Equestrian War II

Chapter III

Big Mac and I walked along side each other with the rest of the soldiers through the dense forest of the north. Clouds covered the sky, as rain would pour down, stop for about ten minutes, and then pour down again, on and off all day long.

Big Mac was assigned to be a support gunner, and was given this great massive gun, that I probably could barely lift. I only had our standard weapon, which was called EPM1, which stood for, "Equestrian Pony Mach 1".

As we walked, we all heard a sound, as if an eagle was being stabbed. The screech drew our attention to the skies, as we saw a few griffons flying overhead, searching, and scouting the forest floor.

As we had practiced, we all laid down on the forest floor, blending in with the clothing we had to wear. Lt. Brickle, kept his eyes toward the sky, and sat there awaiting for the Griffons to leave. When they did, he swung his hoof around a few times, telling everypony else to get up, and it was time to continue.

We walked on until we reached a river. Not just any river either. It was an angry, roaring river, that had a strong current and would be too much for even the strongest of swimmers to cross. We looked left and right, checking to see if any bridges were nearby.

When we did, we all felt the rain stop, and a break in the clouds let the sun shine through to the floor. Suddenly, a heavy explosion was heard, knocking everypony off their legs. I begun hearing noises, as if small projectiles rushed past my ear. *Phew Phew*. I realized that is exactly what it was.

I crawled to a ditch nearby, and where Mac already was, and firing blindly. Other soldiers begun to fire, as I looked toward the tree line on the other side of the river, and saw specs of yellow flashing in different places.

I begun to fire, not knowing where I was shooting, hoping I would hit one of the Griffons. Bomb shells landed in the river, and the shoreline in front of us. I looked toward Big Mac, and yelled at him.

"BIG MAC!"I yelled over the chaos. He looked at me, and stopped firing. "RUN!"He looked at me, and I realized he couldn't hear me. "MAC, RUN. RUN GOD DAMN IT!"I yelled. We both got on our hooves, and ran back into the forest with the rest of the squad.

Lt. Brickle was yelling into his radio, calling the Pegasus to help. "We're under attack. What do you not understand, we need backup now! Near the river north of Neighagra Falls!"He yelled.

We ran and ran, until we hit a dead end at lake, we soon found out it was Lake Hooftario, and our headquarters at Neighagra falls was on the other side. In the distance, we saw pegasus streaking over the lake, and eventually flew directly overhead.

I must say, it must be hard being a pegasus, having to carry explosives so far. They all dropped their payload, sending fire and destruction to the Griffons. Suddenly, the griffons themselves went airborne, and chased down the Pegasus. The squad of Pegasus flew overhead again, and we all begun shooting upwards towards the griffons. One of them was struck numerous times, and came crashing down in the lake.

The other two, retreated with the rest of their soldiers. I realized with relief, that we had escaped. I looked over at Big Mac, who was holding his front left shoulder. "Big Mac? Are you hit?"I asked tending to his need.

"No…I don't think so. I think it just grazed me."He responded revealing the wound. His shoulder hadn't been penetrated, but was lightly bleeding. I took a bandage out of my bag, and wrapped it around the wound. "Thank yuh."He said.

"Where we headed to now?"One soldier asked.

"We'll head back to Neighagra…we need to let the Princess know that the Griffons have begun to move south. The attack ended, and on the lake, we saw a steamer floating just off shore, coming to our need.

The civilian on board stopped at a nearby dock, and lowered the gang plank. "Need a lift?"He asked. We all boarded, and the steamer pulled away. It took about an hour for us to cross the lake, and drop us off near Neighagra falls. Of course, we still had to walk the rest of the way, because if we had gotten any closer, the boat would have been thrown over the falls.

Back at base, we sent the message that the Griffons begun moving south, through a new system they called a telegram. I don't know how it works, but all I know is, is that it sent a number constant beeps. Soon afterwards, we got word from the Princess, that the western Crystal Kingdom was just invaded, and the Griffons were now moving east as well.

Soon enough, they'll flood south, and if we don't do something fast, it will be the end as we know it