Ciel groaned as she sat up in bed. Her boyish blue black hair was a mess and her right eye ached. She licked her dry lips and heaved the heavy blankets off her. She quickly showered and then dressed in her school uniform. Even though she was a girl, she preferred to dress as a boy during school. Her family had enough money to persuade the headmaster and teachers to let her wear the boys school uniform.

The uniform consisted of black shorts that reached three quarters down her thighs and a white shirt. A black vest was buttoned over the shirt followed by a black blazer. Then came the knee high socks and black shoes. Ciel combed her hair down and secured the eye patch over her right eye. She grabbed her bag and iPod before running down the stairs.

"Ciel, don't run on the stairs!" Ciel's aunt, Angelina scolded.

"Don't care. I'm late" Ciel said in a monotonous voice and ran out the door of the house, not bothering to close it behind her.

"Ciel, you should have breakfast" Angelina ran to the door but Ciel had already run off.

Ciel ran throughout the streets until she reached a house at the end of the block. Outside stood another boy with short blond hair and cerulean blue eyes. A happy smile came onto his face as he spotted Ciel.

"Ciel, I thought you weren't coming today. You're late" He said.

"Sorry, Alois. I had a late start" Ciel replied and Alois chuckled.

"Let's go to school" Alois took Ciel's hand and Ciel let him lead her to the school.

"I never liked you wearing a boy's uniform. It hides your curves" Alois complained.

"I have no curves to speak of and I'm not like those giggly girls who have nothing else to do except doodle boys names in their notebooks" Ciel replied.

"I heard we have a new teacher" Alois said as they walked into the high school.

Ciel stopped by her locker and pulled it open. There was nothing much inside and she pulled off her blazer and folded it. After tucking it inside her locker, she pulled out her books and iPod for class.

"What does he teach?" Ciel asked bored.

"Music and Art. He'll probably teach Dance too" Alois replied leaning against the locker next to Ciel's.

"I hate Dance" Ciel complained.

"Because you're so damn bad at it. You're lucky you have a sexy partner like me to cover up your mistakes" Alois said with a smug smile.

Ciel slammed her locker shut, making Alois yelp.

"Let's go. We'll be late for the first class" she said walking away and Alois followed her, rubbing his ear.

Ciel entered class ignoring the whispers that came as soon as she entered the room. Alois however glared at everyone who was watching them.

She's such a weirdo. Dressing up as a guy. She thinks she's all that.

Don't forget her crazy boyfriend.

I heard they have sex every day after school. With bondage and all that.

Ciel's eye twitched when she heard that. Everyone thought Alois was her boyfriend, even though he wasn't. They had been friends since Ciel moved to the town and found Alois peeking from the bushes of the park at her.

"I hate them" Alois said and Ciel sighed.

"Ignore them. They'll be working for us soon" Ciel replied and Alois grinned.

Ciel pulled out her iPod and then began listening to music. She offered one to Alois but he shook his head saying that her weird music taste was way out of his league. The door opened and the homeroom teacher Ms Yvonne came in. She was around thirty three with bad, yellowing teeth because of too much smoking and limp black hair which probably would have been lustrous if she didn't use so much hair dye on it.

She left after announcements and the students dispersed. Ciel and Alois headed to Music where the room was only filled with quarter of the students. No one took Music because the teacher had been old and smelled of piss. Ciel had liked that the teacher had left them alone and she could play what she wanted. Alois just took the class so he could slack off.

"I wonder if the new teacher's coming" Alois said.

"Who cares? I'm going to play the piano" Ciel walked over and seated herself on the piano bench.

She looked down at the keys and then placed her hands on the key. She began playing the piano cover of 'Aaja We Mahiya' by Imran Khan. Alois wrinkled his nose at the unfamiliar song but he knew that Ciel had a strange but open taste in music. Ciel smiled as she played one of the songs that she liked.

She finished up and then sighed. The sound of someone clapping made her whirl around. An unfamiliar person stood there clapping. He was dressed in black slacks, white shirt and dark blue blazer. His long bangs hung around his face perfectly and his burgundy eyes stared at Ciel appraisingly.

"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant" He said still clapping.

Ciel got off the bench and then bowed in thanks. The man's eyebrow quirked up at this and Ciel went to sit down next to Alois.

"Good morning. I am Sebastian Michaelis and I'll be your new music teacher. I studied at Julliard and started my teaching career at different colleges across the country. This is my first time teaching at a high school so please go easy on me" The man said with a close eyed smile.

"Sebastian Michaelis. Where have I heard that name before?" Ciel murmured while listening to the new teacher.

"So, I should get to know all of you and what instrument you play. If you're a singer too please mention that too" Mr. Michaelis said.

The students began introducing themselves and then it was Alois's turn.

"I'm Alois Trancy. I play the guitar, violin and cello" Alois said and then sat back down.

"Very well, Alois. I do enjoy the smoothness of the cello as well" Mr. Michaelis said and Alois chuckled.

"I didn't say that I enjoyed playing the cello, Mr. Michaelis. I just play it because I'm good at it" Alois said and Ciel elbowed him.

"Since it's my first day, I'll let your cheekiness slid, Alois" Mr. Michaelis said and Ciel breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't want her friend to get in trouble with a teacher they didn't even know that well.

"Who's next?"

"I'm Ciel Phantomhive. I play the piano, violin, guitar, flute and I sing too" Ciel replied, standing up.

"Ciel is a rather old French name, isn't it?"

"My aunt told me I had an uncanny resemblance to my ancestor so I was named after him" Ciel replied and then sat down.

"We have a lot of instrumentalists here but only one vocalist. When I teach music, I usually give students an assignment for the week. At the end of the week, I grade the student on how well they perform the assignment. The assignment is completely random since I make everyone pick from a hat" Mr. Michaelis said.

He produced a hat with several chits of paper folded inside. He offered the hat to each student and they picked out chits. When it came to Ciel there was only one left which she reluctantly picked out.

"You have the entire week to do the assignment and you will perform on the assignment given. You can work here during the week and I'll be here to assist you during the class. Open up the chits and start brainstorming"

Ciel opened up her chit and there was a word written on it. "Anxiousness" she read and then furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"Mine's got Blind Hatred" Alois said.

"Can we switch? I can relate better to Blind Hatred to Anxiousness" Ciel asked.

"Sure" they exchanged chits and Ciel bit her lip in thought.

What did Mr. Michaelis want from this assignment? How would you express blind hatred in a song? Maybe not in a song but maybe an instrumental piece? Ciel thought over the instruments she could play and then smiled. She knew exactly what to play for the assignment.

The bell rang and the students got up to leave. Ciel didn't spare a glance at the new teacher but instead took Alois's hand and dragged him out of the class as soon as possible. She didn't understand why but she got a weird feeling from the new teacher as soon as she had met him.

Sebastian slumped against the desk and closed his eyes. That kid, no that girl looked so much like his master, it scared him. The exact same face, the exact same voice, the exact same color eyes and the name was also the same. Sebastian opened his eyes as he remembered the song the girl had been playing. It had been unfamiliar but it had been soothing. Ciel played like an expert unlike her male ancestor.

Sebastian could still remember that day.

"I'll die when you take my soul. Elizabeth is pregnant as well" Ciel said as he smoked a cigar.

"Yes, Master. Do you not wish to leave her?" Sebastian asked.

"My line will live on but I won't. Sebastian, in honor of our contract, protect Elizabeth until the child is born" Ciel replied.

"As you wish" Sebastian leaned forward and then felt the familiar hunger catch him.

The dead body of Ciel Phantomhive slumped against the chair and Sebastian wiped the blood off his lips. He cleared up the blood and then left the room.

Sebastian had taken the soul but he didn't realize that an exact copy of his master would turn up centuries later. The next class of students came in and Sebastian composed himself, ready to teach another class. The mystery would have to wait till later.

Ciel tapped her mechanical pencil against the wooden desk. She was bored out of her mind. World History had never been her favorite subject. She leaned her hand on her palm and looked outside. Her eye zeroed on Mr. Michaelis who was seated on a bench outside and was petting a cat. Ciel noticed the almost tender look of his face and slight flush on his cheeks.

The Mr. Michaelis looked up and looked directly at Ciel. Ciel didn't move but kept on staring at him

"Mr. Phantomhive!" the teacher called and Ciel ignored him.

"Ciel" Alois elbowed her and she turned to the infuriated teacher.

"Detention Mr. Phantomhive" The teacher wrote something on a pink slip of paper and placed it on Ciel's desk.

Ciel tucked the slip into her book and the bell rang. Alois giggled at the fact that the teacher couldn't even tell that Ciel was a girl. Ciel got up and Alois followed her out.

"Claude packed me an apple with sandwiches. I told him to pack yesterday's cake for you too" Alois was saying as they walked down the hallways.

"Which cake?" Ciel asked looking bored but her mouth was watering at the sound of cake.

"Black forest. Your favorite right?" Alois replied and Ciel nodded.

Alois opened his locker and pulled out a lunch box. Ciel's eye widened at the delicious cake and opened it up.

"It looks heavenly" Ciel said with a large smile.

Then she felt someone slam into her. The lunch box fell from her hands and fell to the floor. It bounced and the cake fell with a splat onto the tiled floor of the hallway.

"Oops sorry, freak!"

Ciel whirled around to see the school bully Amber smirking down at her. Amber was the most popular girl at school and she was a junior. She was known as the best looking girl in the entire school with long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes.

"You made me drop my cake" Ciel said in a low voice.

"Yeah so what? What are you going to do about it freak?" Amber asked, her eyes glinting dangerously.

"You don't know what I do to people like you, do you?" Alois asked, his eyes narrowed.

"No I don't. Are you going to cry to your parents? Oh right, I forgot, you don't have any!" Amber replied with another smirk.

"You bitch!" Ciel pounced and grabbed Amber's hair.

"Get off me you freak!" Amber screamed.

Ciel pulled on Amber's hair hard enough that a few locks tore out. Amber reached out and scratched Ciel right on her pale cheek, enough to draw blood.

"Hey, hey, hey!" a pair of arms were wrapped around Ciel's waist and pulled her off Amber.

"Let me at her!" Amber shrieked as she was being restrained by Mr. Matthews, the school counselor.

"Disperse!" Mr. Michaelis who was holding Ciel shouted at the students who had gathered around.

"Into my office, girls" Mr. Matthews said, letting go of Amber.

"She jumped me first!" Amber said.

"Only if you hadn't brought up my parents, bitch!" Ciel said and then hissed as the pain from Amber's scratches registered in her mind.

"Okay, okay. Both of you inside and Mr. Trancy, I want an account from you since you were there" Mr. Matthews said.

Ciel wriggled out of Mr. Michaelis's grasp and sat down on a chair in Mr. Matthews's office. After Alois recounted the incident, Amber was given detention for two months. Ciel began wiping off the blood from her cheek with the tissues on Mr. Matthews's office.

"You should not have reacted, Ciel" Mr. Matthews said and Sebastian began to listen. It seemed like Matthews knew Ciel personally.

"She mentioned my parents. I don't like it when someone insults my parents" Ciel replied throwing tissues in the bin.

"You should restrain that anger in you, Ciel. It isn't healthy to bottle up your feelings. Maybe you could find something to release that negative energy?" Matthews suggested.

"I have my music and my singing. Nothing else matters. I don't need you or anyone" Ciel stood up and stalked out of the office.

Sebastian's eyes narrowed as Ciel wrapped her arms around Alois's waist and hugged him. Alois wrapped his arms around her shoulders and led her away.

"Has she always been this...?" Sebastian's voice trailed off, trying to find the correct word to describe Ciel.

"I've known Ciel since she was a little girl because she would come to this town to visit her Aunt Angelina. She was a happy cheerful child. Then I heard of her parent's death in a house fire and she moved here. She dressed in black and darker colors and her eye was covered in that eye patch. She became quieter but more stubborn than any other person I've ever met" Matthew explained.

'She sounds more and more like my Young Master by the minute' Sebastian thought to himself before going to his other classes.