Darker than usual, seriously, but the idea wouldn't leave me alone!

DISCLAIMER: everything belongs to CAPCOM, not me. ^^

Don't be afraid. It's just a little darkness... Embrace it. Such a beautiful master, the dark. Nothing to be feared... If you're a part of it. If not?

Well, then. I suggest you get out of my way.

I am a murderer. Heartless. Soulless. Beautiful.

I am not afraid of the dark. Not afraid of dying. I am sentenced to death. But I can continue my work from beyond the grave. I will play my part in my mother's master plan. I will do what it takes. Maya will die. Pearl will take over, and she will do whatever our mother tells her. I'll be gone by then.

Iris... well, she had better play her part too. As my twin, she must be strong enough to help my mother when I cannot.

She can't be weak. Like Valerie was. She wanted to confess. Seriously? Well, heh. Look what happened to her.

I can see now. You hate me. I disgust you. I don't care. You're afraid of me. Afraid of the dark.

Let the darkness have you. Don't fight. After all, it is in all of us. Like a fire, it grows and grows until it consumes you, if you let it. Spreads like poison through your mind. Takes your remorse. Keeps you alive. It doesn't hurt, I promise. You won't ever hurt, if the darkness takes you. No remorse, no grief, no pain. You won't feel bad for the dead, your victims. They deserved it. They were in the way. The darkness takes care of it all.