Horse Play

I'm back! And I'm writing about Merlin cuz it's awesome! Here's a little one shot about Arthur and Merlin. I love how they always argue and fight but really they're like best friends. Here goes…

"MERLIN!" Arthur shouts for the fifth time today. "Get over here and polish my armour!"

"I'm busy!" Merlin shouts back.

"I'm the king of Camelot! You have to do as I say!"
Merlin runs up to Arthur, out of breath and replies:

"You've already asked me to tidy your room, clean your clothes and clear out the stables! I can't do it all at once!"

"If you did it quicker you would be finished all those jobs and be able to polish my armour!"

After Arthur says this Merlin picks up the armour and as he is leaving the room he replies "If you stop giving me extra jobs I might be able to finish the other ones!"

"Just go and finish your work." Arthur says as Merlin is leaving.

A little while later Merlin returns to Arthur to tell him he has finished polishing his chain-mail and armour. Merlin enters Arthur's room only to find him standing there looking very angry.

"Merlin, what is this?" Arthur says as he holds up a pile of dirty clothes. Merlin realises that he forgot to do the washing and reluctantly answers Arthur's question.

"That would be the washing Arthur."

"Yes. And weren't you supposed to have washed it?"


"So why isn't it washed?"

"I kind of… forgot."

Arthur approaches Merlin and holds up his hand. "Please don't hit me." Merlin says as he sighs.

"Why shouldn't I?" Arthur mischievously asks.

"Oh… ummm…" Merlin stammers. Arthur gives a quiet laugh and turns round to walk away.

As Arthur's back is turned, Merlin quickly slaps the back of his head. Arthur gasps. Merlin tries to hold in his laughter as Arthur turns to face him.

"What was THAT?" Arthur asks.

"Just horseplay." Merlin replies.

"Just horseplay?" Arthur grins mischievously "I'll show you horseplay!" He tells Merlin.

Merlin turns on his heels and runs away with Arthur running behind him.


So! That is the one shot. Sorry it's kinda really short. I hoped you liked it though cuz I really liked writing it! I might write more Merlin fanfics but I'm in the middle of my Hunger Games fic at the mo. Please review I really appreciate it!