"One Perfect Moment"

It's early spring again: a precious time synonymous with renewal, birth- and falling in love. Cherry blossoms are everywhere, surrounding both old and new lovers as strong winds send them tumbling about as if tossed by careless fingers. Five young men walk down a bright white sidewalk, laughing and mocking each other cheerfully, never pausing to worry about anything but this one perfect moment.

Daisuke Motomiya, Takeru Takaishi, and Ken Ichijouji walk side by side, occasionally weaving in and out to change the order they travel in as they chatter merrily amidst themselves. All three of them look happy and even Ken appears more than a little playful. Both he and Daisuke tease Takeru mercilessly as the blond struggles to keep his hat from blowing off of his head.

Theirs is an odd relationship; one of many "could be"s and "might have"s. It is blatantly obvious that someone there cares for someone else in that special way, but the three have grown so close that nothing short of divine intervention could discover who liked whom.

Or perhaps their own influence may in time make that evident, divine influence or not . . .

Ken and Takeru suddenly both turn to Daisuke with faint smiles, each holding out a welcoming hand for him to take.

Daisuke hesitates and looks from one to the other, expression uncertain. The two glance at each other, blushing as they realize how ridiculous they probably look. Daisuke grins and throws his arms around both of their necks with a laugh. Takeru, startled, lets go of his hat as Ken blushes.

Not too far away, Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida glance over their shoulders, unable to suppress small, pleased smiles at the sight of the trio. Their eyes meet and the smiles only widen as behind them, the other three dash off to retrieve Takeru's blown-away hat.

"Spring has come early this year," Yamato says in an amused tone.

"You know it, love," Taichi replies, taking the other's hand and grinning.