Acheron was enjoying his evening, work had been light and he even had some extra time so he went clubbing and now he'd found himself a nice girl too…he looked over at her again, they'd kept up a pleasant conversation for a while but there had been a little less talking and he found himself admiring her unique appearance, pure white hair, brilliant blue cat-like eyes, and a fair complexion, she had a nice figure too…but he tried not to focus on that too much….

They stumbled into the wall, her leg slipping up to rest on his hip. Her arms wrapped around his neck and one hand made its way into his hair. He growled, smiling against her lips, as his hands slid from her face; one of them threaded through her hair and the other gripped her hip. She arched her back, finding the cool concrete against her back rather unwelcoming. He misread this and pushed her into the wall further causing her to gasp a little and he took the opportunity to slip his tung into her mouth. She made a sound of slight pain and he lessened his push a bit so she wasn't being forced against the wall as hard. "Sorry," he mumbled against her lips. She moved her hips a bit and felt him shudder a bit causing her to giggle a bit against his lips. He continued to kiss her hungrily still pressed flush against her, when his phone started going off.

"You gonna get that?" she mumbled without breaking the kiss.

"Nope." He replied, she laughed a little but didn't break the kiss.

He broke the kiss and left a trail of them along her jaw line and down her neck. "Acheron…" she moaned causing him to smile as his lips met her's again. She heard, rather than felt her phone go off. She paused in the kiss, "I have to go," she mumbled against his lips.

"Stay…" he told her in a deep, husky voice, that made delighted shivers run up and down her spine. He left a trail of kisses down her neck and acrossed her collarbone. He lifted his head and began to kiss her again. God, she tasted so good...

"I can't,…" she whispered against his lips, "I have to go…" she didn't really want to leave but she had to.

"You don't have to go…" he pleaded, still kissing her, and for a moment getting excited when she said nothing. She giggled when she heard a low groan from him; he was impressed; he'd always been the one pulling the strings in cases like this, but this time she had him good.

"I have to go, I'm sorry." She said after several minutes, breaking the kiss to look him in the eyes, but of course she couldn't because of those damn sunglasses…

"When will I see you again?" He asked with a slightly pouty expression.

"Tomorrow night at the bar in the club?" she asked looking at him hopefully while chewing on her bottom lip. He looked at her and smiled. He nodded and took a pace back to she could stand on her own.

She took a step forward and leaned up in his face, "It's a date then," she smirked at him before taking off, leaving him hanging. He shook his head, she was something else entirely…but you like it, you like her a little voice in his head mocked. He ignored it and turned, heading to his car, a smile still in place. He found a note on the windshield.

Till next time handsome


He shook his head and slipped it into his pocket, before getting into his jaguar. He was looking forward to tomorrow night…