My cat rolling around on her back is hilarious. But this isn't a story about my cat so back to the good stuff. Oh and thank you commenter, never in my life would I have imagined someone telling me I am funny….especially when I am talking to myself.

Nakastu: Why not I do it all the time and it makes people all the time

Sano: People are simply laughing at YOU

Nakastu: Why are you so mean?

Sano: Its payback for this chapter

Nakatsu: What happens in the chapter?


Nakatsu walked out of the building and into the street. Something seemed off but he just could not tell what it was. Then he heard a heavenly voice calling his name and when he looked up there was Alice, wait no Mizuki dressed up as Alice, running toward him with open arms. Before Nakatsu could reason what was going on, his "other mind" took over and he was having a nose bleed and opened his arms. She ran right into them. They cuddled for what seemed to be forever.

"How's my young fierce lion doing?" She asked excited "Oh I know, winning the World Cup again, hee hee hee."

Confused Nakastu raised his arm and realized that he was carrying a trophy. Oh wait I think I remember it all now. Well not really. Ahh who cares! He went back to cuddling Mizuki. Wait a minute what about Sano?

Suddenly he appeared. Nakatsu began to shake and shiver until he realized the hot babe that was clinging off his shoulder playing with his hair.

"Sano who is that?"

The beautiful women looked at him in confusion "What? What are you asking silly? It's me Umeda-sensei, the doctor from your high school. Don't you remember me?"

Nakatsu started at the women and suddenly his memory confirmed her words to be true. Oh yeah, how could I forget all that. Wait, aren't I forgetting something else? He looked down and realized that Mizuki was gone and so was the trophy.

Wait, where did she go?

"Mizuki! Mizuki!"

He ran outside and suddenly he was in a club he always went to.

What! No I wanted to find Mizuki!


He turned around and there she was in a beautiful blue dress. Her face was bright red, and she was looking down on the floor.

"Mizuki, where did you go I was looking for.."

She scratched her head and looked up while flashing her innocent smile.

"What I did earlier was a little weird right? I am just so embarrassed. It's just that I missed you so much."

"No, it was nice to finally be the one on the receiving end."

"I was wondering" she said looking around "if we could go somewhere more quiet."

They went out and walked a few steps into a diner. Sitting down side-by-side in a booth, they talked about meaningless things. Suddenly, feeling warm and comfortable Nakatsu looked down at her, into her eyes and repeated an old question.

"Mizuki, wont you choose me instead of Sano? I promise to never make you cry."

Her face went blank, and then she looked down.

Everything was going fine why did I have to go and ruin it!

She looked up at him again and before she could mumur out her rejection he covered his ears. But she pushed them away and grabbed his face, before he knew what was going on her lips was against his. He didn't understand what was going on but he didn't care. He kissed her back with all his might. What was I being so self conscious about? Mizuki is with me and Sano has Umeda-sensei.


He shot up fast from futon that Sano had laid out for him. Oh right Sano and Mizuki are together, I never won the world cup….and Umeda-sensei is a gay mean man!

"Sorry, I am so sorry Sano I didn't mean to!"

Sano turned around from the kitchen table to face him with a confused look on his face. That's when Nakatsu realized that he was talking on the phone. Turning around he hung up the phone and got up and walked toward him.

"Sorry didn't mean to wake you up."

"No, it's ok. All good things must come to an end."

Sano arched an eyebrow. "Would you like some lunch?"

"Lunch? What happened to breakfast?"

"It's 1 in the afternoon."

"Oh" Nakatsu said.

Sano went into the kitchen and came back with a cup of either hot tea or water in a take out cup.

"Is it from that diner from last night?"

"Yup, the chef made you another tea. Apparently this one is really good for the common cold."

"Ahh" Wait wasn't the diner that we made out in, in my dream, the one where he took me too. Nakatsu's face stared to turn red from remembering his dream "you know I think I'm feeling better."

Sano looked at him suspiciously.


"Oh come on, just admit your sick. Your face is all red and you voice sounds weird."

He cleared his throat. "Yeah I think I might need that tea."

Sano laid the cup in front of him and he slowly started to sip it down.

After letting out a sigh Sano muttered "Mizuki, I can't believe you chose that retard."

Because of the dream it felt as if Sano had said that Mizuki really had chosen Nakatsu over him. Choking on the tea he started to cough really hard. His red face got even redder. After he stopped chocking he saw Sano coming back from the kitchen with a glass of water. Tears started to fall down his eyes, sorry I imagined you with Umeda-sensei.

"Does your throat hurt that much?" Sano asked a little skeptical. Sano looked at him with genuine concern on his face. Stop being nice to me when I am dreaming about making out with your girlfriend!

To his surprise Nakatsu nodded, although he was actually lying.

"Ok, well…" he scratched the back of his head "just lay down and I well go down the street and get you a cup of soup."

He shook his head. But Sano ignored him and went anyway.

"Arrg! when you act all nice it just makes me feel bad."

Mizuki-You know what makes me feel bad? The fact that I haven't even appeared in THREE CHAPTERS!

Nakatsu-Well you were technically in this chapter

Mizuki-Oh shut up that doesn't count! Your so mean having Sano spoil you while you have your dirty dreams.

Nakatsu-Yeah….well (turns to Sano) you made me sleep on the couch!

Sano-There was an obvious reason for that…..and it well be explained later.

Umeda-sensei- Well the reason as to why I appeared as a woman be explained as well?

Me-Actually I was going to leave you as a guy, than changed my mind

Umeda-sensei- Wow, Nakatsu you sure have a perverted mind!

Nakatsu-Wait! Why am I getting blamed for this?

Me-Well it was YOUR dream