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"Alright well I'm off to the pool and rest assured you will have your answer when I'm at my most delicious shade of Coco brown." Jackie said as her and Donna exited the Foreman house out into the blistering heat.

As soon as they got there Jackie felt herself under the gaze of a tall blonde lifeguard.

She would be lying if she said she didn't find him attractive but she was already deciding between two boys who want her and adding an unknown third boy into that mix would just be a bad idea overall.

"Jackie? Jackie hello?" Donna said trying to get the small brunettes attention.

"What?" Jackie said being pulled out of her trance from the blonde boys abs.

"I was going to ask if you've made your choice yet. I mean it's not like they are going to wait around forever."

"Oh please Donna I made that choice a long time ago."

"So who did you pick?" Donna asked eagerly.

"Steven, I'm gonna tell him tonight."

"That's great Jackie." Donna said this time less than amused.

"Is there a problem with that Donna?"

"No, it's just that I was sort of hoping you'd pick neither."

"Neither? Donna that was never an option."

"Well it's just that you've always only dated guys from the basement and well I think you should expand from that."

"The only guy I want is Steven. Like you're one to talk anyway you've only actually dated two guys, Eric and Casey Kelso."

"Point taken." Donna said with a defeated sigh.

"Besides, why would I move on when I'm in love with a guy who loves me back as well."

"Jackie how do you know Hyde hasn't moved on?"

"Donna do you know something I don't?"


"Donna you're lying."

"Fine he's going on a date with this biker girl named Chrissy tonight."

"Unbelievable. He can't even wait a few months for me before he needs a new girl. Well I'm gonna go give him a piece of my mind." Jackie said standing up stomping off determinedly.

"Jackie wait we drove here together!" Donna said trying to chase after the small brunette.

As soon as Jackie came stomping through the basement doors they all knew this was going to be bad.

"Steven we need to talk."

"Don't go Hyde she looks pissed you're going to want witnesses." Kelso whisper yelled from the side.

"Whatever you have to say just say it here." Hyde said in a bored tone.

"Fine who the hell do you think you are moving on from Jackie Burkhart. It was just a few months I was gonna tell you tonight that I picked you."

"Wait you picked me?"

"Yeah I picked you a long time ago I just wanted to make you wait a little since you were the one who cheated on me!"

"Well what did you expect me not to have a little fun over the summer?"

"You know as bad as you always say Michael is you're just as bad."

"I resent that!" Kelso yelled from the side once again being ignored.

"You know what Steven I'm done with this. You aren't the only one who gets to have a summer hookup."

"Please Jackie you're bluffing. You have to find a guy first."

"I already have." Jackie simply said before sauntering out of the basement.

Hyde kept a straight face but inside he was dying as the loud girl walked away.

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