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"Hyde are you sure this will work?" Eric asked examining the surroundings Hyde had put together.

He had went all out, he wanted to recreate that one grease scene that Jackie compared them to. He was decked out in the Danny Zuko tight pants and shirt and had the rest of the gang wearing leather jackets.

"Of course it will work, you know why? Because Jackie is a sucker for large romantic gestures like this. Also because of her strange love for grease."

"I would just hate for you to have set all of this up just for it to be a total waste."

"It's not going to be, now do you know when Jackie is coming over here?"

"Whenever Donna gets her here which could be a while since Jackie was out pretty late last night with Ian." Eric said knowing this would be torture for Hyde.

"Again? God I hate that guy he's just too... nice." Hyde said for lack of a better word.

"Oh yes because god forbid she go out with a nice guy rather than some jerk who it took four months to figure out how to apologize."

Hyde was getting ready to pretty much just beat the crap out of him when Kelso walked through the door also dressed like Danny Zuko.

"Kelso what the hell? You're supposed to be in a leather jacket I'm supposed to be Danny."

"Yeah well you see I was thinking about that but then I realized I am much more of a Danny than you. I mean look at me I just have the look. Also do you not see how great these pants look on me?" Kelso said as if it were totally obvious.

"Kelso you have ten seconds to get out of here and go change into the outfit you were supposed to be in before I beat you up."

"You know this almost feels like justice. I mean think about it when I was being an ass and left Jackie to go to California you stole her from me. But now that you're the one that's being the ass some other lifeguard guy she met stole her from you. Karma's a bitch huh?" Kelso asked still not making any attempt to leave.

"Kelso I swear if you don't shut your mouth-."

"You know what else they are a really good couple too. I mean me and Jackie definitely looks better together but her and Ian are cute too."

"That's it Kelso!" Hyde said tackling him to the ground.

This was probably one of their worse fights they have had. This time Kelso wasn't the only one getting hurt Kelso had thrown in a few good punches as well.

About ten minutes later they had finally stopped fighting and stood up only to find that all the hard work and the grease set Hyde had set up was ruined.

"Oh Hyde man I'm sorry I was just messing around." Kelso apologized genuinely sorry for what he had just done.

"Great my big romantic gesture is ruined now. Thanks alot Kelso." Hyde said beginning to stomp away to his room when a perky brunette came flouncing through the door.

"Okay Steven I'm ready for my surprise." Jackie said stopping in her tracks as she examined the mess before her.

"Jackie I'm really sorry it's all my fault." Kelso said trying to take the blame for the terrible mess before them,

"What happened?"

"Look Jackie, Kelso got me really pissed off so we started to tackle eachother and one thing led to another and then this whole set just got ruined."

"So once again you get upset because of Michael and mess things up? Sounds a bit redundant doesn't it?"

"Jackie I was trying really hard to do something great for you. The least you can do is not be a total bitch."

"Excuse me?"

"I didn't mean that it just slipped out I'm sorry."

"Yeah you've been saying sorry a lot lately haven't you. I'm just going to leave and try to pretend I didn't come here." Jackie said storming out of the basement.

"Thanks a lot Kelso, you once again were the root of the problem."

"I said I was sorry what more do you want from me?"

"I want you to stop screwing things up for me and Jackie."

"I don't know if I can do that." Kelso said completely serious.

"Whatever I'll just take care of it myself." Hyde said finally storming off to his room.

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