Taking Things Slow!

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Since the night that he thought he was going to show Mara what he was all about really didnt go his way he knew that it was just a matter of time before he would. He decided that it would be best for them to take things slow with their relationship. He knew that it would best for everyone that he hung around with to get to know the girl that he was going to be marrying in the near future. He heard about the Victoria Secret fashion show that was happening in New York. He knew that this was the best time for him to get some of the guys together and take them on a little trip to the fashion show that way they could meet his future wife. He made all the arrangments for all the guys before actually calling them and asking them if they wanted to go to the show. After the were made he looked over and started going through his contacts trying to figure out who he wanted to take.

He smiled as he made the first call to John Cena. He knew that this was going to be the best time to get his friend out of the house since he hasnt been out much since his divorce. It took alot of convincing to get John to say yes, but when he finally did it made all the excitement appear on his face. After talking to John, Ted, Cody, Paul, Ric and Dave about going to the show and them confirming that they would be there Randy was completely drained. He had never done so much talking on the phone with the guys in his life and he doesnt think that it would ever happen again. He laid back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling and he knew that it was only a matter of days, time and seconds before the guys met the girl that he was going to spend the rest of his life with which brought a hugh smirk to his face. He got comfortable on his bed looking at the time pass before he finally fell asleep.

*In New York City*

The guys got to the hotel after a long flight to New York. They never thought that horrible flight would ever end, but they knew that they needed to get to the hotel and get checked into their rooms so they could have a little fun in New York before heading to the fashion tomorrow. Randy knew that most of the guys wanted to go clubing and everything, but he never thought that they would want to do it right when they got there he knew that they knew about the show being tomorrow afternoon, but its like they didnt care. They all got checked into their rooms and went straight to them. John was the one that actually wanted to stay behind and just relax some before the show tomorrow. Randy was actually with John on staying at the hotel, but he knew that it wasnt the best idea for the others to head out so he convinced them to wait to go out tomorrow since they were spending three days in New York. They all agreed to stay in the hotel since they did have a big day tomorrow, but tomorrow night they all would go out and have some fun. Randy knew that would be the chance to get Mara out and about to see how they partied and that was going to be intresting. They all hit the sheets for the night.

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