Family Dinner Brings A Meeting Of Two Strangers!

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Mara Grayson is a 25 year old Victoria Secret Angel. She isn't the type of person to settle down with just one person for the rest of her life. She never thought about being a mother or a wife. Hell it really never crossed her mind that her it was almost her calling. Her family firmly believes that she should settle down and start a family of her own, but she had other things on her mind. Her parents on the other hand had different intentions for her. They had already chosen someone for her to marry and they were going to break it to her at dinner tonight. In fact they had invited the guy they had chosen for her to dinner for them to meet. They knew that this was the right thing for their daughter and she would soon understand where they were coming from.

Mara on the other hand wouldn't take this sitting down. She knew that her parents were up to something fishey, but she just couldn't put her hand on it. She knew that they didn't approve of how she was living her life, but that was it. It was her life and how she wanted to live it was her choice not her parents. She has never been in a situation where she ever broken any guys heart nor has she ever been in the situation where she was broken hearted and she was determined to keep it that way. But there are things that was out of her control and with her parents beliefs she knew that it was going to be a never ending battle that she more than likely would win, but she knew that it was a fat chance in hell for her to win it.

She smiled as she finished getting for the dinner thing that her parents were having at their house she smiled. She was wearing a tight tank top that showed off her butterfly tattoo that was on her lower back. She also had on hip huggers jeans that showed off her curves in all the right places. She had her long brunette hair hanging down. She had makeup on that brought out her black eyes more than usual and she had on her high heel boots. She smiled looking herself over before walking out of her room and going downstairs. She grabbed her keys and her Vera Wang purse and went out to her car. She smiled getting into the car and she took off towards her parents house without a second thought.

Randy on the other hand wasn't the best pick they could have gotten for their daughter, but they knew that he would probably be the best one for the job of changing her into believeing that she needed to be settle down. He looked around his hotel room trying to make sure that he had everything right there with him. He was wearing a light blue button up shirt that showed off his muscles perfectly in all the right places. He had black dress pants on with nice black slip on shoes. He had his hair gelled with little spikes in the front. He looked at himself giving the best smirk that has ever graced his face before grabbing his keys and walking out to his H1 Black Hummer. He got into the car and made his way back over to Mara's parents house.

*At the Grayson Home*

Brian and his wife Cara were getting the house ready for Mara and Randy. Brian knew that he was making the right choice for his daughter and her future. Yes he didn't like the fact that she was sleeping around with men she bearly knew without even having a relationship with them. That wasn't how he raised her to be and he didn't understand why his daughter would do something that would case their family shame. He wasn't going to stand for it and sure as hell didn't give a damn if she liked it or out she was going to do what was best for their family and this is what he thought was best.

Cara had gotten dinner finished and set it on the table. She knew that her husband meant well for Mara, but there are things that she just didn't want to get into it with him so she just let him do what he had to and she agreed with him about their daughter's life style so she just let him take control of it as she just sat back and watch everything explode. She looked around getting the wine glasses out and setting them out on the table. Brian looked at his wife and smiled

"Everything looks and smells great sweetheart." He said kissing her cheek

"Thank you. I just hope everyone enjoys it." She said

"I am sure they will honey." He said

She nodded.

Randy pulled up to the house looking around and smiled a little. He got out with flowers in hand and walked to the front fixing his shirt he rang the door bell and waited. Brian walked over and got the door greeting him.

"Good evening Randy." He said

"Nice to see you again sir." Randy replied

"Please come in. You got here right before Mara did which is good." He said stepping aside for him to walk in

Randy nods walking in "You have a beautiful house sir.." he said

"Thank you, but I really cant take all the credit for it. My lovely wife was the one that made this house what it is today." He said

"Oh Brian your just being modest." Cara said "Hello Randy."

"No I am not honey."

"Hello Mrs. Grayson." He said handing her the flowers "I brought these here for you."

"Why thank you. They are very lovely." She said "Please have a seat."

Randy nodded and took a seat. Brian sat down and smiled as they started talking about things. Cara put the flowers in water before grabbing three glasses of wine and walking back out to the guys and passing them out before taking a seat. Mara pulled up as they were talking. She got out of the car and walked into the house smiling looking around.

"Mom, Dad I am here." She called shutting

"We are in the living room honey." Cara said

She walked into the living smiling, but that faded when she saw that she wasn't the only one that was joining them for dinner. "I'm sorry I didn't know that you guys were having more than just me here." She replied

"Mara is this professional wrestler Randy Orton. Randy this is our lovely daughter Mara Grayson." Brian said introducing them

Randy stood up and walked over to her "It's very nice to meet you Mara." He said taking her hand in his and kissing it lightly.

Mara watched him smirking a little "Likewise Mr. Orton." She said

"Please call me Randy. Anytime someone says Mr. Orton I think that they are talking about my father." He said

"Well Mr. Orton how do you know my parents?" she asked taking a seat next to her mother

"Well I met them a couple days ago through my parents. They said that it would be a good idea for me to come have dinner and meet their daughter." He said "But they never told me just how beautiful of a daughter they have." He added with the famous Orton smirk forming across his lips

"Well they tend to leave a lot of things out when it comes to things about me." She started before Brian cut her off

"Mara is a Victoria Secret Angel. She has an amazing career." He said

"That's great."

"So is it easy being a professional wrestler?" Mara asked

"Not as easy as anyone thinks it is." He said

"Oh really? Why not?"

"Well there are injuries that you can get even in the simples of matches." He explain

Mara was about to say something when Cara called for everyone to the table for dinner. Dinner seemed to be going by without any fighting from anyone. Mara sat without saying a word trying to figure out what her parents were up to. Brian and Cara were watching their daughter closely. They could tell that she had some kind of connection with Randy, but they still weren't sure about it. Brian wasn't going to say anything about her marrying him until after he lefted because he didn't want Randy there for the fight that he knew was going to get started once Mara heard the news.

Couple hours after dinner was done Randy said his goodbyes to everyone and walked out of the house. He got into his hummer thinking about Mara and everything and he knew that this was going to be a challenge for him and of course he was up for anything that came his way. He pulled out of the drive way and went back to his hotel. Mara looked and saw that he was and that was when she started

"Okay mother and father what the hell are you guys up to now?" she asked

"Mara we have something to tell you?" Cara said

"Please do tell me what is going on."

"Well you see your father and I don't agree with your lifestyle."

"Yes mother I know."


"Well what?"

"What your mother is trying to say is Randy is the guy that your going to be marrying." Brian said


"You heard me."

"Why the fuck would you go and do that for? You both know how I feel about marriage. I don't want to be stuck with just one man for the rest of my life. I don't want kids or a family why cant you just get that through your god damn head!" she shouted

"Listen here young lady, your mother and I are not going to be ashamed of you and what your doing to our family name any longer! Your known as the biggest slut that has ever graced the world of modeling and now things are getting so out of hand that you could possibly get AIDS or an STD. You are going to marry that young man and your going to give us the grandchildren that we wanted. No the grandchildren that we deserve. And there is nothing you can say or do about it!" Brian yelled right back

"You cant make me do anything that I don't want to do."

"That's what you think, but you have to understand something sweetheart I made you and I can take you right out of the spotlight."

"You wouldn't do that."

"You want to try me on that?"

"I hate you both!" she yelled running out the front door

Brian and Cara knew that things were going to be bad, but they never thought that it was going to get that bad. Mara on the other was more pissed than anything, but she couldn't believe that her parents would go so low as into planning her into an arranged marriage with a man she bearly knew. This is something she never wanted and now she was pulled into it without even having a chance to think about what would really happen. She has never been a relationship with a man before and she has never even had the chance to experience anything outside of a one night stand. Now that her parents decided that they were going to change things up on her she knew that she would never get out of things like that.

Mara hit the steering wheel hard knowing damn well that she couldn't settle down with anyone or anything that wasn't like she was. She wouldn't, but now she didn't have the choice because her parents are pushing into something that she never wanted in the first place. She had to take her mind off of it. The only way she knew how to do that was finding a man that she knew couldn't resist her and use him for the one night stand that she needed right now and that is exactly what she was going to do.