Her voice was full of despair: "I wonder why I haven't done what I should have but said what I shouldn't have. I longed for a good love, for a future for Kevin and me that's worth living again. And now that I'm on the edge to get it, what am I going to do? I'm going to ruin it all with my stupidity and ignorance."

Theresa buried her face in her hands. "Deanna, why do I have such a stubborn head? Can someone like me be helped at all?"


Author's Note: Hello and thanks for taking a look here.

The summary says it all: I tried to replace the original tragic ending of the story with something "more hopeful and positive".

This alternate ending is related to the novel and not to the movie! It is an alternate universe with a deliberate change in the storyline at a certain moment. Some original characters are introduced as well.

You may read the original story up to where Garrett visits Theresa in Boston, to the scene where they go back to Theresa's apartment. Read on till Garrett asks Theresa about the most impressive response she ever got for writing her parenting column. Leave the original story here and switch over to the alternate ending, i.e. this story!

Note 1: Sparks wrote the novel as reminiscence so the very first pages are irrelevant with respect to this ending.

Note 2: This new story respects Fanfiction's T-Rating so no love scenes in here. Some minor foul language within reason used as well as very few adult words that are censored (you'll have to figure out them for yourself).

Note 3: There are some oddities and things where the alternate ending slightly deviates from the premises in the original story. However, they will not really affect the plot.

Note 4: I do not own any copyright of the original material. No infringement intended. Please respect the copyright of the original author.

Disclaimer: This is fiction. Any resemblence with names, persons or events out of real life is entirely coincidental, although some of the sub-plots are inspired by events that happened in reality.




Dear Madam, dear Sir

This is a message I handed to the worldwide virtual ocean for you who has surfed to the shore of this site to pick it up. I greet you in all friendship but also with sadness.

My name is Theresa Osborne, one of the main characters of "Message in a Bottle" a novel written by my creator, Nicholas Sparks.

Very probably, you know me. If not, please read my creator's novel first and you may understand why I am feeling not so good. Right now, you will find me on the last page of his story, where I'm still standing on the beach of Cape Cod. I watch drifting away the bottle that I threw into the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. As you certainly know, it contains my farewell letter to Garrett Blake.

I'm sad and I am supposed to be. It's simply the way our creator wanted his story to end. I cannot be happy because Garrett, the other main character and being the man I love, was sent out to die in a sea storm just by nothing else than the will of our creator.

Now that the readers of this story closed the book I understand there's nothing more to say. I am left and seen in the cold light of day, I deserve no better fate. Too much things that I did in the original story were bad and my personality was sometimes more than doubtful. I was seen by many as manipulative and too calculating. I was selfish and worst of all, I lied to Garrett in a most important matter. In such conceit that knew no bounds I thought until the bitter end that I was right.

How wrong I was!

Now our creator has been going on to other stories with other characters and we know he has no plans to deal with us again.

What shall now become of us? Unless somebody else gives us a chance, I will forever be unhappy and Garrett will simply be no more. I know in my heart that he didn't want to die. Forgive me that I'm really feeling like a bird with broken wings.

Until now, that is!

For the unbelievable eventually happened:
One of our readers took pity on us and turned back the hands of time. First he put Garrett into life again and then he set us right in the middle of the story once more. I can hardly believe it but we got another chance to do it over, the chance to reach a different ending this time.

However, the creator of this new, alternate ending clearly gave us a word of warning: It won't be easy! In a way, we'd have to struggle quite a lot more than in the original story. We'll have to go through some bad situations, we're expected to learn something and we'll also face times when we'd have to fight our weaker selves.

Then he cautioned us urgently not to spoil our romance with making love already! He granted us two cozy nights and that's it. In sheer contrast to the original story I now consider this a very good decision. I really didn't want to chase down Garrett only to make love to him the second day.

So if you have the original story in mind, please disregard the scenes where our creator supposed us to make love together. We just didn't!

We'll also be meeting new characters: Some good ones with two of them really being important, as well as a bad guy too, although it is not about a hollywoodish showdown between him and, let's say, Garrett.

There's another thing too: We must deal with the fact that we're given slightly different backgrounds even if this don't essentially affects the first part of the original story where we'll be pushed through anyway:

I for my share have to consider myself divorced the hard way this time. Supposedly, my husband left me and my son for good when Kevin still was a little boy (as it's happened all too often in real life). Therefore, he never really knew his father.

Then there's my creator's little story with advancing my career beyond Deanna's magazine. In this alternate ending I'll have to deal with it again but in a different way. I'll just start here with the fact that I got the chance to do so and the rest is yet going to happen.

At any rate, it's nice that besides all that, I'm given a nice hobby too although I'm supposed to have it neglected the last years. We'll see.

Kevin on the other hand is now put at the age of fifteen. As an expert in parenting, I can confirm that many parents, single or not, consider this an "very interesting" age, to say the least.

Garrett too has been given a challenging task: In the original story, he made a promise to Catherine that later on, he abandoned for no good reason. This time, he'll have to keep it, for he shall not be the one who breaks his word. And he must find a way to come to terms with both Catherine from beyond and with me from the present.

Finally a word to Garrett's letters in the first part of the story. Let's just assume that I got hold of just two letters (this is enough). The one from Cape Cod is without any helpful information but it mentions the promise and the second (i.e. faxed to me by the woman who found it) contains just enough information to get me started with my search.

Be it as it may, we were also given encouragement: If we really tried, if all of us, the old and new characters, were willing to work for this new storyline, we would see that in the end it was worth our struggle.


I admit that this new storyline might be predictable as well as the original. However, if you're still interested to see what we have to go through to deserve our togetherness, join us on our new journey. Hopefully, it will lead us away from doom this time.

There is only one thing I'd like to ask from you: Despite all the bad and sad things we will be thrown in, despite all oddities and flaws you may probably find, there are also moments where you're may smile or even laugh a bit. The story is serious but not always that serious! So please take it with a grain of salt. It's fiction after all.

Garrett, me and all the other characters have spread our wings once again. We're so glad we've been given this chance and we're looking forward. Nobody is perfect but sure we'll do our best to reach an ending of "Message in a bottle" where insight finds the way.

We're ready to take off!

Kindly yours with a new hope in my heart now