She would spend that night on the street and nobody would find out. She had drunk too much and wouldn't have been able to walk back home if she'd wanted to. So she found a corner that was relatively dark and threw her body behind the bushes that she hoped would hide her until the morning. Her head spun and she could tell she was beyond her usual drunk state because she'd started to talk to herself out loud.

"That's the sign" she said looking up at the roof from the ground.

She'd walked aimlessly on the street for a while, trying to think, and then waiting for the answers to magically appear, and then she realized she was too drunk to find her way back. She had lost the bottle, too, and what made her upset was that it hadn't been empty. If she was going to wait till morning, passed out behind these bushes, she might as well have drunk the rest of it.

"Ooow" she moaned and turned around "What do you WANT?"

"Britta this is embarrassing!" Annie said.


"Get up right now. Everybody's looking."

Britta sat up and half-opened her eyes, covering them with her arm. She tried to look around but laid back down.

"Ow, it's so bright!"

"Get up right now, Britta. I can't carry you back and you and I need to get out of here."

"Water!" Britta said sitting up again.

Annie sighed angrily and opened her purse. She took out a bottle of water while dizzy Britta rubbed her eyes. She opened the bottle and threw water on Britta's face.

"What are you doing!?"

"Get up now and start walking."

"What happened?" Asked Britta once they had been able to start walking at a decent pace, still holding on to Annie's shoulder not to fall over.

"What happened? You tell me. I got a call at eight in the morning from someone who recognized your sorry face sleeping behind a bush and figured out who to call to get my number."

"Pshh!" Laughed Britta, "Why didn't they just let me sleep?"

Annie looked at her mesmerized.

"Because, this kind of thing isn't normal, Britta!"

"And who is normal?" Britta said looking away smiling.

"Britta, this is serious! You can't just leave your house, finish off a bottle of Jameson and sleep on the street covered in your own vomit."

"Ew..." Britta looked at her hands and her hair. She looked around, "Where are we?"

"By the school! Couldn't you have chosen a more visible spot to pass out in?"

"Oh crap, I thought I'd walked so far." She said to herself "Where are you taking me?"


"No, I don't wanna go home" Britta started. Annie laughed.

"There's no way I'm..."

"Take me to your place." She begged. Once again, Annie laughed.

"I'm not taking..."

"Your place." Britta said and stopped walking.

Annie sighed and said "Whatever".

Britta showered, changed and complained about how sick she felt. Annie walked around the place not answering. She walked and walked and tried not to look Britta in the face for a long while. She did turn around and run to Britta, though, when she realized Britta was pouring herself a shot of PatrĂ³n.

"What are you doing?! It's ten in the morning and you're hungover!" She took the bottle. "You slept. On. The street. All alone. And I'm almost sure you're still drunk." She said looking at Britta and putting the bottle back inside a cupboard.

Britta stared at her with annoyance and moaned, dropping her head on her arms.

Annie turned around, "Would you like some Advil?"

"Yess." Britta said without raising her head.

Annie brought the pill and a glass of water back to the table, put them in front of Britta and watched her take them with a concerned look. "Finish that water," she said, and Britta sighed and looked around, but did what she said.

"Are you okay?" She asked. Britta nodded looking away. Then her head dropped on her arms again and she fell asleep.

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