The Second Great War, by Dramatic stories.

Chapter 1

Again, this story is told from Dereks' point of view.

I lied down on my bed, and retrieved my journal from my bedside table, as I begun writing,

"It has been two months since my arrival in Equestria, and so far, it's much better then I could have ever imagined. I couldn't ask to be anywhere else, then right here in my home.

So far, not much has happened. Fluttershy has told me much of her adventures she had with her friends. I could only imagine what the events were like up close. Hopefully a little adventure will soon come, and I'll take part in it.


I closed the journal , and put it back on the table. For the past month I've been writing in that journal, writing what happened in the past week, about who, what, when and why. A draft from an open window swept into the room, sending chills up my spine. I got up and closed it shut, throwing the small latch over to lock it.

I returned to my bed, and blew out the candle that lit up a portion of the room, and slept.

The sunlight beamed through my window, awaking me, and half blinding me. I got up to start my morning routine I had made. Eat breakfast, wash up, and go out for the day. Once I was ready to go out, I had a peak out the window, and saw where a group of ponies had gathered around at the press booth.

I approached them, to find out what all the commotion was about. "What's going on here?"I asked. Towards the front, I recognized the purple pony, who was the whole reason I was here. "Twilight!"I said trying to catch her attention.

"Derek!"She yelled back. She ambled, and squirmed through the crowd, eventually reaching me.

"What's all this? It's a bit too early in the morning for this don't you think?"I asked.

"Derek…there's been a terrible event."She said. I noticed her expression on her face, and saw terror in her eyes. "The crystal kingdom in the north has been invaded, and half destroyed!"She said.

"What…what do you mean? By who?"I asked.

"The Griffons…they attacked them…left thousands of crystal ponies dead."She said. "I thought we were clear the last time this happened…"

"Excuse me…the last time?"I asked curiously.

"This…has happened before…follow me, and I'll fill you in."Twilight said, trotting away from me. I followed her into her library, where she searched the shelf marked, "G". "Ah hah! Here it is."She levitated a book from the shelf, and put it in front of me.

I slowly read the title, "The Great Griffon War? When did this happen?"I asked.

"I don't know…some twenty or thirty years ago. I wasn't even born back then. My father told me stories about his times in battle, and about how he saved this poor family from death."

I had a moment a deja vu, and thought for a moment, thinking of where I had seen this before. Then it hit me like a slap across the face. This time in Equestria is equivalent the time of the late 1930's on Earth. The time of the holocaust, and world war two. Sadly…Equestrias' holocaust already happened.

My fear rose, as I nearly fell to the floor. Twilight came to my side to help. "Are you okay?"She asked.

"No…we're in grave danger…we are among the brink of war Twilight, and I know it!"I said.

"What? How do you know this?"

"Because it happened on Earth. People from the same country attacked England twice, the first time in the 1910's, and the second time in the 1940's. It's written all over the history books I tell you. One thing, that I can assure you, is that many ponies will die…this is very bad, very bad no doubt about it."I said, beginning to pace back and forth.

Shivers now shot up my spine, making me twitch and tremble. "Derek, can you tell me any major events that happened?"Twilight asked.

"Well…after all these, 'certain' people were killed, they came to England, and bombed across the south coast, where I lived. They called it the battle of Britain…the only question is, is when, and where is this going to happen here?"I asked.

Twilight had a feared look on her face, and said quietly, "Canterlot…"I realized she was most likely correct. Canterlot would be the next target for the griffons. It made perfect sense, they would weaken, and take over the crystal kingdom, and do the same to Canterlot, where the Princess and her subjects await impending doom.

We both heard a knock on the door. Twilight answered it, and saw two royal guards standing there, both with broad posture. "We got a tip that Derek was here?"One of them asked

"Yes…I'm here."I said walking into view.

"By order of Celestia, and Shining Armor, you've been called to duty."The guard said. My heart pounded, as I felt my insides begin to burn in fear. I couldn't believe it…I've only been here two months, and I'm already being called to fight for Equestria.

"What?"We both asked. Twilights jaw dropped in surprise, as I sighed, and lowered my head.

"The train leaves here in about an hour. You'll have time to do what you need to do."The other guard explained. They both walked away, and continued to the next house.

About an hour later, I sat at the train station with few of my belongings, along with other colts and stallions just as frightened as I was. From behind me, I heard the voice of Applejack.

"You be careful now ya here."She said. I turned, and saw her talking to Big Macintosh, who had also been called out to serve. "Don't try to be brave and clever. Whenever trouble comes your way, you just run and hide!"She said.

"I'll come back sis…ah know I will."Big Mac said, as the two hugged each other. The doors on the train opened, and I begun to walk towards the door.

"WAIT!"I heard from behind me. I swiveled my head around, and saw Fluttershy running towards me. "Twilight told me everything…"

"I know…"

"Promise me you'll come back."Fluttershy said weeping tears.

"Don't you worry about a thing. I'll be back in no time at all. You just stay strong okay."I said attempting to cheer her up. I held her in my hooves, for a brief moment, before I let go, and boarded the train. We shared a last moment of eye contact, before the door closed, separating us between the one way windows.

Out the window, I saw both Fluttershy and Applejack weeping in sorrow, both trying to comfort each other, and cheer each other up. The train, slowly begun to move away, and I saw a last glimpse of her despairing face, through the one way window, before the train rolled away.