Make Me Believe- Can Bella and Edward help each other believe in love, that they deserve love? Or have the trials and tragedies of life made this impossible? A story of misunderstandings, friendship, tragedy, perseverance and love. All human, canon pairings, HEA, Sexy times, Virginward.

This story is a reworked, beta'd, upgraded version of Unworthy and Unbelievable. I hope you give it a try.

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Bella's chapters are odd
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Chapter 1

Today is Saturday, I didn't need to wake up at a certain time, but my new furry alarm clock, Buddy, lets me know when it's time for us to get up, by licking my face. I never thought I'd be a dog owner, let alone talk to an animal, but I find myself asking Buddy questions like I expect him to answer. I started this morning by asking him, "What should we do today?" I have a lot of simple errands to run in order to get ready for my trip on Monday; it's only fair that I spend some quality time with my new friend before I leave him for a few weeks.

We decide on a leisurely walk to breakfast. I live in a beach community in California called Laguna Beach, where multimillion dollar homes dot the cliffs directly above the ocean and more modest homes on the hills above the busy Pacific Coast Highway. I live in a modest cottage on a quiet street on the hill with a distant view of the ocean from my porch. My house is small, built in the 30's, cute, clean and paid for.

Today we walk down to PCH and go to the La Push Cafe. The owner, Jacob, who's also my neighbor, has become a friend and an unfortunate admirer of mine. He's been flirting with me for months, but I've let him know my view on relationships. Admittedly, I enjoy the attention, but sometimes I feel like I'm encouraging him. He wants to find the right woman and settle down. His business is thriving and he says the perfect woman is all that is missing in his life. He tells me frequently that I fit the criteria very well. His cafe is known for having the best waffles in Laguna: all shapes, sizes and toppings, almost like a breakfast sundae. My mouth waters just thinking about them.

It's a beautiful day, 76 seventy six degrees, light breeze and sunny, no June gloom today. Breakfast is fantastic as usual. I decide on the healthy yogurt, fruit and granola waffles. Jacob, can even make fiber taste good. I tell him exactly that when he joins Buddy and I at our patio table. "These waffles are amazing as always, Jacob."

"Bella, you'd look good eating any of my waffles," Jacob says with a shy smile as he reaches down and pats Buddy on the head. I can't help but roll my eyes. "Any response to the ads and signs about him?" he asks

I shake my head, "No, not a single call. It's been two weeks since he wandered in here and I'm kinda attached to him now. He makes a good roommate too," I muse.

As I enjoy my breakfast I notice that the girls that work for Jacob, fawn all over him, which he seems oblivious to. Instead, he stops and chats with me any chance he gets. His overt attention makes me a little uncomfortable for a number of reasons.

It's so lovely out that I want to walk down to the ocean, but dogs aren't are not allowed on the beaches in Laguna. I tried it once, and of course it wasn't a cute lifeguard that reprimanded me, but a snotty, shirtless, sixty something year old man, hollering from his million dollar balcony. He yelled that he didn't like my dog relieving himself in his 'front yard,' referring to the sand. It's actually public property, but I know the rules, so no walk on the beach today.

Always the wrong man. It's the story of my life. I've learned to accept that they've all been wrong so far, some painfully wrong. I'm only twenty four and I've decided that my life is fine without a man, they just complicate things. I have my man anyway, his name's, Buddy.

As we walk home I remember hearing about a dog beach not far from here. I google the area and find Huntington Dog Beach, only a twenty minute drive or so, depending on beach traffic. Thinking it could be fun, I pack us some snacks, drinks, a book, sunscreen and umbrella. I throw on some shorts and a tank top and off we go.

The beach is long, with large rocks scattered on the narrow strip of white sand at the base of sandy cliffs. The cliffs are just high enough to prevent the dogs from escaping the beach and getting too close to the very busy, fast moving traffic on PCH.

Dogs of all sizes are running loose, jumping, playing and swimming. The humans are definitely outnumbered.

Buddy and I settle down on a nice spot, just back from the water and observe the area. I get us all set up; pop open the umbrella, spread out my towel and a blanket for Buddy, beside his little bowl of water. Once he is all settled I place my cooler close by and open my book and a bag of chips . We survey the dog population to see if Buddy going off-leash is a good idea. My main concern is the squirrels who dwell in the cliffs behind us. He went crazy when he spotted them as we were walking down the path to the beach; him chasing squirrels would not be a good thing.


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