"Klaus Alan Michaelis, don't you dare lock your little brother in the closet again!" Ciel screeched and Klaus ran off laughing.

Ciel sighed and hurriedly pulled open the closet door where her youngest son was crying in the corner.

"Oh, Elijah. Don't cry, sweetheart" Ciel said taking her two year old in her arms.

Elijah sniffled and buried his head into her mother's neck. There was a throat clearing and Ciel turned around.

"Did Klaus lock him in the dark again?" Sebastian asked with a frown.

"Yes. Sebastian, can you do something about him? He won't listen to me. This is the third time this week" Ciel replied.

"I'll talk to him" Sebastian said.

"He needs a proper punishment" Ciel said.

"I shall alert the triplets to find him" Sebastian said. He kissed his wife and child before walking away. Ciel looked back to the child in her arms and then walked out of the closet.

"Elijah, let's go down to the kitchens. Hannah must have some blood in the fridge" Ciel said walking down the hallway.

"Blood?" Elijah's black haired head rose up.

"Yes, just for you. Klaus and Nicholas won't get any" Ciel said.

"Yay!" Elijah clapped his hands and Ciel laughed.

"I have found the troublemaker, mother" Ciel stopped short when her first son came towards her holding Klaus by the collar.

"Good work, Nicholas. Deliver him to your father for proper punishment" Ciel said.

"Right away, mother" Nicholas turned and then walked away. He turned a corner and disappeared.

"Mum, my treat" Elijah said pulling on a lock of Ciel's hair.

"Let's go" Ciel began walking again and then reached the kitchens. She sat him down with blood which Elijah began drinking with fervor.

It was strange, she mused, that even though she disliked children she loved her own so much. She still remembered when Nicholas was born. He had been a quiet and polite child, never bothering his parents. He was the only child who had inherited Sebastian's burgundy red eyes. At the moment he was only a year away from becoming a full adult demon and many times he scared her at how similar he was to his father.

Finding out a correct diet for demon children was a problem. Ciel learnt that for years that a demon was a child he had to drink pure human blood. It was disgusting to think of but Ciel had to raise kids after all.

Klaus was her second born and he had a mischievous streak that neither Sebastian nor Ciel possessed. Klaus looked almost like Ciel with her blue eyes and black hair tinged with blue but his face was undoubtedly masculine, reminding her of her father in his baby pictures.

Her last born looked almost like Nicholas except his hair was curly and blond like Ciel's mother. He had Ciel's blue eyes and possessed a desire to read and learn. All of Ciel's children didn't need to eat any human food but because of Luke and Arran, they had been introduced to human food and could now ingest some human food without barfing it out. Sebastian had agreed that it was one way to keep pretenses while they lived in the human world.

"Mum, I got blood on my nose" Elijah said and Ciel wiped his nose off with a tissue.

Sebastian walked into the kitchens. Klaus trailed behind him with Nicholas who looked dignified as always.

"What are you going to say to Elijah?" Sebastian asked looking down at his second son.

"I'm sorry. I won't do it again" Klaus replied and Elijah stared at his brother.

"And?" Sebastian prompted.

"I'll play with you today. No more tricks from now on. Promise" Klaus said.

Elijah didn't say a word and then pushed his glass of blood to Klaus. Klaus sat down and then began sharing the drink with his brother. Nicholas smiled at the sight of his two brothers.

"Alois and Claude should be coming over soon, right?" Ciel asked.

"In half an hour to be exact" Sebastian replied.

"I shall get my siblings ready, mother" Nicholas said.

"Thank you, Nicholas. You're such a darling" Ciel said.

Nicholas nodded and urged his brothers to follow him upstairs. Ciel leaned against the chair and then found Sebastian's face inches from hers. There was something amazing in kissing someone upside down, Ciel mused as she pressed her lips against Sebastian's. They had worked out a rule that they wouldn't make out in front of the kids but instead exchanged chaste kisses. However, when the kids weren't around, it was a different story.

"No, I don't want to wear this! It makes me look like a dork!" They heard Klaus whine from upstairs.

"Dork!" Elijah parroted.

Sebastian and Nicholas sighed simultaneously making Ciel chuckle.

"He acts so much like you, it scares me" Ciel commented, standing up.

"We need to go hunting soon. Elijah needs to learn" Sebastian said.

"We're not going with Alois this time. He doesn't watch my kids and splatters blood everywhere" Ciel said as they walked up the stairs.

The doorbell rang and before they knew it, Klaus was already downstairs hugging Alois.

"Uncle Alois!"

Laughter erupted from Ciel as Elijah and Klaus glomped Alois.

"Let go of Papa!" A shrill voice said.

"Don't hit me!" came Klaus's voice.

Nicholas sighed and shook his head. He took Elijah into his arms and then dragged Klaus back by the collar. He bowed his head and apologized for his sibling's behavior.

"It's fine, Nicky" Nicholas winced when Alois called him by his childhood nickname.

"It's great to see you again, Alois, Claude" Ciel said hugging both of them.

"You too, C" Alois hugged his best friend tightly.

"Auntie Ciel!" the same shrill voice belonged to Alois and Claude's daughter Roslyn. Ciel smiled when her little arms wrapped around her waist.

"Hi, Rosie. How are you?" Ciel held the girl at an arm's length and admired her black hair with purple tint. Her gold eyes were large and she was usually more curious than a cat.

"How is Luke doing?" Sebastian asked later when they were all seated with the younger children fighting on the floor in front of them.

"He's gone a two year long journey with Arran. Arran wants to become an official master so he needs to go on this journey and prove himself" Alois replied.

"That sounds difficult" Ciel commented.

"He can handle it" Alois said dismissively.

After everyone had left, all the kids were left with Sebastian. They had worked out a schedule that all the kids would be left with their father who would educate them. So far Nicholas was a rather serious student but Klaus had a short attention span and Elijah copied his brother as always but many times had an insight that no one else could argue with.

"It's been five years. Five long, exhausting, happy years" Ciel commented placing an arm around Sebastian's shoulders and kissing him.

"Eww... Mum, you know I don't like it when you do that!" Klaus whined.

He was slapped by Nicholas on the back of his head. "Let Mother and Father have their peace. You bother them enough".

"Yeah! Mum, hug?" Elijah held his arms out.

Ciel took Elijah in her arms and hugged him. Sebastian leaned down and kissed his youngest son's forehead. Elijah cuddled into his mother's chest and Klaus stepped forward to the couch where his parents and Elijah were seated. Ciel patted the space next to her and Klaus sat down. Sebastian reached over and ruffled Klaus's blue black hair.

Nicholas sat down on the floor in front of Sebastian's legs. Ciel smiled at her husband's lookalike and then dropped a kiss on his forehead. Sebastian patted his eldest son on the back and then tickled Elijah.

"It's just us. Our happy little family" Ciel said.

"Hey, mum. Why don't you add another member already?" Klaus asked.

"Maybe when both of you grow a bit. I'm always ready for children" Ciel replied.

"I love you, Mother, Father" Nicholas said.

"Yeah, um, I love you too" Klaus turned beet red.

"Love you!" Elijah squealed.

"We all love you too" Sebastian said and Ciel nodded.

After all this, they had finally gotten what they wanted. Family, peace and love. There was nothing more they needed.

And finally this story is over. I had fun writing it but most of the time the characters would do what they wanted and I just went with the flow. Thank you for all the reviews, alerts, favorites and everything else. This was my first serious story in Kuroshitsuji and I'm happy to see it was well received.

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