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Birthday, SURPRISE!

Ch.1 It's a Family Tradition (see the new way looks better)

Daisy Duke stared at herself in the small round mirror on her dresser, pursing her lips one last time to ensure she was satisfied with the shine of pink gloss that shaded her lips.

She stood up and walked towards her bedroom door, pausing only for a moment as a voice floated through her door loudly, seemingly from the kitchen, "Daisy!"

Daisy smiled, "Bo." She thought, unable to keep a smile from spreading across her lips, "Coming!" she yelled, grabbing her red belt from the hook in her closet and slipping it through the belt loops on her blue jean shorts.

As soon as she opened her door, Daisy could smell burnt bacon and over buttered toast wafting through the kitchen.

The small smile that once played on her freshly glossed lips, was now a full-fledged grin. She knew that smell, every year it was the same, Bo always accidently burned the bacon and Luke always over buttered the toast. Jesse always allowed it too.

It had always been this way ever since they were little, you could almost call it a family tradition.

Bo was – as usual – able to beat Luke to the punch line, "Happy Birthday Daisy!" He said pretty much tackling her in a hug.

Daisy giggled, hugging her cousin back, "Thank you Bo!" She let him go and put her hands on her hips, "I was almost positive Luke would beat you to it this year."

Bo grinned as Luke walked up beside him, glaring at him briefly before cracking a smile, showing both cousins he wasn't serious in his glaring, "Happy birthday Daisy." He said also giving her a hug.

Some things never change.

"I think Uncle Jesse is ready for you on the porch." Bo said.

Daisy walked through the kitchen and stopped at the screen door, hesitating before pushing it open.

Jesse stood up quickly, pushing both hands quickly behind his back with a grin, "Happy birthday darlin'." He said giving her a hug then returning his right hand behind his back.

"Thank you Uncle Jesse, say what you hidin' back there?" Daisy joked already knowing it was something her uncle had probably hand-crafted himself.

"Oh this?" Jesse said pulling his red hanky from his back pocket, "I've had a runny nose this mornin' nothin to worry yourself over." He smiled shoving it back into his pocket, "Lets see if them boys have breakfast ready yet." He ushered her inside.

Daisy couldn't wipe the smile from her lips as she walked in. She gasped and held a hand over her mouth.

In the short amount of time she had spent with her Uncle her cousins had managed to put a colorful hand drawn banner across the kitchen, it was still fairly obvious Luke had better hand writing than Bo and picking out who did what on the banner was easy.

She laughed, hugging both her cousins, "Wow ya'll didn't have to go to all this trouble for me."

"Aww but Daisy you're worth it." Bo grinned setting a pot of gravy, probably Uncle Jesse's doing, on the table.

"Don't you go butterin' me up Bo Duke you still have the laundry to do." Daisy joked.

Every year her cousins would play rock paper scissors as their professional decision to pick who would do laundry for her the week of her birthday, and every year Bo would always lose.

"How did you know it was me this year?" Bo asked.

Luke who had been standing at the sink drying off dishes chimed in, "Because you always pick rock." He laughed.

"I do not!" Bo defended.

"Settle down now boys, if you're ready we'll get to prayer so we can eat." Jesse said sitting down at his usual seat at the head of the table.

Bo took off the waist apron he had been wearing and set it on the counter as Luke finished the plate he was drying, both cousin finally sitting down.

"Lord we thank you for this food we have sitting on our table-" Jesse started.

Bo was leaned in close to the table, carefully inspecting a biscuit. He reached towards the biscuit, pulling off a small piece of its side.

Jesse cracked an eye, making sure his charges were in check.

He eyed Bo, clearing his throat loud enough that Bo looked up- dropping the small crumb in his hand back on the plate.

"And for blessing us another year with Daisy. Thank you lord for keepin us all a family. Amen." He finished quickly, "lets dig in!"

Food was passed quickly around the table each Duke getting a healthy portion.

"Are you boys ever going to learn when bacons cooked and toast is buttered?" Jesse mused.

"I was tryin this time Uncle Jesse. It would've burned if Luke hadn't a jinxed it!" Bo said with half a mouthful of biscuit.

"Hey don't go blamin this on me." Luke laughed.

"Alright now," Daisy said, "I gotta go to work before Boss fires me." she half joked, standing up and grabbing her car keys.

"Aww but Daisy do you really have to?" Bo asked.

"Yes Bo." She smiled.

"Wait a sec Daisy." Luke said standing up. Bo looked up at Luke, quickly realizing what his cousin was getting at.

Luke walked back into their room, Bo following him.

Luke looked out the bedroom door, Daisy no longer starring at them but talking with their Uncle.

"I think we should give it to her now." he said.

"Are you sure? I thought we agreed to give it to her before supper?" Bo asked.

"Yeah, it'll make her feel all the more special." Luke smiled.

Bo grinned, "Let's do it."

Luke pulled the small black box from the sock drawer and headed back into the kitchen.

"Daisy." Luke said.

Daisy looked a Bo who was grinning so big it was almost comical, "Now I know you boys didn't get me anything." She said.

Luke handed the box to Daisy as Bo came around the table to strap a party hat to her head, "Go ahead and open it." Bo said.

Daisy looked at both her cousin, then slowly opened the box.

"Oh my goodness!" she gasped.

Bo pulled a confetti popper from his pocket and pulled the string, "Happy birthday Daisy!" the Dukes chorused.

"Now ya'll didn't have to do this for me." Daisy said running her fingers over the small diamond on the end of the chain."

"Aw course we did Daisy." Bo said taking the necklace and setting it around her neck while he clipped the back.

She turned around, hugging Bo then Luke, "Thanks you guys it's beautiful."

Jesse watched happily, seeing the bonds of his family drawing closer together.

"C'mon Uncle Jesse." Bo said opening his left arm for their Uncle to join the group hug.

Jesse joined, happy that all was well and his family was safe.

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