, was it dark. The former hero didn't had the energy to stand up and remained lying on the hard floor.

He sighed blissfully.

What now? He could now activate the Sharingan, something that he will keep a secret. The norm for activating the Sharingan was around twelve, anyone who activated it before was named a prodigy or genius, like Itachi. Harry didn't want to deal with the attention it would gain -he was already called a genius and had enough attention as the 'last Uchiha'-, especially because his Sharingan was different from the normal one.

He would need to find some excuse for it, maybe a new bloodline from his mother? As far as he knew, she wasn't a Uchiha by blood.

He too would need to find out if this deathly hallow eye had the same side effect as the Mangekyo Sharingan. Harry didn't want to become blind, or worse, forced to wear glasses again. It was annoyingly enough in his past life, not to mention that it would hurt his pride as a Uchiha. No Uchiha should wear glasses.

He could activate it separately from his Mangekyo Sharingan, that means it wasn't the Mangekyo Sharingan but something on its own. So the side effect, if there was one, should be different. Hopefully.

Then there was still the question of why he had it. Especially that deathly hallow eye thing. So confusing.

He took a deep breath and released it slowly. Harry wasn't good at, well, thinking stuff, he always muddled up his thought, never thinking straight, but in a confusion mess that even he himself had problems following. Harry was more the follow-your-gut-slash-instinct-type, not the first-analyze-the-situation-then-act-type.

That never worked for him.

He blinked slowly, never worked for him. Yes, but the follow your instinct route didn't bring him the happy ending he wished for either. The former wizard bit his lip to suppress the urge to curse out loud. Didn't he get a second chance? Was this a second chance? Or just some humorous act of fate to entertain itself?

He sat slowly up, the high that he got from the magic like feeling from his chakra disappearing, leaving him tired and drained. He hung his head down.

It hurt, his sudden 'death' and then the death of his family here. He was all alone, again, with no one whom he could speak freely, tell them all without being judged. It hadn't hurt like that when he still had Mikoto, Fukagu, Itachi and the rest of the Uchiha clan, even if he couldn't speak with them about his life as 'Harry Potter' could he still pretend to be their son, brother. Relishing in love that only family could give.

[ [ [ [ [ [ 6 ] ] ] ] ] ]

Naruto stared worriedly at the head of his friend who sat before him. His black haired friend was leaning his head on his open palm, staring outside.

That was nothing new, Sasuke was most of the time, if not always since he knew him, bored in class and just listened halfheartedly to the lecture of the chuunin instructors, giving concurrence to Shikamaru.

It was the somewhat sad air around him, well, not really sad, but Naruto couldn't really describe it. There was just something so broken it the dark eyes of Uchiha Sasuke. An always constant glint, that told stories of something...deep.

He felt useless when Sasuke became like that. When Naruto felt down, the Uchiha always knew what to say, but he had no idea what to do... .Usually, Sasuke came back from alone from this periods of sadness and Naruto tried to play extra funny pranks, but it didn't seem to really work.

Naruto knew that Sasuke lost his whole family, he suppose it was something he, an orphan from birth, couldn't understand. So he refrained from speaking about it, he didn't want to hurt Sasuke with some tactless words, to make the usually calm face break more.

Naruto couldn't really describe his friend. When he first meet him, he hadn't the best opinion of the boy who looked down at him. Well, he didn't look down at him per se, he actually saved him from the bullies, not that Naruto needed help in the first place.


It was nice, a really nice feeling. People always ignored him, but the black haired boy even apologized to him. It wasn't a big apologize, it were really just some muttered words about something trivial, but they were sincere and it was the first time he remembered that someone apologized to him.

Naruto actually knew about him -Sasuke- beforehand, the talented boy, a genius, who didn't socialize with the rest of the class. Arrogant, that was the first thought he had of Uchiha Sasuke before he spoke to him that day. A bastard who doesn't need to work for his goals. Who had everything. Naruto supposed that he was a bit jealous of the 'perfect boy'.

Then he heard about the death of the Uchiha clan, some kind of really important clan of which Sasuke was part of. Sasuke was for a noticeable amount of time absent. When he came back, nothing changed.

The Uchiha boy looked like always.

Naruto was confused, wasn't family important? Shouldn't he have felt angry or sad because of the death of his family? Naruto was intrigued, he began to observe the other boy, noticing things he would have otherwise missed.

Sasuke was affected, he wasn't just some emotionless bastard. Naruto managed to catch him sometimes looking wistful in the distance with some kind of sad air around him.

Sasuke wasn't mean, there was never disdain in his eyes when he looked at others, sometimes annoyance but never hate, he actually even seemed amused when Naruto pulled some pranks. It fascinated Naruto when he manged to catch the boy outside the calm mask.

Still, when he began to hang out with Sasuke, he didn't think that the other boy would tolerate him, but Sasuke did. He never gave him the same expression the rest of the village did. At the beginning, it was more like that Sasuke just entertained him till Naruto lost interest in the black haired boy, but then he began to help Naruto, be it with the subjects from the academy or how you tell apart good and bad food.

A kind of friendship formed, well, it was more like Sasuke looking after him. Sasuke was awesome like that, he knew a lot of things, but that wasn't what made him awesome. What made him awesome, so much more than the Hokage or Iruka-sensei,was that he acted.

When he saw that Naruto didn't know how to tell the good and bad food apart, he showed him. When he saw that he didn't understood something, he explained it. When he thought that Naruto did something stupid, he admonished him and the list went on. And not once did Sasuke act that Naruto was stupid for not getting it, sure he sometimes joked about his idiocy but never scornfully, Naruto never felt really insulted. It was like he understood that no one told Naruto anything. The prankster never realize how much the cleaning of his bigger pranks cost the villagers.

Maybe it had something do to with Sasuke being a child like him and Iruka-sensei and Hokage-jiji being adults, but Naruto didn't think so, Sasuke acted most of the time like an... old man. He never saw him playing around, if it weren't for his appearance, then Naruto would have thought he dealt with an adult. He drank tea, sighed often and spoke like a person so much older.

It confused Naruto, but he took it in stride and now he couldn't see Sasuke without these strange quirks that made Sasuke, well, Sasuke.

Naruto sort of admired the other boy.

A shrilly shriek jerked him out of his thoughts and he suppressed a grin at the scene. His thoughts from before forgotten.

At the doorway was a fat-

"Chicken!" A girl screeched, pointing at the bird with wide eyes.

The chuunin instructor, who wasn't Iruka-sensei, blinked dumbly at the girl and opened his mouth to reprimand the girl.

"Sensei! Help!" Another girl screamed as she climbed up at the table and Naruto clamped a hand over his mouth to stop himself from laughing. They were afraid of a chicken, he gazed at the person before him and watched as Sasuke blinked bewildered at the chicken.

Some of the girls, or pretty much all, shrieked in panic as the chicken flopped it's wings up and down, obviously scared over the whole noise.

The teacher tried unsuccessful to calm the chaos down and Naruto grinned triumphantly, looking with pride at the brown chicken that had a bright, orange three painted on it.

"Say there are more chicken in the academy, aren't there?" Sasuke asked as he leaned back to him, not even trying to whispering, no one will hear them over the loud noise. His eyes never left the bird

Naruto shrugged, the grin never leaving his face.

"If there is one chicken with the number three painted on, it's that it only logically that there should be more. Why you ask? Because there should be at least two more with the numbers one and two or even more chickens loose in other classes" A voice stated in an even tone and Naruto blinked at the boy besides him. Black sunglasses and a high collared jacket. Wasn't it too hot in such clothes?

"Come, we should get out" Sasuke said as he stood up, grimacing at the loud noise of the room, but Naruto saw the hidden amusement. He followed without a word, dodging the panicked students and snickering as the instructor tried to catch the chicken without success.

On their way out dodged they even more students and some chickens that jumped around, trying to escape from the trained Ninja.

[ [ [ [ [ [ 6 ] ] ] ] ] ]

Shino stared, behind his sunglasses, dispassionate at the Academy building. A small group formed naturally around Naruto, the resident prankster.

"So how many chickens are there exactly?" Shikamaru asked in his usual drawled tone, leaning back against the tree. Naruto opened his mouth to answer but before he could say something, broke he out in giggles, which prompted Kiba to laugh with him, a loud bark like sound leaving his mouth.

"Well, I counted on our way out four, with the number one, four, five and six" Sasuke said, standing before the laughing duo.

"I saw one with the number three, but I'm not sure" Choji spoke up from where he sat on the swing, his face split by a wide grin.

"Ehmm, I-I counted f-five..." Hinata spoke shyly up, standing a bit from the rest of them away.

"So, we have six chickens running around" Shikamaru stated, his mouth twitching as he looked over the building and even Shino had a hard time suppressing the urge to laugh out loud, especially when he heard loud curses, that they definitely shouldn't hear at their age.

Meanwhile managed the loud duo to calm themselves down and where wishing away tears from their eyes.

"Who said something about six?" Naruto asked with a cheeky grin. The Nara frowned at him.

"Sasuke said he counted four with the numbers one, four, five and six, Choji saw one with the number three, that makes five, Hinata too said that there were five and ..." He trailed off, his eyes widening in what seemed like realization.

Kiba blinked at him. "Well, what now?" He demanded impatient, frowning at the Nara and Akamaru barked from his spot on the head of the Inuzuka in support.

Shino decided to speak up and clear up the confusion, well Kiba's confusion, the others seemed to get it. "There are only five chicken, with the numbers, one, three, four, five and six painted on them" He stated.

Kiba just stared at him, clearly still not getting it.

"There is no two, that means the teachers will now futilely search for a sixth chicken with the number two, but there is none" Sasuke explained patiently, shaking his head bemusedly.

The Inuzuka boy stared for a moment at the Uchiha, realization coloring his face and broke again down in laughter, Naruto joining him a second later. It was only a moment later that quiet, feminine giggles joined them and some seconds later was the rest of the group laughing, only he and Sasuke remained composed. Well, actually the Uchiha was quietly chuckling and even Shino couldn't prevent the twitch of his lips to a smile.

[ [ [ [ [ [ 6 ] ] ] ] ] ]

They weren't laughing anymore when Iruka-sensei came to a halt before them, frowning down sternly at Naruto.

"Naruto, that wasn't nice" He admonished and the blonde haired prankster pouted.

"How do you know it was me?" Naruto asked crossing his arms petulantly.

The chunnin Instructor lifted an eyebrow. "Really, Naruto? Your asking me that?" He inquired with an undertone of disbelief.

"Actually, it wasn't Naruto" A voice broke in.

Surprised, everybody turned to stare at Sasuke who spoke quietly up, and Shino blinked at the blatant lie. He hadn't expect that.

Iruka was too surprised, staring confused at the Uchiha.

"And why is that?"

"Well, such a prank would need a long preparation time," He began. "And Naruto was today and yesterday with me and I think I would have noticed when he would bring chickens to school" He stated dryly, without a sign of nervousness and the bug user was impressed, not only that he managed to spurt such a blunt lie but at his loyalty to Naruto.

The older shinobi opened his mouth to rebuff Sasuke but he didn't let him.

"Think about it, Naruto slept yesterday in my apartment and he ate yesterday with me lunch and today breakfast. That means he hadn't any time to bring the pieces of poultry to the academy." The Uchiha explained in an even tone that simply acknowledged the statement to be true.

Shino was again impressed, if he didn't knew better he would have believed him.

Iruka frowned.

"I understand that you want to defend your friend but-"

Sasuke snorted. "Please, I wouldn't stop him if he wanted to jump down from the monument. If he wants to end up as a pancake it's his decision and if he plays a prank it's his responsibility to not get caught."

That did it, Shino knew that Iruka-sensei now couldn't say anything more without accusing the Uchiha of lying (even if it was exactly what he did) and the chuunin realized it to as he sighed in defeat.

Actually, Shino noticed a general decline of the unfair treatment of Naruto. The bug user is not sure why exactly Naruto was threatened like that, his parents were unexpected tight lipped about it but since Naruto became friends with Sasuke, well, people now ignored him rather than accused him of something out of the blue and no teacher trust themselves to blame the boy in the presence of the Uchiha.

Even if Sasuke was a child, he was part of the Uchiha clan and it's without a question that he will become in the future a strong and needed ninja, so it would be unwise to antagonize him, it's something the children realized to and it's for that reason that Sasuke is mostly left alone.

Shino himself was one of the higher ranking clans, his parents would be indifferent if he antagonized the Uchiha. However, the smaller clans, not so known, not so important. Well, there was a reason so many girls practically hunted after Sasuke.

Why is that so? Because even after declination of the Uchiha population. Sasuke was still a Uchiha, he would, once he became a genin and with that of-age, become head of his clan and sure the members of the clan were lost but the libraries, the trainings ground, compound and so on was still there and all under the ownership of Uchiha Sasuke.

Still, Shino wouldn't trade places.

"Idiot" Sasuke commented offhandedly as Iruka went sulkily away. To Shino's surprise, Naruto didn't start shouting back insults but just sheepishly rubbed his head, staring with grateful eyes at his friends.

"That's nothing new now, isn't it?" Shikamaru said in a drawl and Naruto turned around staring accusingly at him.

"You're just jealous that you didn't think of such a prank!" He declared loudly and Shikamaru's eye twitched.

"I don't think anyone of us would come up with such an absurd idea" Sasuke muttered quietly.

"As if you had a say in that!" Naruto pointed his finger at the Uchiha. "You would have burned down the academy and believed it to be a prank!"

There was a small pause, then Uchiha smiled pleasantly at Naruto, his eyes shifting to crescent-moons as his mouth took in the form of a polite smile.

"Is that so?" He asked slowly, opening slowly his eyes with his mouth still in a parody of a smile. "That's saying the person who burned down my kitchen?"

The blonde gulped down hard, his face shifting nervously as he took some steps back from the group.

"You're still not over it? Come on that was an accident!" He said an undertone of panic in his voice.

"You were baking a cake!" Sasuke hissed, his face shifting to an angry glare.

"Naruto-kun burned down the kitchen when he was baking a cake?" Hinata muttered confusedly.

"Did it taste good?" Choji commented

"How did you manage that?" Shikamaru asked bewildered.

"You can bake?!" Kiba asked incredulous, his yelp overshadowing the questions of the others.

"He can't!/ I can!" Sasuke and Naruto declared at the same time.

Author Note:

I want to thank everybody who took the time to review and point out errors to me.

Hinata, someone pointed out that she didn't actually hate her father. I think I own an explanation, I try to make it short. Hinata is at the moment a nine year old girl who has high expectation on her, expectation that she couldn't fulfill. She fells bad about it and maybe even a bit resentful. Now, Hinata's a kind girl and she fells bad for feeling like that so she hates herself for thinking bad about her family. She doesn't hate her father, but she think she does and because of that she feels bad and that's what Sasuke/Harry pointed out. She first need to come to terms with herself, not like Naruto just storming right into trouble. But yeah, I suppose it was a bit bad explained and it's just my take.

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