To open this story I present to you my seven bored Original Characters and their pets. These Girls have their own personalities, flaws, and valuable or commendable attributes, so I hope that no matter who I chose to be my favorite, you all will be able to pick your own from the girls in the group. These girls also refer to each other as sisters although none of them are related, they share a dorm-like house and have male friends which are only mentioned in the story according to my plan so far. I like what I've done with this fanfiction, so I now present it to you, my lovely readers.

R/R- your advise may be of use to me in changing the details if I so choose

Disclaimer- I own nothing except My Oc's, their pets, and Iris's truck


Iris; royal blue hair, 'boss' figure, 'mother' of the group, age 19

Aly; brown hair with pink highlights, second-in-command, age 18

Erin; blonde, voice of reason, age 16

Mari; redhead, jokester along with April, age 17

April; bleach-white hair, jokester with Mari, age 17

Loki; black hair, military and engineering genius, age 18

Lara; green hair, fighter/defender of the group, age 19

Hades; Ryu's pet water moccasin, black scales

Bosephus; Lara's pit bull, black with a white stripe down his snout

Jezebel; Iris's German shepherd

Pogo and Jenga; Aly and Erin's pet Dobermans

Chapter 1

"Aly, I'm bored." a black-haired girl said emotionlessly, planking in the grass in her yard.

"Quite obviously." answered another girl, who had dyed her light brown hair with pink streaks.

"Both of you be quiet, everyone knows that no one can be bored-er than me." chimed in a green-haired scene girl, her hair cropped short and her ears adorned with small black gauge spikes.

The blonde girl in the tree merely rolled her eyes, pushing her glasses a bit further up her nose as she flipped a page in her book.

"That's BS, Mari." said a red haired girl to a bleached-white girl, flipping over the top card of the deck in front of them, causing the other to sigh loudly and pick up the deck. The dogs were lazing about, until their powerful hearing kicked in and they started barking, running up to the side gate with their tails wagging.

"Guys, I brought food!" came a call, and all of the girls in the yard looked up to a seventh, blue-haired girl, her black aviator sunglasses mirroring the scene in front of her as she held up a bag labeled 'Taco Bell'.

All of a sudden the books and cards were abandoned as the girls swarmed around the newest addition to the grassy yard.

"Thank you so much Iris!" shouted the redhead, and the sunglasses-wearing girl grinned, patting the first on the head.

"You're welcome April. You're welcome everybody!" she shouted to the general group, smiling when they all gave belated 'thank you' s. the dogs were given dog treats, as nobody wanted them to be begging for food, yet everyone knew how unhealthy human food was for them.

"So Lara, where'd you get the new gauges?" asked Iris of the green-haired girl.

"Oh, Hot Topic ,the usual. Although Mari insisted that they had better ones at Claire's." she shot a look to the bleach-white girl, now dubbed Mari.

"Hey, I never said anything about gauges, I was talking about earrings in general." she pointed at Lara.

"Whatever, you were so talking about gauges." chimed in Aly, her pink highlights going nicely with her own sakura blossom earrings.

"You're all being ridiculous, you know that right?" said the blonde, her brown eyes sparkling.

"You're one to talk Erin." laughed April.

"mmph." said Loki through a mouth full of burrito.

"What?" asked Iris, her left eyebrow raised as she reclined against a tree.

"I said," Loi replied as she swallowed her food, "That we should try and go find the guys' hang-out in the woods today, since they're all out of town."

"that was an awful long sentence for one 'mmph'." observed Lara, smirking.

"Well as long as they're out of town I don't see why not." commented April, absentmindedly cracking her knuckles.

"sure," consented Erin, braiding a lock of hair on the left side of her face.

"All in favor?" called out the blue-haired girl, and six hands shot into the air, although the sixth was deterred by a yawn a second later.

"Alright. Everybody into the house, pack up a backpack with a spare set of clothes, a swimsuit, a towel, a blanket, a weapon, toiletries, a sleeping bag or hammock, something to do, and food. I'll bring the ramen and chips." Proclaimed Iris, and the girls finished off their food as they each proclaimed what they were going to bring.

"I'll bring the pocky and Ramune!" called out Aly.

"I've got the dog food!" said Lara.

"I'll bring bottled water, tea packets and sugar." yawned Erin, as Mari and April claimed that they were bringing spices and pasta.

"and I guess that leaves me with cooking utensils and more dog food. You got the fire kit Iris?" asked Loki, stretching.

"Got it. Let's go, all!" said their leader, who promptly lead the group into the two-story, pale yellow house.

Ten minutes later they all were packed up, and were out in the driveway of Iris's house, in front of her dark blue Chevy Avalanche.

"What a country girl you're turning into Iris, you're driving a truck!" laughed Lara as Iris walked around and opened up the bed of the truck for the girls' bags. The dogs had already hopped into the bed of the truck, with their dog tags jingling merrily.

"don't listen to her baby, you're perfectly fine." she cooed, hugging the truck as Lara rolled her eyes.

"oh get a room would you?" laughed Loki, slinging her bag into the bed before grabbing a window seat behind the drivers' seat.

Aly had already sat in the passenger seat, and had turned the CD player on, and put in Deadmau5's newest album, much to the thrill of the rest of the girls.

Iris waited until all of the girls had deposited their bags before slamming the tailgate up and walking to the driver's side, proclaiming that the last two without a seat had to ride in the bed of the truck with the dogs, and make sure they didn't hop out while the truck was in motion.

Those two happened to be Mari and April, much to the pair's displeasure.

"And if I find even a single stick of pocky missing, I'll leave you both out there to walk the whole way back!" she warned, starting up the truck.

"Alright!" April called back, pulling a pack of gum out of her pocket.

A while later, they were in the middle of nowhere, around the spot they had seen the boys go to whenever they were hanging out.

"So its around here somewhere, I think." said Lara, hopping out of the truck and stretching, taking a sip from a thermos full of coffee before grabbing her bag from the bed of the truck.

April and Mari were already out of the truck and were debating about which way to go from there.

Loki and Aly shouldered their bags and stretched, waiting for Iris to come out of her beloved vehicle.

"Alright Erin, just fold up the map and come on." said their leader as she got out of the truck, her guitar case clutched in her left hand.

After everybody had put on their backpacks, Iris locked her truck, the warning sign on the dashboard saying 'If you even think about touching my truck, you will die a very painful death; I'm watching you.' with a pair of anime demon eyes skillfully drawn beneath the words.