Oookkkaaaayyy so this is my first CoN story so wish me luck! I really wanted to give some of the guys girlfriends but I don't like Artemis so yeah. Kyrian, Archeron, Caleb, and Bubba belong to Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Lara and Lea (the twins), Angel, and Kitten all belong to me.

Bubba sighed, he hated doing paperwork. The door-bell to the store rung and he looked up. A young woman, early twenties by the look of it, 21 maybe, entered the store and sauntered up to the counter. Dressed in a low-cut black v-neck t-shirt, black leather pants with silver chains hanging from the belt that was green and black checkered, combat boots, long black hair streaked and tipped with neon green that reached her waist, and a figure even Tabitha would envy, she made for an intriguing sight. Bubba cocked an eyebrow,

"Can I help you?" He asked eyeing her with suspicion. She looked him up and down, a small predatory smirk came to her face that made Bubba uncomfortable.

"I think so."


Kyrian herd the sound of fighting around the next corner. Cautiously, hidden in the shadows, he rounded the corner. A young woman with deep brown hair dressed in a torn white t-shirt that settled like a shoulder shirt with the sleeves partially torn off that clung revealing her curves and stopped in a v-like shape revealing her stomach, she also had brown skinny-jeans that were torn acrossed the knees and thighs, she wore brown fingerless gloves that matched her jeans, she was also bare-foot, her hair was pulled back in a tight braid that reached her waist, while her fluffy side bangs fell in her face. Her petite form was almost impossible to see from the group of tall mortens that had her surrounded. Her wide blue eyes portrayed fear, when one of the mortens spoke in a deep voice,

"You can't escape us, you will be ours. You belong to us." her eyes flashed and for a moment Kyrian swore they weren't human and there had been a predatory gleam in them. Her horrified expression morphed into a smirk. She cocked her head to the side,

"You really believe that? Pathetic." She launched toward the nearest one with lightning speed. She swept its feet out from under it, snagging its ankle, she swung it around like a rag-doll into two others who had just begun to move, grinning all the while, sporting a white fanged smile. Uniquely she had top and bottom fangs, Kyrian was snapped out of his musings when he had to dodge a morten that flew by over his head. Eyes wide he decided that now would be a good time to intervene if only to help the woman; even though didn't look like she needed any. He unsheathed his sword seeing these mortens were out for blood and joined the battle with a feeling he hadn't had in a while to say the least.


Caleb felt uneasy to say the least. For about a week now he'd had the feeling he was being watched, even Nick had was starting to notice there had been something weird going on with Caleb. And Caleb couldn't let Nick into his personal business. So here he was, walking through the city, late at night, trying to clear his mind. He rounded the corner pausing by an alley way, something's not right, someone's here…

Behind Caleb glowing blue cat eyes watched his every move from the shadows. She narrowed her eyes as she saw his orange serpentine eyes flash. Hmmm….this is going to be more fun than I thought…

Suddenly a figure he hadn't known was there leapt out of the shadows and onto his back, pulling his hoodie down over his eyes. He could here the beautiful laughter of his captor who had taken to staying on him in a piggy-back-like fashion. He tried to shake her off as he became more and more frustrated. He felt her lean over his shoulder and just as he prepared to use this to his advantage when warm lips met his cheek. His eyes went wide and his brain went haywire. All he could think was what the hell!? Over and over. He felt the weight leave his back and his hood fell back and he found his attacker in front of him. She wasn't very tall but had a nice figure and well muscled. She just barely reached 6 foot. Her dark silver hair was highlighted with white and a lighter shade of silver; she had two large streaks of white that fell on either side of her face. Her fluffy hair was parted in the middle in the front but the rest went strait back. Her bright blue eyes watched him with interest. She had two dark grey stripes on each cheek and three coming down her forehead from her hairline, her skin was a pale grey that was covered in light stripes. She wore a white shirt that had only one sleeve, the neck of the shirt went from one shoulder to under her other arm, revealing half a light blue heart on her left shoulder. She was bare-foot, she also had on dark grey skinny jeans, one leg was leopard print, and the other was tiger print. Her deep grey lips pulled into a smirk, a top fang peeking over the edge of her lip on the left side, as she noticed him gaping. She leaned in and planted a small kiss on his lips before smirking and walking away leaving Caleb stunned. When he finally broke out of his shock he looked at the card she had slipped into his hand:

Hey handsome call me: 717-763-4323


Well at least now he didn't feel like he was being watched…


Archeron looked around cautiously. He had the feeling he wasn't alone and when he turned, she pounced on him. He tried to brace himself but tumbled to the floor relentless. She looked…interesting, she fit the description to a t but she had the half of a heart on her right shoulder. She cocked her head to the side gave him an unexpected kiss and leapt away smirking. She winked and gave a mock salute before running off. Confused Archeron stood and dusted himself off. Apparently Caleb's friend had a twin…