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Chapter six: After all this time...

Harry hummed thoughtfully as his opponent moved the knight to the right side of the field. He was never really good at it, but after playing, Merlin knows how often, with Ron, he did become quite decent at the game.

So, being trashed by a twelve year old boy again,was quite a humiliation. He nearly pouted when he came to the realization that he lost, not matter what his next move would have been he will lose and the boy across him realized it to, if you pay attention to the satisfied glint in the dark brown eyes.

The Uchiha sighed and leaned back, when he first felt an desire to play chess of all things, he was disappointed in finding out that chess didn't exist here. They had shogi, interesting on its own but not that what Harry wanted. So when he began to build himself a board and figures, he couldn't believe that he needed such a short time and could it make so exact, bless the Sharingan.

Teaching Naruto, his to that time only friend or person he interacted much, was impossible. His blonde friend wasn't dumb, but he didn't had the patience for such thinks and no interest to boot.

"I resign" Harry mumbled out leaning back against his chair and the boy across him just nodded the satisfied glint melting to a smirk.

"That was kind of boring" The Nara commented, shifting his eyes from the board to the Uchiha. "You were not into it" He accused.

Harry remained silent,took the cup of tea besides the chessboard and tried not to grimace at the cold tea. He liked his tea hot or at least warm.

"Nervous about the academy exams?" Shikamaru asked with a drawl, leaning his elbows on the table. Harry just raised a brow at the unnecessary question.

"Or are you rather worried about how Naruto will do at them?" He said as he probed his head on his hand. Harry smirked wryly, the boy was always observant and perceptive, especially for someone so young.

The Uchiha looked out of the window. "Well, not really worried about how he will do. He will do just fine" He commented, looking at the Hokage monument. The serious looking stone heads never looked quiet as flashy and colorful as now.

Shikamaru followed his gaze and chuckled faintly.

"I'm more worried how the village will look like at the end of the week" Harry stated dryly. Why no one stopped Naruto before he painted the whole monument, Harry had no idea. Normally he wouldn't approve of a prank were Naruto will get caught immediately, but it wasn't like it was hurtful and Naruto was lately rather nervous and anxious over the exams to become a genin, he apparently doubted that they would let him pass.

A ridiculous notion. The blonde could do the Bunshin no Jutsu, he mastered tree climbing, was on his way to master water walking, hell, he could even do some of the simpler katon-jutsus of the Uchiha clan -something Harry was especially carefully with, Naruto had the tendency to overpower them- and he was good enough on the writing part, it wasn't like that it was overly hard. And of course there was still that invented jutsu from him, he could only think back with sympathy at Iruka and the Hokage, who were victim number one.

Still, his friend remained stubbornly tense and became practically deaf to all the assurances Harry told him. So if that loosened him up, then he was free to do it, Harry had enough headaches for now.

He sipped on his tea, should he go over there and help Naruto out?

"How about another round, the loser will pay the tea and snacks?" The lazy boy suggested. Harry blinked, Iruka can take care of the blonde couldn't he?

He nodded and called the tea shop owner for a new fill of tea.

[ 7 ]

"How do you think will the teams be formed?" Sasuke asked him as they set up the figures. Shikamaru blinked at him but turned his attention back to the board.

"That's kind of simple isn't it?" He drawled out, beginning his move. Chess, that's how Sasuke called it. He was at first skeptical, especially as the Uchiha told him that he didn't knew all rules, but over time he grew to like it, he even began to play shogi because of it. Unfortunately Sasuke wasn't all that interested in shogi, and most of the time showed it in his plays, they played it sometimes, but they both decided that they should rather play chess together.

He frowned as Sasuke moved his Bishop.

"It's clear that I will be with Choji and Ino, building the Ino-Shika-Cho team, like our parents" The Nara explained, hearing with half a ear the complains of the villagers outside the window. For all that he found the whole energetic energy of Naruto annoying, were his pranks usually, when not too childish, pretty amusing.

"Then we would have a team of Kiba, Shino and Hinata" He said to the Uchiha, his mouth turned down in concentration as his opponent moved the rock in a suicide move.

"A tracking team" He elaborated, seeing Sasuke's raised brow. "Hinata with her Byagugan, Kiba with Akamaru and Shino with his kikai bugs"

Shikamaru suppressed a glare at the board and stared annoyingly at Sasuke,who was calmly sipping his tea. He never met a person, sans old people, who were that obsessed over that beverage.

"Then there would be the team you will be one" The Nara began, trying to find a way out of the dead end, there must be a way without sacrificing his queen.

"It would be consist of you, Naruto and that Sakura girl" Smirking triumphantly as not his but Sasuke's queen was beaten.

"You and Naruto are simple, you two are best friends and your teamwork is without a question nearly perfect" He informed, rubbing his chin in thought. "Sakura has the highest grades in the academic part, Naruto is just about average in it, maybe even a bit under it, and you are best in taijutsu." Shikamaru crossed his arms and leaned back.

"You will balance yourself out, well, that's the theory" He mumbled out, thinking about the obsession Sakura, or rather most girls, had with Sasuke. He stopped counting how often he witnessed Sasuke hiding from the group of girls or using his blonde friend as a distraction to sneak away unnoticed.

"It's self explanatory why the teams are build like that and even a idiot would notice it"

Sasuke hummed as an answer. "What about the rest?" He asked, his eyes glinting in amusement as he moved his figure, moving a different figure than Shikamaru calculated he would.

"That's not really significant" The brown haired boy stated. "It would surprising if some of them manages to pass. The percentage of people who pass the academy exams and become genin is variable, but most of the time more people quite the Shinobi way or are going back to the academy than becoming genin" He explained further, brows creased in concentration. "Last year, for example, over twenty passed the exams, but only one team remained as a genin team, the others went back to the academy or quit."

Shikamaru stifled a yawn, more out of habit than real tiredness or boredom. The Uchiha, over the years, always asked him such questions, questions to which Sasuke actually knew the answers, so that it was really pointless but Shikamaru could see that it helped him with his observations and it made him realize that not everybody could notice things as fast as him and connect them appropriate.

He was just not sure if Sasuke did it intentional, or for some other reason. The last Uchiha per se, confused him. Is that how a heir of the most powerful clan of Konoha behaved? It could be because of the trauma of the massacre, he actually asked his father about it and was aghast when he found out that Sasuke's own brother did it. He never brought it up, realizing, even as a kid, that it's not something you could just talk about.

The other boy was a enigma, a puzzle that Shikamaru couldn't decipher. The Nara pretty much didn't care much for his classmates outside their little group. He only interacted with Choji on a regulare basis and sometimes played with the other kids or was tortured with Ino's screeching.

Sasuke interacted even less, understandable. The Uchiha clan was an important clan, with high standards, Shikamaru didn't even want to think through what hell Sasuke went through in his earlier years. He was just relieved that his own parents were a bit laxer with his clan duties and gave him time to sleep, usually only thanks to his equally lazy father.

Still, once you became friends with Sasuke, he was a reliable ally and an interesting person to have around and where Sasuke was, was usually Naruto not far away.

He was amused over the mishmash duo, but he could see that they had the same strong bond that he and Choji had.

They became a small group, trained together (something which Shikamaru always tried to skip, but his friends were rather attentive and persuasive), played together, skipped together or just spent some time outside of the academy together. It was only a question of time till other kids joined.

Hinata was the first. Sasuke apparently trained with her, but outside of that they didn't interact much. Well, till Hinata found the courage. Shikamaru was at first skeptical, but Hinata was a quiet girl and thoughtful, she didn't scream and screeched like the other girls he knew. She wasn't troublesome.

Then came Shino and Kiba, pretty much in the same time. Shino joined because he was intrigued, but Shikamaru was glad for him, he was one of the few people who could shut down Kiba.

Kiba was just naturally a open person and clashed more often than not with Naruto because they were so alike.

It was like a chain reaction.

Ino sometimes joined, but Sasuke was still cautious around her. After all this time, he now didn't avoid her now actively, but Shikamaru could see that her infatuation with him annoyed him greatly, to put it nicely.

The other kids usually held distance, especially the children from the civilian families. The Nara couldn't really fault them, everybody from their group, sans Naruto but he was pretty much an adopted Uchiha by Sasuke, was from a prominent clan. It must be quite intimidating to them.

He sighed, so troublesome.

"That's harsh" Sasuke commented but without accusation an his take of his classmates.

"Life is harsh and annoying and troublesome" Shikamaru answered, one should never forget troublesome.

Sasuke smiled ruefully. "I suppose it is but it's that what makes the joyful moments stand out in a bright contrast against the gray background." He spoke rather philosophically. "Really, if you only think about the troublesome aspects of life you won't get forwards"

Shikamaru snorted. "We are trained to be weapons, we are weapons, our missions and our duty to the Hokage is the only thing we should think about."

His friend gave him a wistful smile, eyes growing distant. "But at the end, we are not weapons, Shikamaru. We all have feelings, and isn't the prospect of having a responsibility that makes us humans? Kings can only use us as weapons because we allow it "

"Shinobis have loyalty and they give it to the people they acknowledge, because even the best weapon can become an useless rock in the hands of the unqualified and a rock the greatest asset in the hand of a King."

[ 7 ]

The moonlight illuminated the room in a sift light and Harry released a yawn, leaning back on the couch, his back against the armrest. His black haori was used as a blanket as he was outright to lazy to get one from the bedroom. He shifted a bit and went back to reading the book in his hands.

For all that he grew accustomed to Naruto's loudness and the rest of his friends craziness, cherished he this quiet and peaceful moments. Actually, Harry didn't see Naruto for the most day, he just visited him shorty when Naruto cleaned up the hokage monument, but other than that, was the boy away.

The exam was tomorrow, should he maybe go to the apartment next door and check if Naruto was alright? He sighed softly and concentrated back on the book, it would not bring anything to mother-hen the boy all the time.

Just when he was about to relax fully, heard he his window clatter and he looked up as it was opened.

"Heh, so you're the Uchiha brat, Ibiki was talking about" A women spoke and Harry sat upright as he took in the women. She was a shinobi, in a brown coat and rather revealing clothes and she seemed to be a acquaintance of 'Moody's reincarnation'.

"What do you want?" He asked, polite enough but not without a warning.

The women grinned at him. "Relax, relax, I come in orders of Hokage-sama. Uzumaki Naruto, is he with you?" She asked him, not moving from her crouched position at the window.

Immediately, Harry overcame a bad feeling. "No, what happened?" He asked, closing the book and standing up.

She grimaced. "Well, your little friend stole a forbidden scroll, have you an idea where he could be? If so then search for him" She ordered and after a quick glance around the room vanished without waiting for another word.

Harry closed slowly his eyes and when he opened them again let he out a string of curses, grabbed his haori and jumped out of the open window.

Yes, how he loved quiet moments, especially when they became so rare.

With muttered curses under his breath jumped he atop a high building and looked around, where could Naruto be? He began to check outside the academy, on the playground, on the Uchiha's training ground. Suddenly remembering that he didn't check the blond's apartment went he back but was miffed to see that the boy wasn't there.

He then proceeded to check in the corner of the forest where they used to train sometimes. Coming to a land on the Hokage monumental, he sighed. He meet some rather angry shinobis who were searching for Naruto. Really, what was the boy thinking? Stealing a forbidden scroll?

He slid his eyes over the village. It wasn't very big, well for him who grew up, in another life, in London, but there were only few hiding places, so Naruto must be somewhere in the forest.

Suddenly, Harry tensed, feeling something menacing. He narrowed his eyes, concentrating from where it came but couldn't make it out.

He released a slow breath, no panic, he needed to remain calm.

With now practiced ease activated he his sharingan. He even managed to have it nearly in its complete form, with three tomoes in the right and two in he left. His left eye was strange like that, it wasn't only green but even the flow of the chakra was different. Harry learned to cope with it.

Once again, Harry swooped his eyes around the village and immediately noticed a large chakra concentration in the edge of the forest. There it was, Naruto's unique chakra. Without losing time sprinted he into the direction.

Nearly soundless landed he on a tree and the first thing he noticed was the coppery smell of blood. He crouched down and looked through the leaves and blinked a bit stunned.

Wasn't that Mizuki? One of the Chuunin instructors?

The light blue haired man lied on the ground, some of his limps bent in awkward angles and his face reminded Harry of a battle field.

Still cautious, remained he hidden even as he heard the exhausted voices of Naruto and Iruka. It was only after Sasuke was absolutely sure that there was no danger that he jumped down, catching the attention of the two.

He turned around and raised an eyebrow, staring with a neutral expression at the two. His sharingan was already deactivated and he checked first Naruto for injuries after he found no serious on him, turned he to Iruka and hid a grimace, that must be painful.

Naruto stared sheepishly at him, but jerked back to Iruka as the chuunin lost unconscious and fell to the side.

Harry closed his eyes for a moment.

Maybe he should have mother-hen-ed Naruto all the time.

[ 7 ]

"So, already knew about...the fox?" Naruto asked quietly as they walked back from the hospital. The injuries on Iruka weren't life threatening and by tomorrow he will be up again.

They were hours in there, negotiating but in the end the Hokage decided that the incident will overlooked as Naruto didn't know that Mizuka was a traitor and he actually stopped him.

Harry nodded.

"Yes, it wasn't that hard to find out. People like to gossip" He gave a verbal answer and Naruto remained quiet, pondering.

"You are okay with it?" He then asked and Harry blinked at him.

"If I wasn't, wouldn't I have left when I found out?"

Naruto actually blushed and turned his face away, muttering under his breath.

Harry sighed. "Say, aren't you angry at me that I didn't told you?"

The kyuubi container stared at him for a moment a serious expression on his face that made him look rather childish.

"You must have had a reason that you didn't tell me 'ttebayo" And his tone of voice just didn't let free room for another argument. There was no accusation, nothing, just a soft acceptance. It sometimes baffled Harry, how much the boy trust him, how forgiving the boy was.

Harry respected that and because of that he didn't ask why Naruto stole the scroll and didn't come to him.

Suddenly Naruto laughed aloud and Harry turned confused to him.

"I just noticed that Iruka already passed me, so I don't have to take the exam tomorrow" He explained as he saw his questioning expression, laughing smugly, already over the incident.

The Uchiha could only chuckle weakly. Really, he wished he had such energy, such a positive outlook and as Naruto launched in a adventurous and totally exaggerated story of his battle against Mizuki, he thought, that maybe there were some things he could learn from Naruto.

[ 7 ]

Naruto stared at dread at his papers and Harry suppressed a laugh. No, his friend wasn't of the hook. Naruto needed to take the exam just like everyone else and really, it wasn't that funny, but Naruto's absolutely crushed expression together with the wide horror filled eyes as the blond stared at the paper was amusing, to say at least.

With a head-shake went he back to the test. It really wasn't that difficult.

Name all the preceding Hokages and their accomplishes.

For what is the Bunshin no Jutsu used?

What are the different ranks of the shinobi system?

From what kind of material are shuriken and kunais made?

In what situation is it allowed to abandon a mission?

If you threw a kunai from a 15m distance at a target with a east wind of 5 km per hour. How must you have thrown the kunai to hit the target?

. . . and so one.

Harry could see that Naruto would have problems with some of the questions but that deficit he could easily make up with the practical part. Especially now, because he could do the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

He let his gaze wander and was surprised that Shikamaru was already sleeping, did he actually even read the questions? Some furious scribblings stole his attention and he looked at a pink haired girl. It was the girl that Shikamaru prophesied would become his new teammate, an involuntary shudder ripped through him.

That girl was outright vicious in the pursuit of him. Even Ginny, when she was still fan-crushing on him, wasn't like that. Still, if they really became teammates then they would need to get along. However Harry doesn't want to spent his time with a rabid fangirl, he couldn't use Naruto always as a shield.

Maybe he wouldn't even need to come up with some grand plan.

Ino quietened down after he spent some time with her and now they could talk to each other without having the blond girl jump at him or falling in some kind of daze. It was something he was forever grateful to Shikamaru, who actually took pity and spoke with Ino, about what exactly they spoke, Harry didn't know, but it obviously helped because the girl stopped stalking him.

He shook his head and went back to the test. Those who finished earlier where allowed to leave as there was a hourly break between the written and practical part. Maybe he would have enough time to enjoy a nice of cup of tea in his favorite tea shop.

At the end, Harry hadn't enough time and he refrained from making the same crushed expression Naruto had planted on his face just hours ago. Almost absently minded went he to the exam room as his name was called and made the requested bunshin and minutes later was he allowed to leave with a new shiny headband.

He nodded encouragingly at Hinata who was next and exchanged a grin with Naruto. The blond would without a question exaggerate the task and maybe he should have too, just to see the dumbfounded expressions of the examiners.

The rest of the day was spent celebrating, as Naruto passed, even with a rather horrendous mark in the written part. They were celebrating, the way Naruto celebrates, eating ramen at Ichiraku's.

With an amused shake listened he absently as Naruto told Teuchi and Ayame (Harry learned over time their names) how he awed the examiners with his breathtaking and completely awesome performance.

Simple and without useless and false innuendos said, Naruto just produced a dozen Kage Bunshin clones who made indecent grimaces at the examiners.

Some part of Harry was proud, the rest just plainly exasperated by the boy he called friend. There was some foot shuffling behind him and Harry didn't need to turn around to know who it was.

"Hello, Naruto, Sasuke, congratulation to your pass" He spoke kindly and laughed as Naruto shouted out a greeting. He was still a bit pale but not anything that would call attention but the way he moved just screamed injured, the bandages just emphasized it.

"Ne, Iruka-sensei, when you said the day before that I pass, you lied!" Naruto accused him with an evil eye when the Chuunin sat down and Iruka rubbed sheepishly his head.

"Ah well, but you passed anyway"

The newly appointed Genin sniffed haughty and turned to his food, which prompted Iruka to laugh.

"Hey, come on, you know I meant it sincerely. I think you're on a good way to became a great ninja" Iruka assured the still pouting boy. Iruka released a breath and shared a glance with Harry.

"How about I treat you to ramen?" The shinobi offered and had no time to rethink it as Naruto rounded him with a big, blinding grin.

"You have a deal Iruka-sensei!" He shouted happily. "And of course I will become the greatest Ninja ever. I will be Hokage, dattebay o!"

Harry smiled, the future didn't look so bleak.

[ 7 ]

The future looked bleak, decided Harry as he shifted away from the swooning pinkette. Shikamaru, that damn lazy genius, was right. He ended up with the fan-girl, well at lest he still had Naruto, but Naruto wasn't that big of a help with the Sakura girl.

He had a rather ridiculous crush on her, Harry suppose he couldn't judge him, not really, not after his rather wet first kiss, and with wet he meant not in the good wet way but rather literally wet. However, opposites to Sakura, behaved Cho rather nice to him, if he remembered correctly, that is.

If there was someone at whom Naruto should have a crush, then it's Hinata. Poor girl, Naruto was practically blind to her affection for him. The thought about the Hyuuga made him scowl, why couldn't she be in Team 7? She was a good sparring partner and she hadn't a massive crush on him. Hinata had a crush on Naruto but she didn't behave like some rapid fan-girl. Kiba and Shino could deal with Sakura just fine.

With somewhat dry bemusement watched he was Naruto put an eraser on top of the door. All the while, muttering to himself about stupid, late Jonin.

"What are you doing?" Sakura demanded, turning her attention from him and Harry sighed soundlessly in relief.

"That will teach him not to be late" Naruto exclaimed, sounding annoyed.

"All the others already left and Kiba was laughing at me" He mumbled under his breath and Harry reckoned that Kiba would need to look out in the future what he ate. Naruto took a liking to mix disgusting but not poisonous thing with the Inuzuka's food. It was actually quite an accomplishment as he found a way to trick the dog-boy's nose, without changing the taste.

The pink girl stared at him in disbelieve. "A Jonin would never fall for such a dumb prank" She said and Harry actually agreed. Naruto should have known that already.

He turned to the door when he heard some rustling and could only blink stupidly as the eraser fell down on a mob of gray hair. Harry stared at the man and twitched. People told his hair was messy, but you can't judge a book by its cover, he heard that some of the Jonins were rather eccentric, but that was what you get if you survive a war.

"My first impression of you is, I don't like you at all" The man, Hatake Kakashi, spoke. Effortlessly shutting up Naruto who was giggling to himself.

"Sensei?" Sakura spoke hesitantly and clearly dumbfounded. The shinobi grinned behind his mask, sweeping his eyes around the room. From Harry, who was sitting on the desk to Naruto who was glaring confused at the sensei.

[ 7 ]

Minutes later, the new founded team was at the rooftop of the academy building, sitting on some stair as Kakashi stared at them from the railing.

"Well, how about you introduce yourself?" Kakashi began. "About your likes and dislikes. Your dreams for the future and so one"

Harry starred at the Jonin, he clearly didn't look as if he wanted to teach. So why was he here?

"Ne,ne, Why don't you introduce yourself to us first?" Naruto spoke up, his annoyance fading away.

"Hmm, me?" Kakashi asked. "Oh, well, I'm Hatake Kakashi...I have no desire to tell you my likes and dislikes... . Dreams for the future...hmm...and I have lots of hobbies." He introduced himself without telling him more than his name and Harry narrowed his eyes. He really didn't seem to like teaching, will they really be alright with him?

"All he told us was his name" Sakura muttered to them.

"Now, how about you?"

Naruto grinned. "Yosh, I begin then. I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I like ramen. What I like even more is if Iruka-sensei or Sasuke pay for the ramen. What I dislike is when Sasuke's forbidding me to eat ramen" Here he looked a bit sullenly to said boy, but he brightened up on his next words.

"My hobbies are pranks and spending time with my friends" He told cheerfully. "And my dream is it to surpass the Hokage and have the people of the village acknowledge me!"

Harry's lip twitched, but he chose not to comment. From one point it was rather amusing but on the other side. Acknowledgment, it shouldn't have been something that Naruto needed to fight for. In his opinion, Naruto shouldn't even waste his time with most of the villagers, he told the boy so but Naruto had his own thoughts on that matter.

"Next" Kakashi said without fanfare and Harry overcame a evil thoughts.

He put his elbows on his knees and crossed his fingers before his chin. Narrowing his eyes, looked he like the average, misunderstood, broodily teenager. He had enough practice in the past to perfect it.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are lots of things I dislike and I don't really like anything" He spoke, lowering his voice a bit to sound ominously but without overdoing it. He could see Naruto blink at him from his eye corner.

"I can't really call it a dream but I have one ambition." He said and his eyes darkened as he tilted his head a bit forward so that some of his locks fell into his face, shadowing his face. "The resurrection of my clan kill a certain man" He finished glaring at air and then looked serious into the eyes of his new sensei.

There was heavy silence and the a breeze traveled through the rooftop. Harry suppressed a wince as one of his raven tresses pocked him in the eye and concentrated instead on the smug feeling as he noticed that Kakashi bought his little message.

Without a warning, even before Naruto had the chance to voice his confusion, barked he a laugh, sounding similar to his late godfather. He managed to startle everybody and even made Sakura jump in fright.

Still chuckling, rested he his head on his hand. A feeling of smugness overcame he as he saw the obvious surprise if not outright astonishment in the lone eyes of the Jonin. Yes, he liked that look much better than the lazy, bored look of before.

Naruto released a breath. "You know that wasn't funny, you bastard!" He admonished and wasn't that an accomplishment as well? To have Naruto admonish him? "I always knew that you had a sick sense of humor" The boy complained but the slight twitch of his lips gave him away.

"Sorry,sorry" Harry said easily, waving the concerns away. "Couldn't resist" He explained, smirking amused.

Sakura gathered her wits and sat down again, looking nervously at her love interest.

" don't want to really kill a man, do you?" She asked hesitantly.

The Uchiha shook his head. "At the moment not, just give him a hearty punch"

"You should give him more than a punch" Naruto muttered, already knowing the story since a long time.

"How about a serious introduction then?" Kakashi asked, his eyes having gained back their lazy stare and Harry sighed. He suppose he should, but he saw no reason if even their sensei didn't take it seriously.

"Well, I don't think it's necessary to repeat my name. I like tea. What I like more if it's someone other paying for it. What I dislike if I don't have time to drink tea. My hobbies are to stop Naruto from getting in trouble, or getting killed, or making something stupid. Well it's more like a life mission of babysitting than anything else" He mused and ignored the blond's indignant shout. "My dream is, well, I don't have a particular one at the moment. Just to live to my fullest and protect those near to me" He then hummed thoughtfully. "And of course I don't have any plans to resurrect my clan. A bit young to think about such things" Harry added absently minded but with a smirk like grin on his face.

He choose to ignore how Kakashi's eyes narrowed at his words, just like they did with Naruto's. Harry would find out later if the man was more harm than good.

"Ok and the last"

Sakura blushed prettily. "My name is Haruno Sakura. The thing I like is, well..The person I like is..."She said while stealing glances at Harry, who after years and years of this madness learned to ignore it, even if it did annoy him. "And um my dream for the future is..." She trailed of, looking for a moment in thoughts but then she yelled. "Oh Yeah!"

Harry chose not to think about it. It would be better for his sanity.

"What I dislike is Naruto" She said shooting the demon container a dark look, making him tear up. Harry pinched his nose and even Kakashi looked a bit exasperated. If it goes on like this then the girl will be useless cannon fodder.

"Uhmm, Well, If I tell you guy this, then you will freak out" Kakashi said, copying Harry's ominous voice. In his opinion, not even managing it half as good as he had.

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