Paying her a visit

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Prologue: Growing Anger

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Loki contorted under the snake's venom that constantly dripped down his face. He had known that his punishment would be hard, but this...

It was not just the physical pain. Disgusted, the God squirmed under the entrails whichtied his body to a sharp stone. The innards of his sons Narfi and Ali. He had to watch as his children slaughtered each other as wolves.

Odin was about to steal everything that was keeping Loki sane. The All-Father had either killed his offspring, or enslaved them under his rule. Just like Fenrir, his son, whom he had fathered years ago along with two other children with a giantess

He should pay for this; all of them shouldpay for putting him in such a shameful state.

Especially Thor... that bastard who had taken the throne for himself. But what could he do in his current position?

Only his mind was free, but with that he couldn't do more than conjure up a shadow of himself, merely an airy phantom.

His desperation fuelled the rage and with it his power. Perhaps the anger would soon be strong enough so that he could manifest physically.

And Loki Laufeyson already knew where.


"Come on. What happened to you on Earth that turned you so soft?

Don't tell me it was that woman.

Oh. It was. Well, maybe, when we're finished here, I'll pay her a visit myself!"

Yes, he would take that bitch before Thor could. Finally ... his brother had no way to reach his woman, as long as the Bifrost was not yet restored.

And he would break this fragile thing under his body...

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Yes, I know the prologue is a stub. But I couldn't push more of the original myth, the Edda, into it. I have now read it in a version from 1851 and one from today. I'll probably incorporate this knowledge also, but only if it coincide with the Marvel story.

This is now the second story, which I start about Marvel, the other is Loki x Natasha.

A Loki x Sif is already planned, but the prolog gives me problems ^ ^

I would be very happy about criticism ^ ^ And pls, respect that English is NOT my mothertongue. Thanks to Blondie1990 for beta

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