Journal Entry 76

Date : Unknown

Status: Alive and Miserable.

Hello, Journal. Have you ever experienced pain and loss? I've wrote about my losses before. Such as my home, my family, friends…Betty. But little of that matters when the only person who can still like you even though you're slipping away is taken from you. I'll explain.

Earlier today, I woke up to the cold winds. It didn't bother me. The reason it was cold was the fact I was there, anyway. I glanced over at Marceline, who was in my only blanket. It didn't bother me. Better she gets a use out of it than I carry it around purposely. Is my life without purpose now? I have no one. My only goal is to stay alive, and I'm wondering whether I'm worth that.

So we gradually got up, and I strapped on my backpack, and we started to head off. I've told you before, Journal, that it's best to switch cities often before the mutants find us. I have some confidence in my abilities to hold them off, but… Safe than sorry, eh?

As we walked through the streets, silent, I heard a distant sound. It was a rumble, and it reminded me of Thunder, but the only clouds in the sky were that of smoke from the fire and of course the puffs left from the Nuclear bombs.

So then you can see my right to be confused. You see through me, don't you journal? You know all my secrets, my past. I wondered mentally if I should check it out, but Marceline was already pulling my hand along to go investigate. What a brave girl. Too bad being brave doesn't keep you alive. It was a good thing I found her.

The sound was getting louder as we neared the location. I could see flames lash out above a building, and that appeared to be where it was. So we walked over.

Frankly, I was surprised to see that it was an oval opening of fire, which made Marceline gasp. I could've sworn there was a sign of recognition that flashed on her face. I tried to put it out with some Ice, but no good. "What do you think it is, Marceline?" I asked her, but I got no answer. Seconds later, a dark figure stepped out. Immunity to fire? A swirling vortex of flames? This had to be done by mutants.

"Hello, Marceline." I frowned at the creature's knowledge of the girl. He stepped out, and I realized his skin was dark blue, he had an odd black haired cut, and was wearing a business suit.

"Hi, Daddy." She managed to say. I gasped. This monster was her father?

"Is this mongrel your slave?" The thing asked her. She seemed offended by the question. "No, he's my friend!"

He took a better look at me. His eyes were focused on the crown that hung by a chain on my waist. He muttered to himself "Look at the poor soul (he said this sarcastically) who's found the Crown of Frost. I suppose he'll live, though maybe it'd be better to end him." End me? What had I done? Then he shook his head and motioned to Marceline. "Let's go. Follow me. It's time for you to rejoin me in the Nightosphere."

She shook her head. "But I want to stay with Mr. Simon!" The demon's eyes flickered to the bear I'd given her that she held.

"Coming now will make it easier on you, Marceline." I could tell this man was a hostile figure to us, and a dark aura laminated from him. I didn't think he'd harm his daughter, though a few questions ran through my mind. Like why hadn't he come for his daughter sooner? And what was he?

He grabbed her hand firmly and started to walk back to the flames. I shot a ice beam at him in panic, but it had no effect. "Pathetic." He snorted. Marceline started to cry. "I'm sorry, Mr. Simon."

I waved, and a moment later she was gone. I bended down to my knees and cried.