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Summary: Light wasn't the only person put under surveillance. So was the Deputy Director Kitamura's family, and the eldest daughter was approached by Mogi claiming to be L. Why aren't there any OCs about them? Why then do fanfiction authors persist in making unrealistically related OCs? The Yagami family does not need another child. L would not fall in love with some random child from the orphanage who is likely a decade younger than him. This is a realistic OC, with perhaps more intelligence than required. No romance.

The Kitamura OC

Kitamura Natsumi hoisted her bag over her shoulder as she made her way through the bust streets of Kanto. She'd just finished taking notes at her last lecture for the day at To-Oh university, on Forensic Analysis, and was tired beyond belief. It was a busy street for 2pm in the afternoon and it irked Natsumi, who wanted nothing more than to get home and go over her notes for English Grammar.

She turned the corner and reached her family home. Yes, her family home. Natsumi was 20, in her second year of college and still lived with her parents. Perhaps it was pathetic, but it wasn't exactly like a policeman and the PA of a urban planner got a lot of money, and flats were expensive nowadays, especially in the heart of Tokyo near To-Oh. Anyway, Natsumi's house was 20 minutes away from To-Oh campus (10 by train, 10 by walking), so it would have been pointless to waste money on a flat.

Either way, Natsumi didn't talk about her home to her friends at university. If they assumed it was for adverse reasons, Natsumi wasn't about to correct them. Perhaps her pride was a little too overfloated, but living with your parents at the age of 20 was pretty embarrassing. Especially since her peers all lived with roommates in funky flats and attended parties all the time.

Though, Natsumi grinned as she rummaged through her bag for her house keys, they weren't at the top of their class. She was. The door unlocked easily and Natsumi walked inside and stopped.

Perhaps it was silly, but something seemed different…scarily different. Just for a moment, as she'd walked through the door, her heart-rate had risen and there has been an uncomfortable feeling in her gut.

Natsumi shut the door with a frown and looked around the foyer and main hallway. Nothing seemed overtly different.

"Hello?" called Natsumi, not really expecting an answer. Her dad was never home, her younger brother's classes and after-school judo club didn't finish until 4:30pm and her mother was out today, taking notes for the urban-planner. There was no response and satisfied, Natsumi started humming Beethoven as she walked into the kitchen. Dumping her bag on the counter, Natsumi reached for some grapes from the fruit. On the fridge, stuck with a bright purple magnet, was a new note, on top of her brother's sketches for his art classes.

Natsumi plucked it off and started reading.


The builders were in today doing work on the upstairs hallway- make sure they haven't broken anything. Also, this morning, Sachiko-san called. It seems that Sayu-chan wants some more help with her science work, and with Light-kun so busily studying for his entrance exams to To-Oh, Sachiko-san was asking for your assistance. So visit them after-school and do give Sachiko-san the red containers in the fridge. They're from the New Year's celebrations and I haven't given them back yet.

Your brother will be home at four, his judo club finishes early. I know that you don't get along, but do try to not kill each other. I will be home at five, your father will be working late again. Without Yagami-san in the office to share paperwork with, your father is left with a larger workload.

Love, Mother

Natsumi rolled her eyes and threw the purple note in the bin, as she finished the last of the grapes left on the vine. Working with Sayu-chan would be amusing, but it would detract from her studying for English Grammar, which was very difficult for Natsumi, who had only started studying English in her high school, instead of Junior High like many other students.

However, the Yagami family paid good money for the tutor sessions that Sayu asked for, and Natsumi did need that money, if she ever wanted to live away from her parents. She might have had a part-time job at the forensics lab in Kanto, but they hardly paid the intern a lot of money, especially when most of her jobs were to input data on a computer and fetch samples from the police station.

Natsumi sighed as she picked up her English grammar book absently. She had three chapters of reading material and practice. That deserved to be done alongside biscuits in the least. She opened the cupboard door and rummaged for the packet. She'd definitely bought biscuits and put them here yesterday, and even her greedy pig of a brother couldn't have finished them in one day.

Grabbing the biscuits from the container, Natsumi started eating as she climbed the stairs to her room. It was plainly obvious as she rounded onto the hallway of the stairs that the builders had been in. The new golden wallpaper was neatly plastered on and there was still a layer of cloth on the floor, as the ceiling was yet to be completed. It looked pretty cool, though, Natsumi was annoyed that her parents had used that money on new furnishing, rather than a flat for her.

Suddenly, she frowned. One of the corners of the wallpaper was peeling already. She frowned, that wasn't like the builders. They had seemed so thorough in everything else. She grabbed a stool from the other room and placed her biscuits on the mantelpiece of her brother's room. Standing on her tip-toes, she tugged at the flap, but it refused to stay down. Something cold and metallic seemed to be impeding the progress of the glue.

Standing on the stool, Natsumi attempted to move the obstruction from the wallpaper. As she identified what the object was, Natsumi shrieked and fell off the stool in horror.

Staring back into her face was a camera. She clapped her hands over her mouth and edged backwards on her bum, not daring to take her eyes away from the huge violation of human rights acts and the law right in front of her. She felt her breath quicken and forced herself to calm down. It was doubtful that it was a criminal, because nowadays, it was difficult to find clever criminals, if the forensic crimes and crime psychology case studies she'd researched had shown. No, criminals nowadays were more about cut and run, kill and go. Not surveillance.

So it wasn't criminals, and this was hardly recent. They wouldn't have had the opportunity to. Today was the first day they would have had that chance to install the cameras, along with the builders. If Natsumi hadn't been so curious, she was sure that the ruse would have gone unnoticed.

So, who would have been able to completely disregard the law? Not the police for sure, she knew that her dad kept to the law as rigidly as he could. Someone above the law, then? The only person that came to mind was…

"L." she uttered aloud, standing up, her hands still shaking as she brushed down her trousers. "This violation is part of L's investigation…correct?"

Natsumi had no doubt that there were wires that would hear her response, if L was installing cameras in her household, there would be wires as well.

"And the only investigation that L is conducting at the moment…is that Kira investigation. And surveillance in this kind of manner is only taken when there are very few suspects. Therefore, someone or all of the people in this household are suspected of being Kira, right?"

There seemed to be no response, and Natsumi realised belatedly that they wouldn't be able to communicate with her. That would have been a rather redundant situation. Natsumi grabbed her laptop from her bag and turned it on, keeping her eyes trained on the camera.

"I'm going to turn on my computer. Email me, if my conclusions are correct. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to go to court. This is severely illegal." said Natsumi coldly, as her hand snaked towards a biscuit. She needed food. This…this was shocking. The computer loaded far too slowly for her liking, but Natsumi controlled her breathing. No point getting overly panicked.

She opened her email with bated breath. The generic spam mail from various websites and from her friends filled her inbox, but a message sent only a minute ago was from a hidden IP address. Natsumi opened it, her hands shaking a little. The only word in the centre of the screen, was 'Correct'.

Natsumi felt the tension leave her shoulders. So she wasn't completely lacking deductive skills. Good to know. What to do now? Oh yes...

"Are there cameras everywhere in the house?" she asked.

An email pinged into her inbox again. She selected it and the word 'Yes' filled her vision. She felt her eye twitch a little.

"Even in the bathroom?" she asked.

There was no response, and in Natsumi's eyes that was as good as an admission to it. She felt her legs patter against the hard floor as she rushed to their bathroom, turning on the light. She quickly scanned the room. Where would she put cameras if she were L? She looked around a bit more but the answer eluded her grasp. No, the question wasn't what L would do. It was what would someone who wanted to see whatever was going on in the bathroom want to see? In other words...

"Now, if I were a pervert, where would I put cameras?" she mused to herself as she vaulted into the shower cubicle. The showerhead would be a good place, and no sooner had she thought this, she noticed a little device mounted on the top of the shower head which would have blended in unnoticed if Natsumi hadn't had to draw some everyday object in Art, the shower head of this house being her choice. Perfect coincidence.

Now, she couldn't just rip off the camera, because there would be wires, and the electricity would transfer to the metal and the entire cubicle the moment the water touched it. Therefore...

Natsumi ran back to her room and quickly searched online. Not for how to remove a camera, obviously, that was too obtuse(and too suspicious) a line of reasoning to even exist online. Now however, removing a light fixture from the wall? That was a perfectly valid line of reasoning.

There... Okay, firstly, turn off power source. That would mean the generator in the garage. Thanks god today was sunny, or else Natsumi would be running blind. She hadn't the first idea how to go about doing DIY. That was all done by the people they hired. No one in the family had skills in that area of things. Her father's previously dangerous job as detective had been reduced to a desk job, her mother was the PA to an urban planner, her brother was too busy dealing with school, cram school and judo lessons at the same time and she was just a college student with a part-time job at the DNA lab, running errands for the police.

There was a screwdriver however, lying out randomly on her brother's desk(maybe he was branching into mechanics on top of everything), so she grabbed that, as the next step was to unscrew the covering. Natsumi made her way down to the garage and padded through the stone floor as she unlocked the door. With a sigh, she flicked off the generator and made her way back upstairs. The house was no longer filled with the humming of the refridgerator nor was the churning of the hot water device audible either as she made her way back up the stairs again and into the bathroom to unscrew the fixture. Maybe L's cameras wouldn't work now...fat chance.


Even with the computer's instructions and her surprising speed at managing to locate the 10 cameras and three wires, it took her all the way to when her brother arrived back at the house.

"Onii-chan..." asked her brother as he walked into the bathroom, "Why aren't the lights working?" He was still dressed in his uniform and he frowned at Natsumi from underneath his black hair. People often asked if she and him were twins, for their light features and black hair were near identical, if her brother's hair was a tad longer. Both were quick to deny these allegations. The relationship between the two was cordial at best. Not like the perfect brother-sister relationship between the Yagamis (sometimes Natsumi envied Sayu a little).

"Because I'm doing DIY and don't want to electrocute myself." said Natsumi as she unhooked the last of the cameras from its place behind the medicine cabinet. A tangle of screws and wires came out from behind the cabinet and Natsumi dumped it inside the paper envelope that she'd been using to store the expensive electronics.

He brother threw her a strange look. "You're so weird, onii-chan. You've never shown any interest in DIY before."

Natsumi shrugged, throwing her braid behind her back, as she checked over the bathroom for the last time. "I don't know, the urge came upon me."

Her brother frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. "Ten days before your final exams for this college term?"

"Ten days before your own exams as well, onii-san." Natsumi sighed as she swept her way out of the bathroom. "You can turn on the generator on now. Everything should work again."

"I'm telling mum!" said her brother, as he stalked after her to her computer.

"You do that, Tsuro-kun. She asked me to do it anyway. She said that the builders had been in today and that I needed to check stuff to make sure they hadn't screwed it up." said Natsumi calmly as she sent a reply to the unknown IP address, asking where she should deliver the expensive equipment from the bathroom, because she would hate to throw such expensive cameras in the bin.

"You're such a liar Natsumi." said Tsuro, spitting out the words hatefully. "I bet mum and dad don't know half of what you've been up to. You're so secretive."

Natsumi suppressed a sigh, of course her brother would say that when L had cameras posed on their house and had everyone in the house as suspects of Kira. "Secretive? I'm busy, Tsuro-kun. I have work, school and tutoring to get done. You'll understand when you're an adult too." That was a reminder, she had lost the time she was going to take to glance over the English Grammar. Looked like tonight was another late night studying again.

The email pinged and Natsumi opened it hastily. It read 'The Police Headquarters', in clear letters. Perfect, that was on the way to the Yagami household. Maybe she would even get time to read a bit more of the English Grammar on the way there.


Natsumi drew her coat tighter around her as she walked towards the police station. It was perhaps a good thing that she was headed here , she'd needed to pick up some forensic samples from Aizawa-san for the lab anyway, and this would save her some energy. It was a chilly January morning and she frowned as she finally made it inside. Yagami Light was exiting from the receptionists.

"Hey Yagami-kun." Natsumi said quickly.

"Yes, Kitamura-san?" asked Light, looking politely interested.

"Can you tell your sister that I'll be there in about half an hour to tutor her? I've just got to drop off some sample at the lab before I can be there." Natsumi asked.

Light nodded. "Easily done, Kitamura-san. By the way, my mother appreciated the kirikinton dish your mother made for the New Year's party. It's her favourite dish all year, and your mother makes it very well."

Natsumi smiled easily. "I'll be sure to tell her! See you this evening, Yagami-kun."

Light nodded, before walking out of the police department again. Natsumi walked towards the receptionists. "Hello, I'm here to collect some evidence from Aizawa-san for the lab? It's Kitamura Natsumi asking."

The receptionist nodded and dialed up a number. Natsumi waited patiently and the receptionist smiled at her. "Take the stairs up. Aizawa-san will be with you very shortly."

Natsumi smiled a little bit as she walked up the stairs. She was familiar with the building now. She'd been in the internal part of the building only twice before, yet the open and light space was something wonderful to Natsumi. It almost exuded the aura of interest, and aura of hard work.

Aizawa-san met her as she was about to ascend the elevator up to the investigation rooms. "Aizawa-san!' she said warmly. The man was like a mentor, the gruff forensics analyst always had wise words to impress upon her when she came to the station. To her surprise, Matsuda-san was also there. Matsuda was a funny person to talk to at the police new-years parties, but she'd been under the impression that the two officers didn't get along very well.

"Kitamura-chan." said Aizawa, "How are you?"

"Well, thank you. I'm here for the samples that you wanted cross-referenced." she said with a smile.

Aizawa-san handed them over and Natsumi quickly scanned over the packets. There were fabrics samples and skin cells. There were a couple filled with a touch of mud and some outdoor fibres. the thing that puzzled her most was the little tub of blood. "Blood? Doesn't that go to the hospital usually?" she asked as she tucked it away inside her bag.

"This is a special case." said Aizawa sternly, in a tone than brooked no argument.

Natsumi shrugged. "Oh, and do you know whom I should find if I wish to give something to the Kira investigative team?"

Matsuda brightened. "That'd be me. What do you need me for?"

Natsumi grabbed the brown envelope and handed it to Matsuda. "Here,"she said, "Give this to L or Watari or whatever, and tell him he's a pervert from me, okay?"

With that she walked out of the police department, relishing the expressions of shock from the two officers as she walked out of the building.


"And then the calcium ions travel through the lipid bilayer in which form of transport?" asked Natsumi as she gave Sayu Yagami a long stare.

"Umm... osmosis?" asked Sayu and Natsumi muffled an exclamation of horror. It was not this difficult to understand these concepts.

"Oh come on Sayu-chan, you know this! Osmosis is how water is transported. Try again!" Natsumi feeling a little frustrated. She'd told Sayu the answer not five minutes ago.

"Umm...It's not simple or facilitated...not endocytosis...therefore excoytosis?" Sayu asked and Natsumi nearly died of horror.

"No... no, it's really not." Natsumi whispers and Sayu throws her head on the table.

"This is hopeless Natsumi-san, I just don't get it!" Sayu wails, looking annoyed. "I'm certain that I'm going to fail my exams!"

Natsumi taps her fingers against the table. "Don't be ridiculous, Sayu, you just need to listen to me. You were thinking about some pop icon instead of paying attention to what I was saying."

Sayu sighed and stared at the picture of some supposedly attractive, half-naked model picture on the wall. A new affliction upon Sayu's already decorated room. "But Ryuuga Hideki is so attractive!"

Natsumi rolls her eyes. "Please Sayu, try and concentrate. The statistics of him ever noticed you when you fail Junior High, are next to none. Not to mention, he's around 10 years older than you and very, very rich."

Sayu pouts but turns around. "So how are calcium ions transported?" she asks, as she twirls an escaped strand of hair around her finger.

"Active Transport through protein pumps, with the help of..." Natsumi prompted Sayu and Sayu threw her a blank look.

"Some kind of protein, right? No, some chemically thing...begins with an A...right?"

Natsumi shook her head. "ATPs, Sayu, ATPs." The young girl looked desolate.

"I just don't understand it, Natsumi. Why is it so difficult?" she asked, looking annoyed.

"You're good at memorising English though, why not this?" asked Natsumi as she grabbed her own English Grammar book.

Sayu shrugged and started quoting Shakespeare. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer's lease hath all too short a date. That's easy. Shakespeare's sonnets are easy. I just don't understand sciencey and math stuff. It's all so boring!"

Natsumi sighed. "You don't have to like it Sayu, you just have to be able to do it. I dislike Math, yet, it's a part of our daily lives and I know it."

Sayu sighed. "I know, I know. Onii-chan is always saying the same thing."

Natsumi grinned as she heard Sachiko-san's cry for dinner. "Maybe you should listen to him. He's pretty clever , after all. Now, let's take a quick break to sample more of your mother's lovely cooking."

Sayu grinned. "Yeah, and we can watch Ryuuga Hideki on his soap opera!"

Natsumi suppressed a groan. "Hold on," she said as her phone started to buzz, "I'll be right with you."

"Sure!" chirped Sayu, "I'll show you Ryuuga-san's channel! Then you'll see why I love him so!"

Natsumi shook her head in amusement and grabbed the phone. "Hello, this is Kitamira Natsumi speaking. Who is this?"

"It's Matsuda-san. From the station. L asks that you keep the information that you discovered this afternoon, from your family." comes a cheerful bubbly voice from the phone.

"Yes, but it's illegal." Natsumi says calmly. "Why should I hide the fact that L is doing illegal things?"

There's a pause on the phone, and Matsuda sounds very earnest as he speaks. "Kira is on the loose. Over 50 criminals die every week. This action is necessary to capture him or her. The fact remains that we could all lose our jobs and our reputations if this gets out. We would all prefer that to not happen. It will only be there for a week, or, at least, until L's suspicion on the matter has vanished. And..." here there was a pause, as if he were confirming something with someone. "The tapes will be deleted after the week, if the household is cleared as Innocent. That's the police promise to you."

Natsumi flicks the end of her braid, frowning at the wall. "Fine, but if the cameras persist after a week long, I will tell my father everything."

The phone clicked off abruptly, as if it had been ended by someone else. L most likely, Matsuda didn't seem the type to end without some kind of cheerful goodbye.

Natsumi placed her phone back in her bag and frowned as she saw a glint of light in the corner. That was odd. Natsumi wandered towards it and nearly growled as she peeked into the small slit in the bookcase , revealing another camera. L was surveying the Yagami household too? How strange. Was he looking at the families of all of the police officers then?

That can't have been right. There were too many families for L to undergo a proper watch on all of the houses. At least, not the kind of detailed watch where he would have been able to notice the fact that she'd been directly addressing a camera. No, there was either a more specialised reason than just the police connection. Natsumi just had to be able to figure it out.

"Pervert." she says to the camera, before walking down to sample Sachiko-san's delicious food.


A new school term. As Natsumi felt sakura blossoms stick in her neat hair, she smiled a little. She hadn't failed all of her exams. She'd aced the Science exams, and while her English exams hadn't been perfect, they hadn't been awful either. And, as per Matsuda-san's promise, the cameras had been removed in four days and Natsumi hadn't heard from L since. Not, that she'd expected to.

It was part of To-Oh tradition, you always came to see the new freshmen graduates when they first entered the university, and you always went to see the senior graduates leave. Of course, that wasn't the only reason that Natsumi was sitting here in the auditorium. Sachiko-san and Sayu-chan had asked her to record Light-kun's speech as freshman valedictorian, as they couldn't come along that day.

Natsumi had been happy to do so, but had been interested by the fact that there were two valedictorians this year. She could almost see the pout on Sayu's face as she watched the video that Natsumi was filming. The pride for each other within the Yagami family was the kind of ideal pride, that Natsumi could only wish would happen inside her own family.

She could hear all the gossiping around her about the strange occurrence, but Natsumi really didn't care. There were clever people in the world, this she knew. The more the better, that would ensure that the world didn't fall into stagnation. Even if they were a little odd. And didn't wear shoes. That was just strange.

The ceremony finally finished and Natsumi walked out. Yagami-kun was walking along with the other valedictorian. Natsumi grinned and walked up to Light.

"Hey Yagami-kun! Congratulations on getting into To-Oh! Your speech was interesting, that was a change from most of them." Natsumi said.

"Oh?" Light asked, looking interested, "Are most of them boring?"

Natsumi nodded. "Same things, over and over, usually. My speech when I was valedictorian was probably pretty dull too. It was a refreshing topic though, talking about how our backgrounds influence the ideas and morals we bring into To-Oh. As was yours...Ryuuga-san?" she asks, of the strange black-haired boy.

The boy nods. "That's right. I'm glad that it wasn't too dull. Might I ask your name?"

Natsumi smiled. "Natsumi-san should be fine." she says, "Well, I've got to head off, Light. Tell Sayu-chan to actually read her science book in High School, okay? I'll see you on campus sometime!"

"Goodbye, Kitamura-san." says Light, but there's something tense behind the smile, and she wonders whether Light too, is annoyed that his spotlight has been stolen by the boy with the dark, black eyes and hair, that seems very, very creepy.

There's a chill down Natsumi's back as she leaves, the same chill when she'd discovered the cameras in her house. Natsumi doesn't ignore her gut feelings. This person is connected to L in some way. It was just figuring out how and why.