Hello this is my second fanficiton ever, feel free to completely hate/ love it, or feel absolutely nothing for it. Although Hana Kimi is my number one manga I don't own any of the characters except for Ema whose name I just came up with ;)

Mizuki walked out of class and stretched. When she flopped her arms down she accidently hit the petite girl standing next to her who had on a judo outfit.


"Sorry Ema"

"Sometimes I feel like you do this on purpose." The girl looked up at her friend with a pout. Mizuki found it so cute that she started to ruffle the girls hair, knowing well that it irritated the girl.

"Ok Ashiya, leave the poor girl alone."

Both girls looked up at the same time to see Sano standing by the door with a heavy gym bag on his shoulder. As always Mizuki ran fast to him and hugged waist, making him drop his bag. Instead of protesting he simply hugged her back causing them both to blush.

"If you guys find it so embarrassing then why do you guys hug so much?" Ema asked.

Mizuki didn't let go of Sano when she responded "Because I missed him."

Ema laughed "But he was gone for a week."

Mizuki-"It was a devastating long week."

"Shouldn't you be used to it already though. I mean before he moved here about fi….(started to count with her fingers) no about four years and about some months ago you guys had been separated for a whole year."

Sano turned to face her "It's not really something that can be explained."

"Yeah!" Mizuki chimed in, finally letting go of Sano "Don't worry though, you'll find somebody one day and you will see how painful it is to be apart."

"If its going to bring me pain I don't see the point in it. Either way Im going to go change, I stink. Bye."

"The coach still did not let you participate?" Sano asked curiously as they started to walk toward his car. He held a firm grip on his girlfriend's hand.

"No, he still wants me to rest."

"That's good. When I saw your brother today he also mentioned that you should rest."

"Why did you see my brother? Oh right he picked you up from the airport. How was your trip by the way?"

"It was nice my parents wanted to see you again. My dad is finally grasping the concept that your female."

Sano looked down to see his girlfriend's surprised expression.

"You cant blame the man. When I went to formally introduce you, you had your usual clothes on so you looked like a guy."

"But!" Mizuki whined "But I crossed dressed for so long its not my fault that I tend to have a boyish sense in fashion. Plus you were the one that told me to wear comfortable clothing without telling me what we were going to do." She panted a little before continuing, "although I probably should have figured it out since we were in your home town. Oh hows Shin by the way?"

"Still in love with you."

"Yeah that was a bit awkward."

Both got in the car.

"Talking about a guy whose in love with you, guess who is waiting for you at home."


"Him too."

"My brother?!"

"Actually he's at work."

"My dad? No hes over seas." She looked lost in thought. "Shin?"

Sano let out a sigh and didn't reply he just kept on driving. They finally got to the Mizuki's house and they walked toward the door. Occasionally he would look her directions and laughed at the fact that she still had not figured out something obvious.

As she opened the door she yelled out "Im home" to no particular person. Suddenly however, she was embraced by a tall and blonde man that was wearing a jersey.

"Miizuki, I love you!"

That's when everything clicked into place, of course it would be him. Irritated that his best friend was hugging his girl friend for that long Sano smacked the back of his head, causing the young man to release his grip and wince in pain.

"Sano! That hurt."

Ignoring their usual behavior Mizuki looked up at her best male friend "Nakatsu! Welcome!"

Don't ask me why she tells Nakatsu "welcome" I just didn't want to leave it at her simply yelling out his name. Oh and don't we all love it how Sano refers to Mizuki by her last name LOL.