E/O Challenge WoW: Pillow
Word Count: 100

A.N. Two separate drabbles this week in response to challenge word.


Not quite sure he heard right, Crowley goes down to Level 2 to
hear the request of some of the demons down there for himself...

Crowley's furious glare swept over the demons hugging together like sardines, hoping sheer numbers could protect them from the shark. One unfortunate farted in fear...and found himself in a gap. Crowley honed in.
"You want what?"
The target's sphincter reacted again, one of his three mouths whispered,
"P...Pillows Sire...for our cots."

Crowley's expression became sympathetic.
"Right...How about nice soft blankets each too?"
The demon's eye lit up.

The space around him grew.
Crowley pointed to the rocky roof.
"When icicles hang from there...Until then everybody, my office...one by one."
The sudden orchestra of farting was music to Crowley's ears.


Chapter 2 for second drabble :D