Just a small notice:

No, regrettably, this isn't an update but, before you take out your torched and pitchforks, hear me out ( then you can still decide if its worth)

I decided to rewrite/revise Sasuke Potter, simply because I don't feel any motivation writing it as it is and because I grew quite dissatisfied with it -not to mention a bit demotivated with Naruto, the recent Manga Chapters and all that...ah, well...-

There won't be many changes; mostly it is just to get my mind and ideas back in place.

I already uploaded the first Chapter under the name 'Nindo of Sasuke Potter' and the second Chapter will come out next week, though, again, there are not many changes, so don't expect to much. This 'original' will be soon deleted, around the end of next week or so.

I apologize for the inconvenience